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Age Calculator Online: Calculating your age can be a bit confusing sometimes. There are various formats that are followed around the world. So it is easy to check age through the age calculator online by date (DOB). We have created a free online age calculator, just enter your Date of Birth and the age calculator will give real age.

Age Calculator Online By Date Of Birth

Enter Date of Birth

Age Calculator Online Formats of Date

Globally, there are a few formats of writing a date. You can assess accordingly while calculating your age. Here are the formats in which you will have to write the date of birth in the Age Calculator Online Tool:

  • DD/MM/YY (Last two digits of the year)
  • MM/DD/YY (Last two digits of the year)
  • Date, Month, Year
  • Month, Date, Year

Some people like to include the year they were born while others do not. There are different formats for writing a date as well. There are different calendars such as Chinese, Hindu, Georgian, and more. The age of a person differs as per the format and permutations of the calendar. Since there is a non-uniform amount of days in a month, the age in terms of years can also have a certain amount of inaccuracy.

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Additionally, leap years also play a part. In order to ease things, there are many calculators available online to calculate the age of a person. In the subsequent article, you shall find all details you need to know about Age Calculator Online and how to use them, and what format they generally follow. Read thoroughly and further use the calculating tools to calculate your age.

Age Calculator Online
How to Calculate Your Age?

What is Age Calculator Online

Age Calculator Online Tools only exist to make life simpler. Some people like to include the year of birth in age while others do not. There cannot be any debate as to which one is correct, as there is no defined format to calculate the age of a person. However, there is a fixed concept in terms of offices. A person cannot follow their method in order to calculate the age of the child for official purposes. They will have to follow the format that is accepted globally, in offices. In order to avoid any sort of mistake, misunderstanding, or confusion, you can use the tools which follow the same format and will not lead to an inaccurate calculation.

Another thing, there are very few papers that require you to write your age. Many official documents ask for the Date of Birth only. However, for admission, recruitment, and such age-based eligibility criterion, you need to calculate your age to a particular date. Thus, in such cases, online tools prove highly beneficial as they can give you a check with precision.

Parameters of Measuring Age

You can calculate your age in the following parameters:

  • Years
  • Months
  • Weeks
  • Days
  • Hours
  • Minutes

Methods for Calculating Age

In order to calculate your age, you can follow any methods They differ as per the cultural permutations and combinations of the calendars of the respective culture. Here are a few calendars and the mathematics in which age is perceived:

  • Georgian or English Calendar: This is the most followed or actually the officially acceptable format of the calendar. Here the time is divided in a way where there are 365 or 366 days, months can be 30, 31, or 28 days, there are 7 days in a week, 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour, and 60 seconds in a minute.
  • Indian or Hindu Calendar: The categorisation depends on the phases of the moon. The number of months, thus, is fixed as 12, which are the full lunar phases. Each month is of 30 days and the days are further classified into two fortnights with 15 days. Every 3 years, there is an additional month called Adhik Mass or Purshottam Mass. Each year has 354 days and the solar year has 365 days.
  • Islamic Calendar: The calendar has 12 months and the months have 29 and 30 days alternatively only the last month that has 30 days which converts into 29 days every 19th year.
  • Chinese Calendar: As per Chinese culture, a child is born at the age of 1. The kid will have an increase in age when they pass the new year of the calendar. Their calculations are not concerned with the birthday of the person. This implies that if a child is born today and tomorrow is Chinese new year, he/she/they are 1 year old today but 2 years from tomorrow.

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How to Calculate Age Manually?

If you are to manually calculate your age, you need to assess the date to which you wish to make the calculations. Here is a very simple mathematical formula that you can use.

  1. First, write your date of birth in the format: DD/MM/YYYY.
  2. Nextly, write the date to which you want to calculate your age in the same format, that is, DD/MM/YYYY.
  3. Finally, subtract your date of birth from the latest date.
  4. You will get your age in the same format.
  5. You will be YYYY years, MM months, and DD days old as per the date, this will be a mixed format.

Conversion of Age into different Parameters

If you can further make conversions into minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years. In order to do so, you can use these formulas:

  • Age in Terms of Days: YYYY X 365 + MM X 30 + DD (Considering each year has 365 days and each month has 30 days)
  • Age in Terms of Weeks: Age in Days / 7
  • Age in Terms of Months: Age in Days / 30 (Considering each month has 30 days)
  • Age in Terms of Years: Age in Days / 365 (Considering each year has 365 days)
  • Age in Terms of Hours: Age in Days X 24
  • Age in Terms of Minutes: Age in Days X 24 X 60

How to Use Age Calculator Online?

There are various tools available on the internet in order to calculate your age. It simplifies the process, eradicating any sort of confusion. The tools provide the age in terms of years, months, weeks, days, hours, and even minutes. The age that they display in a format that is internationally accepted in an official setting. While you are accessing the Age Calculator Online, just follow the ensuing process:

  1. Open the Online tool for calculating your age.
  2. Once the tool opens up, it shall ask you for details regarding your Date of Birth.
  3. There are very few tools that can ask you about your Time of Birth. In case they do so, they only intend to deliver accurate and precise results pertaining to your age. However, there is a limitation. In the case of Time, you can get a difference on the basis of the time zone of your present location, the time zone that the calculator follows, and the time zone of your place of birth. The precise calculation of the age only complicates when you make calculations as per the time.
  4. Enter the required details in the online age calculation tool form.
  5. Tap on Calculate button.
  6. The age will be displayed in various scales and formats as per the tool.
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