The Midnight Visitor Summary Class 10 English

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The Midnight Visitor Summary: The story, “The Midnight Visitor” by Robert Arthur is a tale about the intelligence and common sense of a detective named Ausable. The story explores itself on multiple folds and is extremely amusing. It is a part of the English Class 10 Syllabus in the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE.

The candidates who have to appear for the examination need to prepare for the story well. In order to do so, you must read the story extremely carefully and remember the gist and even the minute details in order to answer the questions properly. Thus, a summary that is detailed and uncomplicated helps best in this case. Check the ensuing article for full The Midnight Visitor Summary.

The Midnight Visitor Summary
Summary of “The Midnight Visitor”

The Midnight Visitor Summary Class 10

Students to appear for the Class 10 English Examination for the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE need to prepare for the chapter “The Midnight Visitor”, which is a part of the academic curriculum. The examination questions will be based on the nuances and chronology of the events of the story. Therefore, it is best to prepare by referring to a summary. Of course, you must read the story very profoundly but you might not remember every little detail within the entire story if you prepare it directly.

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Further, at the time of the revision, you need an uncomplicated text that provides you with the gist of the story and helps you remember the prime events with the context of important details. The questions will be asked in a manner that you will be required to mention some of the important events, summarise a part of the story, or provide a detailed insight on a character. This is where the Midnight Visitor Summary shall prove helpful.

Gist of the Story

The story, The Midnight Visitor, is about a detective, Ausable. Robert Arthur has written this story and it is full of surprises and amusing elements. The story is about the sheer common sense and intellect of Ausable which he employs in order to get out of a grave and lethal situation. He is a secret agent who found himself at gunpoint held by the attacker and his rival named Max. Ausable displays a great zeal for the applicability of logic in order to escape the situation.

The situation was extremely unexpected and dangerous. It frightened his friend, Fowler, who also found it hard to believe that Ausable was a secret agent as his body did not complement him in a way. Ausable not only manages to escape the situation but also kills Max in such a way that he is not even responsible for the death.

Summary of “The Midnight Visitor”

The story, “The Midnight Visitor” was written by Robert Arthur and deals with the intelligence and smart sense of a detective story who amuses the readers by escaping a gunpoint situation very smoothly using his brain. The story has three characters, Ausable who is the detective, Fowler who happens to be his friend, and lastly, Max who is the enemy. Ausable is a secret agent and Fowler is not aware of that.

The story begins with Ausable and Fowler who have planned to spend an evening together to chill out. However, it is the evening that is entirely unprecedented for the latter as he realised that the former is full of secrets and entirely contrary to what he believed of him. Ausable reveals to him that he is a secret agent who is working as a detective to support the country. Fowler is unable to digest the fact as Ausable has a different body that is probably not suitable for such jobs.

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It is then that Ausable explains to him that he is working on an extremely important report that shall prove highly crucial for the country. They both head to Ausable’s room where they unexpectedly find Max who is standing prepared with a gun. He patiently asks them to be comfortable and not disturb him as he is waiting for the reports of missiles and is concerned with them more than anything.

It was an adventure for Fowler as he has never been in such a situation. Ausable tried engaging Max in conversation. He does so by starting to explain a story about a balcony that was placed exactly beneath the window of the room they were presently in. He informed Max that he lives in high-security surveillance where the Police come into the room perpetually in order to keep a check on him. Max, who held the two at a gunpoint, announced that he shall be waiting for the papers on the balcony and Ausable must send the police away or else he shall shoot them. He hears a doorknob turning and jumps out.

Both Ausable and Fowler hear a loud scream. At the door, it was the waiter who comes in bringing the wine that Ausable ordered. He keeps the wine bottle, tray, and glasses and leaves. Fowler who is unable to process all that happened is surprised. He enquired Ausable about the Police and Ausavble explains that there were no police. Next, he asks him about Max. To this, Ausable explains that there was no balcony as it was all hypothetical. He declared that Max died and shall never return as there was no balcony and he jumped off the window of the top floor, eventually dying.

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