A Triumph of Surgery Summary Class 10 English

A Triumph of Surgery Summary: The students who have to appear for the Class 10 Board Examination of the Central

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A Triumph of Surgery Summary: The students who have to appear for the Class 10 Board Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE will have to prepare the stories for the English Exam. One of these prose is “A Triumph of Surgery“. The students need to understand the chronology of activities of the story in order to get a complete understanding. Further, the questions can be based on various parts of the story. Thus, preparing a gist can be very useful, especially for the purpose of revision and quick preparation of the topic.

A Triumph of Surgery Summary
Summary of A Triumph of Surgery

In the following article, you can check the A Triumph of Surgery Summary and a description of theme. Further, one of the most important questions is the aptness of the title of the stories in the English Exam of the CBSE Board. Hence, read subsequently to get the best gist of the story, theme, and title of “A Triumph of Surgery” by James Herriot.

A Triumph of Surgery Summary

“A Triumph of Surgery” is written by James Herriot or James Alfred Wight. The story is included in the syllabus of the Class 10 English Board Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE. As per the format of the examination question paper, the students are required to very insightfully read the story and then answer the relative questions. The questions asked in the story are regarding the theme, events in the story, characters, and the title.

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The students must always check the gist or summary of the story as the questions can be directly asked about it as well. Hence, while revising or preparing for the exam, the summary is very helpful as it assists in remembering the chronology of the events in the story.

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The theme of the Story

The moral of the story is the aspect of the blindness of our love towards our close ones. Here, Mrs Pumphrey loves the dog, Tricky unconditionally. However, she is unable to restrict her love and fulfil all its demands in terms of food. This leads to illness in the case of the dog. She is unable to comprehend the necessity of saying “no” to the unreasonable and self-destructive demands of the dog.

Summary of “A Triumph of Surgery”

The story “A Triumph of Surgery” is about the unconditional love of a woman for her dog and the doctor’s intelligence in order to make the health of the dog better without disappointing the woman. This story is extremely simple and opens with the description of Mrs Pumphrey as a rich lady who regularly takes her dog, Tricky out for a walk. While she is doing so, a neighbouring veterinary doctor is astonished and comments that the dog looks like a bloated sausage with legs attached to each end. He further advised her to restrict the dog on a diet. However, the lady is not able to imply this as she will not be able to refuse the dog when it demanded food.

Soon, in course of time, the dog, Tricky falls sick and the narrator, Mr Herriot steps in to take it to the hospital. Mrs Pumphrey does not really agrees with the idea but for the betterment of the health of the dog, the narrator takes the dog to the veterinary hospital and puts it on the bed. He declared that Tricky required surgery. However, as he does so, the dog is nearly immovable for two days. It remains hungry as it does not eat anything. The next day, the dog gets up willing to go outside the room and step out of the bed. It plays with other dogs while licking their bowls in order to eat the remaining food. It was then that the health condition of the dog improves and it starts retaliating hunger by fighting with the other digs in order to get their food.

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Once, Mrs Pumphrey hears this information, she gets worried and starts sending eggs for her dog as she suspected that it needs good food for the purpose of recovery. However, the doctor fixates on keeping the dog away from food. But, he is aware that Mrs Pumphrey will not agree to this. Thus, he and his partners at the hospital start eating eggs for breakfast without informing her. Further, for the betterment of Tricky’s blood, she sends wine which is again consumed by the doctor and his partners. She sends brandy in bottles for Tricky which the doctor and team consume as well with Mrs Pumphery being unaware.

Eventually, Tricky’s health gets better and the doctors decide to send it back home. As soon as Mrs Pumphrey returns to take it back home, Tricky jumps with excitement. She then kisses the doctor as she did not expect Tricky to get so better. She further thanks the narrator for the surgery being successful, unaware that there was no surgery conducted.

Aptness of the Title

The title, “A Triumph of Surgery” is a very apt title for the story as Mr Herriot and his right decision of lying to Mrs Pumphrey eventually lead to the better health of the dog Tricky. The narrator does not perform any surgery on it and only puts it on a diet. The dog eventually feels better but Mrs Pumphrey is unaware of the fact that her sending food for it did not help. In this manner, not only the doctor is able to save the dog but also provides a sense of satisfaction to the mistress who is unable to understand the need of the hour despite multiple explanations from the doctor.

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