CGPA to marks calculator, Percentage to marks CBSE

CGPA to Marks calculator: There is a CGPA system of marking that is followed by the Central Board of Secondary

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CGPA to Marks calculator: There is a CGPA system of marking that is followed by the Central Board of Secondary Education. It is imperative for some candidates to understand how much they actually scored so that they can get a lucid idea of what and how the performance was. Additionally, when one can get their marks listed, it becomes easier for them to suspect the way their papers were evaluated in case they have to apply for revaluation. There are certain boards that only provide the percentage.

If you want to obtain marks from CGPA marking criteria or Percentage Listing of Marks, you can take assistance from the ensuing guide that shall thoroughly help to get a CGPA to marks calculator and manually calculate Percentage to Marks.

CGPA to Marks Calculator
CGPA to Marks Calculator

Read further in order to manually make the respective calculation along with developing an understanding of various aspects of the calculation of Marking Scheme of Marks, CGPA, and Percentage.

CGPA to Marks Calculator: Manually Calculate

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In order to calculate marks, you generally need the scores and the maximum marks. For example, if there are five subjects namely English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Computers and the marks scored in them are 92, 88, 79, 89, and 94 respectively. All these marks have been listed where an examination of maximum marks 100. It has to be noted that the Total Marks will be calculated by summing all the figures up. The total results are 442. If we multiply 100, which is the maximum mark, by 5, which is the number of subjects, we can figure out that the Marks scored 442 out of 500.

While there are certain boards of Secondary and University Education in India that straight away list the total marks out of the maximum marks, there are some that rather list these marks in form of CGPA or percentage. While you are seeking to apply for a revaluation or figure out how much you actually scored in order to figure out what level was for your performance, it becomes imperative to convert the CGPA and Percentage to actual marks. But, before you actually move on to the actual calculations, you must have a comprehension of the concept of Marks, CGPA, and Marks.

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What are Marks?

Marks are basically the scores that the exam taker obtains in exchange for giving a correct answer or performing well in the examination. It has to be noted that the exam paper is set in a way that is worth some marks. These are known as the maximum marks. This implies that the exam takers shall not be able to score more than what the examination paper is worthy of. Nextly, the other thing is that the marks are always referred to something scored out of what the maximum marks are. Marks are simply the addition of the scores in each question or each section of the paper.

Total marks are basically the addition of all the marks scored in all subjects by the candidates. The maximum marks in this case are calculated by adding up what the maximum marks were in each of the examinations. If every subject’s exam was worth of same marks, then you shall multiply the maximum marks of one subject’s paper by the number of subjects. While in case each subject’s paper is worthy of different marks, then you shall add up each subject’s exam paper’s maximum marks.

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What is CGPA?

CGPA or Cumulative Grade Point Average is basically the numbering system that has replaced the grading system. Often, grades represent Marks. For instance, A+ or Grade 1 represents the range of 95 to 100 marks. CGPA has replaced the alphabetical and number grades with a much more detailed numerical grading system that is a grade but is similar to marks and percentages. Check what marks the CGPA represents as per the marking or grading system of the Central Board of Secondary Education:

CGPA Marks obtained out of 100
19.5 / 100
219/ 100
328.5 / 100
438 / 100
547.5 / 100
657 / 100
766.5 / 100
876 / 100
985.5 / 100
1095 / 100

What is the Percentage?

Percentage means the quantity per the value of cent or in simple words, every value is calculated in comparison to one common value which is 100. The marks scored by a student in an examination can be expressed in percentage very easily. The percentage would mean that if the maximum marks were a hundred, the student would have scored the numerical value of the percentage number. The simple formula to calculate the percentage is the following:

Percentage % = (Marks Scored / Maximum Marks) X 100

For instance, if the marks scored were 64 and the maximum marks were 80, the percentage would be (64 / 80) X 100 = 0.8 X 100 = 80%

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CGPA to Marks Calculator

In order to calculate marks from CGPA, you need the CGPA grade and Maximum Marks that the paper was worth. The CGPA always represents the following:

CGPA = (Marks out of 100) / 9.5

For example, the mark scored out of 100 is 78, and the CGPA becomes 78 / 9.5 which is equal to 8.210, which is eventually 8.2 after rounding it off.

In order to calculate the marks, you need to follow the ensuing formula:

Marks out of 100 = CGPA X 9.5

Here the CGPA is 8.2. Thus, the marks will be 8.2 X 9.5. The eventual calculation is that the marks out of 100 are 77.9 which is 78 after rounding off.

If the marks are not represented out of 100, you will first have to calculate what the score will be out of 100. For this, follow the formula:

Marks out of 100 = (Marks scored / Maximum Marks) X 100

Let’s take an example if the Marks scored are 64 and the maximum marks are 80, the score out of 100 is 80. If we have to calculate the CGPA, it becomes 8.4210 which rounds off to 8.4.

Finally, the formula to calculate marks from CGPA becomes:

Marks Scored = (CGPA X 9.5 X Maximum Marks) / 100

Percentage to Marks

The formula that we have applied in order to obtain marks obtained out of 100 applies to percentages as well. In simpler terms, the percentage is calculated by following the subsequent formula:

Percentage = (Marks scored / Maximum Marks) X 100

Thus, in order to calculate the marks scored, the formula to obtain marks scored from percentage, all you need to know is the percentage and the maximum marks. Put all the quantities in the following formula:

Marks Scored = (Maximum Marks X Percentage) / 100

For example, if the percentage is 82 and the maximum marks were 80, the marks scored will be (82 X 80) / 100 = 6560 / 100 = 65.60 which becomes 66 after rounding off. Thus, the marks are 66 out of 80.

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