Speech on World Environment Day for Students and Children

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In this article, we have provided the speech template for World Environment Day for Students and Children. In many competitions like extempore and debates in school, students are asked to give speeches on various environmental issues. Students can also be asked to give morning speeches. To help them, students can go through the following article and take some ideas on preparing a Speech on World Environment Day.

Speech on World Environment Day

Speech on World Environment Day for Students and Children

Good morning, everyone. I’m here to brief you about World Environment Day today.

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of June. It is a day to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our environment and to promote action to safeguard it. The environment is the space where we live in. It is all the land, air, and water. The environment is important for all living organisms.

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In recent times, with increasing anthropogenic activities, the destruction of the environment has become severe. As students, we play a crucial role in preserving the environment and ensuring a sustainable future for ourselves and future generations. In this speech, I will talk about the significance of World Environment Day and the steps we can take to protect our environment.

Steps should be taken at individual levels to protect the environment. We, as students, are the future generations to save this environment and earth.

Saving our planet is not just a responsibility of the government or an organization but a collective responsibility and duty of every citizen living here. As humans, we are the only ones who have created objects of the destruction of our environment, and it is up to us only to correct this. One of the biggest environmental challenges that we face today is climate change.

The major cause of climate change is Global warming caused by human activities such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and industrial processes. The incoming solar radiation gets trapped, increasing the surface temperature by 1 degree yearly. This temperature rise is not something to be taken lightly. It leads to rising sea levels, extreme weather events, and biodiversity loss.

Polar ice is continuously melting, which, in turn, increases the sea level. Deforestation is again a major threat which we have tackled. A more sustainable approach should be taken without compromising the future of the upcoming generation. We need to take immediate action to reduce our carbon footprint and prevent the worst effects of climate change.

As students, we can take several steps to protect the environment.

  • Firstly, we can reduce our use of plastic. Plastic is one of the most harmful environmental materials; it takes hundreds of years to decompose. Re-use, Reduce, and Recycle should be the motto of every individual. We can use alternatives such as cloth bags, glass bottles, and metal straws to reduce our plastic consumption. Single-use plastic should be banned completely, and its alternatives should be used.
  • Secondly, we can conserve water. Water is a precious resource, and we must use it wisely. We can turn off the tap while brushing our teeth, take shorter showers, and fix any leaks in our homes. We can also collect rainwater and use it for gardening and other purposes. With the advancement of technology, more emphasis should be given to rainwater harvesting and modern age irrigation methods like drip irrigation. We should educate others about using water wisely.
  • Thirdly, we can reduce our energy consumption. We can turn off lights and electronic devices when we are not using them, use energy-efficient appliances, and switch to renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. Solar and wind energy use should be encouraged among the population.
  • Fourthly, we can plant trees. Trees play a vital role in controlling climate change as they absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide. We can plant trees in our schools and communities to create green spaces and reduce air pollution. A proper balance should be maintained between deforestation and afforestation. Locals should be educated about the consequences of climate change.
  • Finally, we can spread awareness about the importance of protecting the environment. People should be made aware of steps they can take toward protecting the environment. We can organize campaigns, seminars, and events to raise awareness about the impact of human activities on the environment and the steps we can take to protect it.

Conclusion of Speech

In conclusion, World Environment Day is a day to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our environment and to promote action to safeguard it. As students, we can take several steps to protect the environment, such as reducing our use of plastic, conserving water, reducing our energy consumption, planting trees, and spreading awareness. We, as responsible inhabitants of this planet, should do everything in our power to protect this planet, which is our home.

Let us pledge to take action and protect our environment for a sustainable future. Remember, every small step counts, and together if work we can make a difference. Our planet can be saved by us only. Thank you.

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