Diary Writing Formats Entries, Sample, Example and How to write

Diary Writing Formats | How to write Diary Writing – Didn’t we all at one stage of our childhood get

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Diary entry
Diary entry

Diary Writing Formats | How to write Diary Writing – Didn’t we all at one stage of our childhood get so excited after seeing a new diary? Remember when our parents would give us one of those leather-bound thick notebooks with each month written on them with dates we used to get so excited to scribble on those pages.

Or the new year resolutions some of us would make to write about everything happening in that diary. Now that’s enough back to the memory lane thing, yes?


What is diary entry
Diary entries

If we go according to the definition of it

A diary is simply a book with separate pages for each month and dates to write the personal experiences or activities happening in the day to day life of a person. 

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Some people love to pen down their thoughts and pour out all their feelings, and some would choose to write poems or a line or two. We can say that it is like a private space of a person where they can store their thoughts, feelings, emotions, and many more. 

Some people use a diary for writing down different things like food entries, health entries or anything diary does not have to be specific. 

For writing a diary, all you need is enthusiasm to pen down some words. Keeping a diary is not only a good habit but a good exercise for the brain too. Diary writing is not only a way of keeping track of your thoughts but also a way to develop yourself and your thought process. The earlier you start, the more thankful you will be to yourself for this habit. 

Now if you are someone who wants to pen down a few words but is still confused about how to start? Don’t worry, here are some tips for you. 

Be determined to write down 

Determine that now I have to start writing. Once decided it will be easy to write down those words. Words will flow naturally. 

Choose your topic 

The trickiest part of diary writing is choosing a topic. You can spend all your time and still be confused about what to write. If you want you can have topic-specific diary writing or if it suits you have multiple dairies for different topics as many as want there is no limit to that. Or you can have one diary for different topics. Besides writing personal thoughts you can also add personal musings. You can write about different topics like food, travel, fashion, school, work, family, friends, dreams, and anything you want can be put down in your diary. 


We have a habit of doing too much and then doing nothing for days. Don’t let this habit come in between your diary writing. Always set a time depending on how much you want to write down. Do not get carried away and write too much at the start and stop afterwards. Be consistent, write a few words for even 5 minutes but write daily. Create a timetable that you can easily follow. The more you write the more good you become at this. Decide on a time when you want to write in your diary. It can be daily, weekly, or monthly. 


It is vital to put down dates in your diary writing. 

It makes it easy to go back and see how much we have progressed over time. 

Introductory Entry 

Whenever you are about to start your diary remember the first thing which should be written is an introduction about you and what the diary is going to be about. You can introduce yourself, what are your hobbies and interests, your dreams, what you aspire to in life, or what you want your diary to be about. Opening up and pouring your heart is the key to maintaining a good diary. 

Diary is your best friend

Treat your diary as your best friend to whom you are pouring out all your secrets. The best way to write a diary is to treat it like a friend with whom you are sharing all your secrets. You should be honest with yourself while writing a diary. Always have fun while writing your entries. Don’t treat it like a task to be completed but take it like a fun part that you should be enjoying. Always be at peace while writing. You can choose your place to suit your mood. Some will prefer a quiet place where no one will disturb the flow of thoughts. Choose to write about something which you feel happy to write about. One should feel excited about writing. 


Your entry should not be just a few words piled up to anything but try to force out your creativity level up there. Your thoughts should be in the proper way. The more you will write the better you become. Don’t try to force yourself and don’t try to be too hard on yourself. 


Now that we are all excited to start with our diary writing session, should we start but wait for how to write it? Where to start and where to finish? Don’t worry, we have a solution.

There are a few elements to keep in mind while writing a diary. There can be many ways to write but all the formats have some elements in common like date, day, time, and signature which is optional too. 

As you start with your entry you write the date then the month followed by the year and day. In the next line, mention the time you are writing. Start with ” Dear Diary”, this gives an emotional touch. You should feel connected to the diary and remember to treat it like a best friend. Start writing your content now. Be simple and true to yourself while writing. End your diary entry with your signature or name to give it a more personalized touch.


Your diary as discussed above can cover any topic from personal encounters to travel goals. Still, to ease your pain we will discuss some topics to write about.

  • Your travel plans.
  • Your personal day-to-day activities. Like what you did, what new things happened, if you made new friends, some new things you learned, etc.
  • Your dreams and aims.
  • Quotes you don’t want to forget.
  • New recipes or food you like.
  • First thoughts, last thoughts.
  • A letter to yourself. 
  • Bucket list


MONDAY, 30th AUGUST, 2024 ———— Day, Date 

9 PM ————— Time 

Dear Diary ———— Opening

Today I visited my old school today which turned out to be a very happy day in my life. I visited my old classroom and met my old teachers there. I visited all the spots my friends and I used to play. Oh how much I miss those old carefree days !! ————- Body 

Sneha ————– Writer’s name 




7 PM 

Dear Diary,

Today, I visited my village. I was so happy to be there after so long. I walked through the roads, remembering all the good times I had there as a child. I even ran into some of my old friends. They were all so happy to see me after so long. 

It was great to walk down memory lane. It was a moment of pure nostalgia and I realized how fast time flies. It seems only yesterday I was here playing in the dirt, so free and careless was life.  I’m so grateful for all the memories I have made here. I’m definitely going to visit again soon!



 Monday,12th April 2024

9 PM

Dear Diary,

Today while I was cleaning my room, I  found some old pictures of me as a baby all smiling with mom and dad. We all were laughing a lot in this picture. I believe that I was doing something at the time the picture was taken because everyone was laughing and smiling while looking at me. Another photograph was taken while I took my first step.

There was a picture of me with my sister wearing swimsuits. It was so amazing and emotional to see all those forgotten moments still preserved there. Some photos even made me cry also. This was a treasure that I unearthed today. 



Sunday, 26th February 2024

10 PM 

Dear Diary

Today I finally landed back in Kerala. How amazing this city was! How the city as ancient as time is so beautiful and a cultural hub. No doubt it is called ‘GOD’S OWN COUNTRY’. 

I went to see the temples, elephants, and lotus flowers, and I met so many new people there. This trip will be a  memorable one for me as it is my first solo trip.

I started my journey from Delhi on the 17th. The train-bound journey was also very fun. I met so many people of different cultures. Made some new friends too.

In Kerala, I stayed in the boats for a few days which were available in the backwaters of the famous and beautiful Malabar coast.

I also visited the famous tea gardens. I took the famous Kerala oil massage also which relaxed my sore muscles.

The trip has given me so many beautiful memories. I met so many people and had the opportunity to learn so much about our traditions and culture. 

This is all for now.


Diary Writing can be a fun activity as well as good practice. While starting a diary one must remember that you have to be honest with yourself. Whatever you choose, write it down with total honesty. Set a timetable for writing. The frequency of writing should be kept in mind. The more frequently you write the more good writer you will be. Do not try to write in a certain way, always be creative. Try to add up more different ways to your style.

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