List of Countries and their National Sports & Games

National Sport & Game: The National Sports or Game of a country is basically decided either on the basis of its admiration or on the basis of its connection with the history of that country. For many years, it has been taught and also accepted by the citizens of our country that our national game is Hockey. However, according to an RTI, our national game is not hockey. In case many are thinking about the kabaddi then also they are wrong. The national game of India is neither hockey nor kabaddi. In the past years, it was considered to be the national game of India because of the glorious past of our country in the Olympics. Overall, India won 6 gold medals in the Olympics from 1928 to 1956.

National Games of Different Countries
List of Countries and their National Sports & Games 8

Furthermore, according to a recent official statement by the ministry of sports affairs, there is no national sport or game designated as the national game of our country. For the students who are appearing for the competitive exams, this article will be of great help to them, as we will provide all the details about the national sports or games of many foreign countries.

National Sports of Different Countries

For the information of the students, the students should note that there are many countries that have not established their national games according to the laws. These national sports are categorised under the category of De Facto. However, on the other hand, there are also many countries that have recognized a game as their national game officially. These national sports come under the category of De Jure. Here we will provide information about the countries and their national games in the coming paragraphs.

Afghanistan National Sports

Afghanistan is one of the neighbouring countries of India. The Afghanistan government has not recognized any national sport. However, they have identified a game called “Buzakshi” which comes under the category of De Facto Games.

Afghanistan Buzakshi game
List of Countries and their National Sports & Games 9

Argentina National Sports

The national sport of Argentina is “Pato” and has been made official since 1953. It can also be stated as De Jure Sports of Argentina.

Argetina Pato Game
List of Countries and their National Sports & Games 10

Australia National Sports

Australia is also one of the countries that have not recognized any national sports of their country. However, their De facto sport is Cricket.

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Bangladesh National Sports

Bangladesh is a neighbouring country of India and also an Asian Country. Bangladesh has recognised their national game according to the law. Their De Jure National Sport is Kabaddi and was made official in 1972.

France National Sports

In France football is one of the most popular games in the country. In addition to this, the national sport of France is Football only. Furthermore, France is one of the most successful teams in the world cup football tournament.

Russia National Sports

Russia is one of the most powerful countries in the world. In Russia, Football is the most popular game as people love to play the game. However, they do not have any national game by law and their De Facto national sport is Bandy. This game is similar to Ice hockey.

Bhutan National Sports

Bhutan is an Asian country and is also a neighbouring country of India. The national sport of Bhutan is Archery and has been established and recognized by the law-making authorities. It was made De Jure in the year 1971.

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Brazil National Sports

Brazil is one of the largest countries in South America. The state of Brazil is known for their football skills however, the national sport of Brazil is not football. Their national game is Capoeira and was made official in the year 1972.

Brazil's Capoeira
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Bulgaria National Sports

In Bulgaria, Football is the most popular sport. It is claimed that the citizens of Bulgaria follow many professional leagues of Football. However, Bulgaria does not have any national sports according to the law. Their De Facto Sport is Weightlifting.

Canada National Sports

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. The Canadian government has recognized the national sports of their country. They have recognized Ice Hockey as their national sport in winter and Lacrosse in summer. They made their national sports official in the year 1994.

canada 's Lacrosse game
canada ‘s Lacrosse game

New Zealand National Sports

New Zealand is an Island Nation which loves to play the sport “Rugby Union “.Rugby game has been popular among the masses. However, the government of New Zealand has not declared this game as a De Jure Sport. Rugby is currently the De Facto Sport of New Zealand.

China National Sports

China is one of the largest countries according to area as well as population. China is also one of the top-performing countries in the Olympics as well as in the commonwealth games. There is no such official game in the country yet they have a de facto national game known as Ping Pong or Table Tennis.

Colombia National Sports

The Colombian nation is also a soccer-loving nation however the country does not have soccer as their national game. The national sport of Colombia is Tejo which was recognized officially in the year 2000.

Colombia's national sport Tejo
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USA National Sports

The united states of America also do not have any national game recognized officially. Their DeFacto game is Baseball.

South Korea National Sports

South Korea has recognized their national game. Their national game is Tae-Kwon-do and was made official by the South Korean government in the year 2018.

Uruguay National Sports

The national game of Uruguay is Destrezas Criollas and was recognized by the government in 2006.

Destrezas Criollas
List of Countries and their National Sports & Games 13

Some More Countries

Here we will provide some more countries with the de facto and de jure national sports of their country. The information has been provided in the form of the table below:

Name of the countrySports
PakistanField Hockey (De Jure)
Sri Lanka Volleyball (De Jure)
NorwayCross-country skiing (De Facto)
England Cricket (De Jure)
NepalVolleyball ( De Jure)
TaiwanBaseball ( De Facto)
Spain Bull Fighting (De Jure)


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