A Letter to God Summary Class 10 English

A Letter to God Summary: The very first chapter in the Class 10th English Book, “First Flight”, of Central Board

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A Letter to God Summary: The very first chapter in the Class 10th English Book, “First Flight”, of Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE is “A Letter to God”. The prose is highly important for all the students who are presently studying in Class 10th need to read this story by G.L. Fuentes. There will be questions asked in the board examinations and thus, they must be thorough with the nuances of the story. It is of utmost vitality that the students make sure that they are thorough with the concepts of the prose.

A Letter to God Summary
“A Letter to God” by G.L. Fuentes

The students who are to appear for the CBSE Class 10 Boards Examination can check the full A Letter to God Summary and important aspects of the story subsequently. The gist and information mentioned in the ensuing article will help you prepare for the exam.

A Letter to God Summary

G.L. Fuentes composed the prose “A Letter to God” to reflect on important themes of humanity, faith, and gratitude. It is a very interesting story that has the capability of being highly moralistic along with highly fun. It has an awkward sense of humour along with the potential of delivering values. This English prose is included in the syllabus of Class 10th of the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE. The students need to observe that this is Chapter 1 and there is a very high possibility that the story can result in a weightage of good marks in the exam. Thus, you need to be prepared with the basic chronology, theme, aspects, and more details pertaining to the story.

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The questions in the Class 10 Board Exams of CBSE are of the short type. The students are required to write to-the-point answers to the questions and thus, the students have to be thorough with the events and the chronology. Further, the students must also be aware of the theme, aptness of the title, and summary of the story in case they are to write an insightful answer to any of the questions relative to “A Letter of God” by Gregorio López Fuentes

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Summary of “A Letter to God”

The story is about Lencho who writes a letter to God when his harvest is devastated by the hail storm. He strongly believes in God enough to demand an amount of one hundred pesos as help for the destruction he faced. When he posted the letter, the postman could not deliver it to an address and rather reads it. He makes fun of Lencho’s unawareness and shares it with the postmaster, who too takes a laugh at the matter but is startled by humanity to give in efforts to make Lencho’s wish come true. The entire staff at the post office makes donations of up to seventy pesos with the postmaster pitching in a very prominent part of his salary. They decide to hand over the collected money to Lencho.

As Lencho arrives, the postmaster hands him the envelope full of money posing it as being sent by God. However, Lencho is not happy when he receives the letter. He rather complains about the missing amount. He writes a second letter to God. The postmaster reads the letter once Lencho posts it in which he expresses his anger further devising that the staff at the post office must have stolen the remaining amount. He further calls them “a bunch of crooks”.

The theme of the Story “A Letter to God” by G.L. Fuentes

The theme of the story, “A Letter to God” is gratitude. The faith urges the farmer to have expectations but when he observed that his demands are only partially fulfilled, he omits expressing gratitude for what he received. Furthermore, the story contains irony. Reality is highly juxtaposed with what Lencho thinks. For him, Postmen and Postmaster could have theft the money sent to him by God but in actuality, it was the Postmen and Postmaster who made monetary compromises and donations to help him. It is vital to understand that humanity still plays a role and prevails.

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Aptness of the Title of the Story

The title, “A Letter to God” is highly appropriate for the story. The entire events and morals of the story revolve around the letter that Lencho writes to God. The first letter is reflective of his faith, belief, and unmatched trust. The perception of the letter by the postman reflects the inability of certain humans to understand the problems of other beings and be judgemental. Further, when the letter is transferred to the postmaster, there is a revelation of humanity that prevails once he comprehends the necessity and faith of Lencho. It is because of the letter the post office staff tries their best to help Lencho in any and every way.

When Lencho writes the second letter to God, it reflects his expectations and annoyance as a result of their unfulfillment. The second letter further is proof of his misconceptions and stereotypical thoughts regarding the authorities of the post office. He believes in the idea of the existence of God but extremely fails to even believe in humans ad humanity. Lencho can be perceived as someone highly unaware and innocent but his lack of gratitude questions his optimism.

As the letter reaches the post office, it only lands on a disappointing note for the efforts of the employees. It makes the readers realise that even though they helped, they could not completely satisfy the requirements and only the latter stands out for Lencho. He further goes on to call them “a bunch of crooks” which further explains how the authorities are perceived by the community.

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