From the Diary of Anne Frank Summary Class 10 English

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From the Diary of Anne Frank Summary: The chapter, “From the Diary of Anne Frank” is an excerpt from the Diary of Anne Frank. The entire diary describes the experiences and suffering that she and her close ones suffered as they hid during the persecution by the Nazis while World War II was active. The excerpt describes her life as a student. The chapter does not provide an insight into her life during the war but is a compilation of the experience that she had with her professor during school.

From the Diary of Anne Frank Summary
Summary of “From the Diary of Anne Frank”

In the ensuing article, we have provided a complete summary of the chapter that the students can refer to while they are preparing for the Class 10 English Examinations. Hence, check subsequently for a detailed From the Diary of Anne Frank Summary that shall assist you as you prepare for the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE Board Exams for the Class 10 level.

From the Diary of Anne Frank Summary Class 10

The chapter in the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE Class 10 English, “From the Diary of Anne Frank”, is an interesting excerpt where the author, Anne Frank is describing her school life and her thoughts on friends at that time. It is reflective of how she developed the urge to write an autobiographical diary as she is highly talkative and needs to share as much as she can.

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While the entire diary is reflective of her experiences as a Jewish child who is in a nation that it hit by the Nazis during World War II and how she manages to hide and escape the wrath of the attackers. Further, her diary is extremely crucial as it provides a profound insight into the suffering of the life of people who were struck by the war.

Summary of “From the Diary of Anne Frank”

The excerpt from the diary which has been provided in this chapter is not relative to the prime theme that the diary is based on. This part of the diary talks about the reason why Anne Frank started maintaining an autobiographical diary in the first place. She describes her experiences in school and her professor’s reaction to her extreme talking. Additionally, she also mentions her perception regarding friendships and trust.

The beginning of the excerpt is such that Anne Frank is a little girl who feels a little awkward writing down her feelings in a diary. She reveals that this is a bit unusual for her as she is doing so for the first time. Although multiple thoughts come to her and she wonders if someone will read about the past experiences of a little girl who is casually writing about her life in her diary. She chooses to ignore such impulsiveness and firmly determines that she will observe her feelings in the diary. She starts writing the diary and explains how she feels absolutely isolated emotionally. She describes a lack of friends in her life who she can have conversations with. She needs a friend to talk to and thus names her diary, “Kitty“. She mentions that paper is more capable to hold her thoughts than someone who is a human but has little amount of patience. This justifies her writing thoughts down in a diary.

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While she has explained that she has no one to talk to and is quite lonely, she mentions that she has friends. She enjoys being with them and whenever they are around, she does have conversations with them. However, she is hesitant in trusting them and feels that they are not worth her trust. Frank informs that the diary was gifted to her father on the occasion of her thirteenth birthday. She describes her father as the most lovable person.

She makes an entry in the diary for 20 June 1942 and explains her feelings regarding the results. She is nervous and especially about the subject of mathematics. She also describes that she and her friend were trying to stop the class from making noises but they did not listen to them. Thus, she feels that a quarter section of the class must not pass as they never participate in any activities. She further reminisces how her mathematics professor is always extremely annoyed by her extreme talkativeness. This leads to her getting extra homework as a part of the punishment. She describes that the punishment was to frame and submit an essay on the topic, “Chatterbox“.

Frank finds this extremely weird. Nevertheless, she writes and provides substantial arguments in support of talking. She further decides that she shall strive to be better. However, witnessing no change in her behaviour, the professor allocates another topic. This time, the topic is “An Incorrigible chatterbox”. This is about her habit which is extremely difficult to change. Constant submissions from Frank lead her professor to allot her topics such as, “Quack, Quack, Quack, Said Mistress Chatterbox” as punishment.

While she enthusiastically writes her thoughts in the previous essays, she runs out of content this time. Thus, she decides that she shall write the topic in the format of a poem. She satirises the topic. Fortunately, this leaves the professor impressed and perceives the poem in a positive manner. Therefore, he recites the poem in front of the entire class From this point, Anne Frank talks uninterruptedly.

The Theme of the Chapter

The theme of the chapter reflects the idea of mental health and a teacher’s effort to discipline a child. The excerpt is a candid insight into the brain and feelings of a thirteen-year-old child. It is worth astonishing how she lacks trust in those around her and ends up contemplating in her diary, which she calls “Kitty”. Her interaction with the professor also displays her literacy proficiency and innocence. While the professor strives to discipline her, his lack of understanding of her demeanour leads to him obsessively striving to change her reality. Nevertheless, Anne Frank is firm and her self-acceptance leads the way.

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