SGPA To Percentage Conversion Calculator

SGPA To Percentage Conversion Calculator: All the readers who want to convert their SGPA to percentage can look here. There are several institutes or colleges that prefer percentages over grade points as it clearly indicates the performance of the student.

However, now almost every educational institute is providing SGPA instead of percentages. This creates a problem for the individuals. So, we have prepared this article for all of you. Here we are going to provide you with the SGPA To Percentage Conversion Calculator using which you can easily convert your marks.

SGPA to Percentage Calculator

The SGPA to Percentage Conversion Calculator is used in educational fields. The calculator helps the individual to cover their allotted grade points into percentages within a few seconds. The percentage conversion calculator has been introduced to save the time of energy of the candidate. This also means that there will be no mistakes in the outcome.

Several Indian Universities use different methods to calculate the SGPA. Here we are going to use the most common and known way of calculating SGPA to Percentage. In the following article, readers will also come across the details such as the meaning of SGPA and percentage, methods to convert into a percentage, etc.

SGPA To Percentage Conversion Calculator
SGPA To Percentage Conversion Calculator 5

What is SGPA?

SGPA is the performance of the students in a particular semester. The full form of SGPA is Semester Garde Point Average. SGPA is an average of all the grade points earned by the students in all the courses during one semester. SGPA is used in almost every college nowadays. However, most people prefer to convert their SGPA to a percentage to check their performance.

What is the Percentage?

Basically, the Percentage is a ratio which can be expressed as a fraction of 100. To calculate the percentage of a number, we simply divide the number by the whole and then multiply it by 100. So, we can also say that the percentage means a par per 100. The percentage is represented by the symbol "%".

Given below are some examples of percentages:

  • 10% is equal to a 1/10 fraction
  • 25% is equal to a 1/4 fraction
  • 50% is equivalent to a 1/2 fraction
  • 75% is equal to a 3/4 fraction
  • 90% is equal to a 9/10 fraction

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How to Calulate the SGPA?

Candidates who have grade points in all the subjects can easily take out the SGPA by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Start the process by writing down all the credit points for each subject on a paper.
  2. After that, you will have to multiply the credit points of each subject by the grade that you have scored in the particular subject.
  3. Now, you will have to add all the outcomes that came after the 2nd step.
  4. After adding the scores, divide the outcome by the sum of the credit points of very subject.
  5. Finally, the received outcome will be your SGPA.

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Example to Calculate the SGPA

Suppose there are four subjects i.e., Subject A, B, C and D. The credit points and grade points of the subjects are mentioned below:

SubjectCredit PointGrade
Subject A49
Subject B28
Subject C38
Subject D27
  • Start the process by multiplying credit points with their scores:
    4 X 9 = 36, 2 X 8 = 16, 3 X 8 = 24, 2 X 7 = 14
  • After that, you will have to add all the outcomes of the first step i.e.,
    36 + 16 +24 + 14 = 90
  • After that, add all the credit points i.e., 4 + 2 + 3 + 2 = 11
  • Finally, divide 90 by the total credit points:
    90/11 = 8.18
  • So, 8.18 is the SGPA.

Formula For SGPA to Percentage Calculation

Candidates who want to know the formula of SGPA to Percentage calculation can look here. Given below is the formula using which you can take out the percentage:

Percentage = (SGPA - 0.75) X 10

How to Calculate Percentage From SGPA?

Given below, we have mentioned the procedure via which you will be able to take out the percentage easily:

  1. First of all, take out the SGPA of every subject by following the procedure available above.
  2. After taking out the SGPA, subtract the SGPA by 0.75.
  3. Finally, the outcome is needed to be multiplied by 10.
  4. The result will be the percentage of your obtained marks.

Examples of SGPA to Percentage Calculation

To make the formula more understandable, we have provided some examples. Through the formula, candidates will easily understand the formula:

  • Example 1
    • Suppose, the SGPA of a student is 7.5.
    • Now we have to subtract it by 0.75:
      7.5 - 0.75 = 6.75
    • Finally, divide the outcome with 10
    • So, the percentage of 6.75 X 10 = 67.5%
  • Example 2
    • Let's assume, the SGPA of the student is 8.3
    • So, we will subtract 0.75 from SGPA:
      8.3 - 0.75 = 7.55
    • At last multiply the outcome by 10 i.e., 7.55 X 10
    • So, the percentage is 75.5%

How to convert grade points into SGPA at AKTU University?

The formula for converting grade points into SGPA in AKTU University is as follows:

SGPA (Si) = Σ (Ci x Gi) / ΣCi

Si denotes SGPA
Ci denotes the number of credits of the nth course.
Gi denotes the grade point scored by the candidates in the ith course.

Grade Point to Percentage Conversion Table

Marks(%)Letter GradesGrade Points(G)
-AB (Absent)0
0 to < 36F (Fail)0
36 to < 40D (Pass)4
40 to < 50C (Average)5
50 to < 60B (Above Average)6
60 to < 70B+ (Good)7
70 to < 80A (Very Good)8
80 to < 90A+ (Excellent)9
90 to 100O (Outstanding)10

Difference Between SGPA and CGPA

SGPA and CGPA are the same terms. SGPA is Semester Grade Points Average. Whereas, CGPA is the Cumulative Grade Point Average. SGPA is the performance of the students in a particular semester. CGPA shows the overall performance of the student in the whole academic year.

To calculate SGPA, we simply add all the outcomes from the multiplication of credit points with grade points and then divide it by the sum of credit points. To calculate the CGPA, we simply add all the grade points and divide them by the sum of credit points. CGPA is usually used in schools. Whereas, SGPA is used in higher educational institutes such as institutes and universities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to convert the SGPA into CGPA?

It is very easy to convert the SGPA into CGPA. Just add all the SGPA received, divide it by the number of semesters and then multiply the outcome by 10.

Can we also convert the percentage from grade points?

Yes, you can convert the grade points into percentages. Take out the SGPA by using the formula available above and then subtract it from 0.75. Finally, multiply the number by 10 and the outcome will be the percentage.

How to convert SGPA into a percentage at Pune University?

To convert the SGPA into a percentage, you have to simply multiply the SGPA by 8.8. For Example, SGPA is 7.0, So, the percentage will be 61.6%

What is the percentage of 7.8 SGPA?

The percentage of 7.8 SGPA will be calculated as follows:
1. Substracting 0.75 from SGPA i.e., 7.8 - 0.75 = 7.05
2. We will multiply the outcome by 10 i.e., 7.05 X 10 = 70.5
3. So, 70.5 is the percentage of 7.8 SGPA.

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