Health Is Wealth Essay | Essay on Health Is Wealth for Students

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There is an old saying “HEALTH IS WEALTH“. Today we are going to talk about the same phase, why is it is called health is wealth.

Health Is Wealth Essay

Health Is Wealth Essay

Health is the biggest priority of humans. Without it, no one can stand or can focus on anything of life. So if one looks into the fact that what is the most important aspect of life? The answer is health. Defining health would be Something that could fetch you anything in this world with the proper focus and a healthy mental state. If one longs to have a happy life then mental health is the most important factor. People need to stay mentally, physically, emotionally in order to exist in this world.


Health is the biggest gift of God. If you have health then you have money. It is often said that if money is lost then nothing is lost if health is lost something is lost and if the character is lost everything is lost. Preserving your health is in your hands and destroying it is also in your hands.

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People, especially the younger generation, do not take a look at the fact that their torture on their health is the torture on their future. If you need to get something in life you need to have a perfect focus on it and by this fact, health is the only thing that can have both a boon or an adverse effect on you.

Health issues start coming up to you when you become older. The more age you acquire the more you need to face issues of health. But if you had taken care of yourself in a very proper manner from very childhood then remaining fit is the most precious gift you can get in your life. Nowadays people start taking a lot of junk food And wake up at night in order to complete their tasks or spend days on their mobile phones. It is therefore very necessary to stop all this in order to have very good health.

When you are unhealthy, you are unfit to join in any work and unfit to contribute your capabilities thereby not earning any money. Also, money does not have the capability to solve all your health issues; therefore it is a very true fact that the roots of Wealth lie in your healthy health and your happy mind with your stable state. Thus, it is very necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle and cultivate healthy habits in yourself so that you can see a beautiful future of yourself.


Health is wealth – it is often said that if you take care of your health then you are actually taking care of your wealth. The older the proverb ‘health is wealth ‘becomes the newer the significance of it is being defined.

Physical fitness may be the mark of good health and it is the most expensive asset that a mortal possesses.  It is a temple as has been defined by Shakespeare since it is the platform of maintaining spiritual thoughts and too.

Becoming quite an oblivion of the fact that these electronic goods may damage their health, they are frequently using it. Teenagers are often found to be busy with their electronic goods and met with accidents.

Spiritual development is also essential for the growth of a person spiritual growth refers to the concept of values morality and belief of a person a spiritually developed man can never think of himself rather he thinks in a broader perspective he thinks of society as a whole and especially the wellbeing of others.

When we die nothing stays with us and in turn, wealth is also of no value then. Exercising, eating healthy foods, avoiding junk food, and maintaining a properly balanced diet would let set an invaluable asset in us. Therefore, when a plant is planted the most care is taken of its roots. In the same manner, if we need to take care of our wealth we need to take utmost care of our health.


Imagine yourself to be immortal? Or to live a long life? Or to smile happily each day? Yes! It is health. It is health that lets you be immortal, it is your health that lets you smile happily each day and live the greatest heights of yourself. So, health is the biggest luxury in life. Maintaining good health is one of the tough factors that One has to go through. One needs to maintain fitness by regularly doing exercises, drinking good water and healthy food each day. If one maintains a happy healthy state then one needs to maintain the body.

Stop trying to be lazy, because being lazy will never let anyone fetch his dreams. Try to be very prompt and be conscious of your mind. Working hard by keeping yourself would let you focus on your dreams and separate you from the multitudes. Going to the doctor’s every day and taking appointments would let you rather lose your wealth instead of maintaining it.

By the words of Dalai Lama, the greatest monk, “Man has very strange humanity and it surprised me the most. At first, he loses his health in order to make money, and then he uses his money in order to recuperate his health.”It is very truly said that people at the first start using their health and work day and night in order to reach a very high position. They earn a lot of money and then they start using that money in order to get back healthy health.

But remaining balanced is your capability. Balance each day’s work with your fitness. Always try to maintain a happy as well as a focused routine. One has to work with proper planning. One needs to anyhow maintain a healthy mental, physical and emotional state and it is by this means that no professional or a counsellor can help you out until you have the urge to live. The urge to live and to make use of the present brings out the perfect power in you and it is you who can never let yourself break down.

Our ambiance plays a significant role in our health because we get to face a lot of pollution may be air, water, wind and we get exposed to a lot of pollution and contamination each day. But even in the tough times, we can do it if we have the will to be clean and tidy. God even stays with those people who remain tidy and clean. Because those people are strong enough to stand. Therefore, maintain your health and thereby maintain your wealth.


The older the proverb  ‘health is wealth ‘becomes the newer the significance of it is being defined. The connotation of ‘health is wealth‘ apparently seems to be very simple that is physical fitness which should be our prime concern since it is the most precious gift of God. but in the modern epoch does the meaning of the proverb is still confined to sound health only?  The controversy arises and rarely does it stop.

Physical fitness may be the mark of good health and it is the most expensive asset that a mortal possesses. It is a temple as has been defined by Shakespeare since it is the platform of maintaining spiritual thoughts and ideas too. A  healthy body is a containment zone of the strength of mind and positive energy.

If we flip through the pages of our medication practices of ancient times, the grand contribution in this field was made by Charaka and Sushruta & there in the Ayurvedic practices did advise us to keep our body and mind feet and fine all the time .it  is often heard ‘ early to bed and early to rise to keep the body healthy wealthy and wise’ so waking up early in the morning and doing some exercises and walking for half an hour at least may not adversely affect anyone’s body, rather it makes one vibrant and vivacious.

Regular taking a bath, washing clothes is another good habit which may prevent one from being affected by any serious illness. Food habit is another part which should be taken into account to leave lively and jovial. Junk food adds spicy food may not help to build a strong body and mind. According to the Gita, food habit matters a lot in the formation of a person’s personality.

The people who are prone to fresh and pure food grow as Swastik and those who like spicy food along with non-veg, grow as Rajasik and while others are interested in decayed and stale food, they are known as tamarisk to mask. So a person’s intellectual growth depends on his food habit which ultimately leads to his all-around development. The mere absence of ailment may not lead to a happy or healthy life of him. This, in order to be healthy on, has to be mentally, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and spiritually healthy. 

Due to the excessive use of a computer, mobile and Internet by the children and their parents are dark faces is being witnessed by society. Becoming quite an oblivion of the fact that these electronic goods may damage their health, they are frequently using it. Teenagers are often found to be busy with their electronic goods and met with accidents.

Anxiety and aggression are the fruit of the frequent use of electronic products. The excessive use of these items often leads to cancer, loss of vision, weight gain, and insomnia.

Emotional development is another important factor that cannot be overlooked it makes an individual a healthy one. An emotionally healthy person should have a good sense of reasoning, realization, and a realistic approach.

A socially healthy person can be one who has the ability to communicate properly and connect himself with others easily. Forgetting his ego he can easily mix with the person in front with a positive vibe and energy. To maintain a healthy relationship with the person in particular and society as a whole. He treats others with dignity and honors ultimately derives all sorts of pleasure and happiness in life. Thus he freezes him from all kinds of diseases and negativity.

Spiritual development is also essential for the growth of a person spiritual growth refers to the concept of values morality and belief of a person a spiritually developed man can never think of himself rather he thinks in a broader perspective he thinks of society as a whole and especially the wellbeing of others.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy which indicates that only work or study may not help a person to lead a very happy life rather it makes life very monotonous and boring to get relief out of it or from the boredom of daily or routine life sports and games cannot be ignored rather it plays a major role for the development of an individual.

Each and every human being should join in sports and games and get free themselves from the daily boring routine life. It is because sports and games help man to evoke a spirit of unity, develop leadership quality and make a man perfectly disciplined man aims to accumulate wealth to become rich. Everyone dreams of having a treasure trove and becoming a millionaire but if a man loses his health all his dreams shattered and efforts were undertaken during his life go in the way.

Hence sound health is necessary which can be considered as a source of a healthy mind and a healthy lifestyle.

Epidemiologist’s report says that wealth will grow prominently when one should fit in every aspect, well-being not only the physical fitness, it’s also a development of mental, social as well as emotional fitness. There is a saying, ”health is a valuable treasure of life”, first fitness leads a direction of successful living. Success cannot be enjoyed without it.

When is Health Day?

World Health Day is celebrated on 7 April every year. To make an effective step towards the awareness of being healthy, 7 April 1950, WHO sponsors first World Health Day to grab the attention of the whole world towards global health.

Every year WHO come up with a different theme for people awareness like in 2020 theme was “Support Nurses and Midwives”, it’s in the support of covid 19 global pandemic situation, because there is a lockdown in the whole world the healthcare workers without thinking of their lives, stand and save other human lives, to save the mankind by giving their full enthusiastic support to the human kindness, to cherish their enthusiasm and motivate them for their support and hard work, WHO organizes this program.

The WHO also runs a program of health promotions, throughout the world to align the equity, so that people can determine of their lives, “every life is important” and think about their fitness. Government promotes various health policies, including food security, quality of the working environment and health literacy promote in various schools, colleges, at the workplace also in various community programs. 

These healthcare promotional programs on television, radio, newspapers, magazines spread the awareness of what they have to do, whom they have to concern with, so it also reduces depression and anxiety and reduces the mortality rate, usually occurred when we suffer from disease and don’t know what to do. But today online portals, come up with the best conclusions and they can act as soon as possible.

According to a study, the workplace leads more health issues, a person unable to balance the work pressure or time limit and all these are the root of mental illness, stress, fatigue, anxiety all these directed towards serious health issues and poor performance of one’s growth. But now organizations are taking steps of their employee’s well-being, they run various awareness programmes on health intervention in the form of cultural activities like to organise a sports program, trip, fest, indoor activities, gifts, incentives etc to motivate them. The meta-analysis study shows that, the group who people who involve in all such activities and cherish themselves, can also improve their performance.

Health Influencing Factors: health factors include most of the social determinants, which are social and economic conditions with which one born, grow, live, work and age. The health brothering starts with old age suffers from a lot of pain, which cannot be cured by money. But good habits and lifestyle make life full of zest and zeal.


One’s living pattern: it is important that, how far you control yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle, the research shows that, its very difficult to change their behavior and daily habits. As per the data, when a person habitual of smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, or any other, so it’s very difficult for them to rid of it, it is shown through the research that 80 percent of smokers who tried to give up, got the unsuccessful result, only 46 percent on them get rid of it. To emphasize, the self-control motto, a “Take Control Campaign” comes into the role.

Poverty: is one of the critical factors, which is the root cause of serious consequences of poor health. Most infectious diseases, airborne diseases kill millions of poor people, lack clean food, water, and proper sanitation. Unavailability of the proper healthcare system for them, not even took the vaccination for their children. The government should take necessary steps for the development, by reduction of poverty, improving quality of food and water, and also provide proper sanitation, it can safe millions of lives and also stop the spread of many air-borne diseases, leprosy, etc.

Environmental factor affects health: there is various health-related illness, for example, asthma, malaria, typhoid, depression, pulmonary diseases, etc. To some extend human life is responsible for environmental hazards, for an instance, the production of food by using pesticides and fertilizers damages the environment, by eating these chemicals filled food is the main reason for causing cancer, and by deforestation, pollution increases which is the major cause of asthma, many heart problems, and there are so many examples are present.

How to Improve Health

One small step will change the daily routine quality of life and improves well-being.

  1. Take healthy diet:
    • by avoiding processed junk food,
    • improve your gut health by including probiotics foods like yogurt and lots of fibres, which work as a fuel
    • drink sufficient water daily it not only burns calories, but also increases metabolism,
    • eat more vegetables and fruits, enrich with prebiotics, vitamins, minerals
    • minimise the use of salt and sugar, causes hypertension, diabetes respectively.
    • Eat saturated food, which leads to increase the good cholesterol level i.e. HDL
  2. Take quality of sleep: deprivation of sleep can affects on physical and mental performance, also leads to loss of appetite, trouble in concentration and thinking, mood swings because of frustration
  3. Take away stress: stress enhanced the level of adrenaline which increases heart rate and blood pressure whereas, cortisol is a primary stress hormone, mechanism works on fight-or- flight, which leads to the changes in immune as well as digestive system, and elevates the secretion of blood glucose level. To became de-stressed, spend some time, regular exercise, meditation, yoga all reduces the stress.
  4. Stay hygienic: personal hygiene is important, to become fresh and infections free, the basic hygienic techniques daily like bath regularly, washing hands frequently, trim nails etc.

Now the world takes a step towards modernization, now there are health policies that come into the role, everyone aware of health insurance plans which save people financially in their critical situations of health. Nowadays, people spend lots of money on medical advisors, various doctor consultations, to take better care of their health.

So always care for health, as you care for wealth because health is wealth.


Who coined the term “health is wealth”?

The term is coined by the famous counselor and guide, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

What are the adverse effects that a man faces if he chooses to live unhealthy life?

If a man starts to choose to live a lifestyle without a plan or in an unhealthy manner then, he has to face a lot of problems. Mentally he would be depressed and physically he would be untidy and dirty and emotionally he would be always unstable. An unhealthy life would let a person wake up late at night and wake up late in the morning. This would not only swing their mental state but also pollute their environment.
One would face a lot of anger and sorrow and sometimes they would have fits.

How does the world recognize health as an important factor?

Each year on the seventh of April, the whole world celebrates World Health Day as a recognition of the biggest precious gift of this life.

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