Two Stories about Flying Summary Class 10 English

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Two Stories about Flying Summary: The students of Class 10 studying in the schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education have to study the chapter, “Two Stories about Flying” as part of the English syllabus. The students need to observe that there are two stories regarding flight and have a message regarding courage, determination, and hope. In the examination, questions will be put up regarding the events, themes, and morals of both stories in the chapter. Thus, the students must be aware of various parts of the prose so that they can answer the questions in a very balanced manner. Check the ensuing space for the Two Stories About Flying Summary and the theme of the two stories.

Two Stories about Flying Summary
Summary of Two Stories about Flying

Two Stories about Flying Summary

There are two stories that make up the chapter, “Two Stories about Flying”. These are, “His First Flight” by Liam O’Flaherty and “Black Aeroplane” by Frederick Forsyth. Both stories are about flying and are based on the mortal values of hope, determination, courage, and faith. The stories draw a contrast between an animal’s lack of confidence and a human’s faith in an unknown factor in order to fly. The students who have to appear for the Board Examination of English subject need to thoroughly study the two stories of the chapter. The questions will be asked regarding the events, themes, and other aspects of the stories. The best way to prepare is to be thorough with the story and know Two Stories about Flying Summary.

The students must carefully read the summary of the stories as it shall help them prepare for the thorough questions. Furthermore, the students will be able to prepare easily as summaries are very helpful for last-minute revision. They will be able to remember the events of the prose in a very chronological order with the help of the gist.

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Part 1: His First Flight by Liam O’Flaherty

The story, “His First Flight” is about a young seagull who is frightened to fly. The seagull lacks self-confidence and is unable to take flight as he assumes that his wings are not competent enough. Further, he takes flight in a circumstance only to discover that he was capable of flying and that anything he did not have was faith in himself.

The story starts with the young seagull being stationed alone on the ledge. He had a sister and two brothers who have already learnt how to fly. However, he did not have ample confidence in his wings. He assumed that his wings will not be able to support him and his weight and eventually he would fall. There was a long and deep sea that he had to fly over. Afraid of the fall, he was never able to take a flight. His parents always promulgated him to fly and motivated him in all the ways they could. They even scolded and threatened him to take a flight. They warned him that if he failed to fly, he would probably die of hunger instead of dying due to falling into the sea. Nevertheless, the seagull was not able to gather the courage to fly.

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As he was sitting on the ledge, the sun started getting warmer as it rose up in the sky. He could feel the hunger as the heat in the atmosphere increased. He could only see all his family across the side. His mother thought about luring him into flying. She decided to tempt him with fish as she knew about his liking for the food. She flew across to get nearer but made sure that the seagull had to snap at the food in order to catch hold of it. As he tried to do so, his wings spread outward and the wind started rushing against the feathers. He gradually soared towards the southern direction and further moved north. He observed the large stretch of green sea and glided to reach the sand where his family was already present. He sank a little as he tried standing at the edge but not anymore.

Without even trying, he decided that he could not fly. He was unable to overcome his fears which eventually affected his flight. His family congratulates him in the end for his first flight. However, when he tried, he not only realised that his wings were capable enough but also he gained the courage to fly more and more.

Part 2: Black Aeroplane by Frederick Forsyth

The second part of the chapter is the story, “Black Aeroplane” by Frederick Forsyth which is a mystery rooted in the themes of hope and courage. The story is about a pilot who manages to escape a very difficult situation as he carries a plane from Paris to England.

The story commences at night when the time was 1:30 AM. The narrator was flying the old “Dakota” plane from Paris over France to England. As he was doing so, the atmosphere was described to be extremely beautiful where the sky was clear and the moon was gliding towards the eastern side of the plane. He could even observe the stars twinkling in the clear sky. His mind was occupied by the thoughts of being accompanied by his family in England. He connected to the Paris control who advised him to take a turn at 12 degrees in the West.

The pilot observed rain-filled clouds and an acute storm as he moved to the west. He realised that it was a storm and he realised that he also did not have enough fuel. Further, he suggested himself that it would be wise to return back to Paris but the thought of being comfortable at his home makes him take a risk. The pilot takes a bad decision here and he takes the plane through the storm. As he moved further, he could only see black clouds and nothing else.

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It was later that he saw another aeroplane that further guides him out of the storm. The plane signalled him to follow and he believes in it. He follows and sometime later, realises that the fuel was falling short. He started going down and notices two straight lines formed of light. It happened to be the runway. The landing was smooth and the pilot was relieved. He soon tries to contact the pilot in the black aeroplane who rescued him. He contacts the control tower worker. She informs him that there was no other plane in the sky except his. Upon hearing the truth, the pilot ends up wondering about the airplane that he followed in order to reach safely at the airport.

The Theme of Two Stories about Flying

The theme of the chapter is hope and faith pertaining to both stories. In the first part of the chapter, the seagull had negligible faith in its own powers while in the second part, the pilot believed in an anonymous factor. The hope displayed by the young seagull’s mother and his own courage was the reason that he was able to make his first flight. Further, in the second part, it was the faith that the pilot displayed in the black aeroplane and his hope to get out of the tough circumstance that eventually saved him and the entire flight.

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