Example of a Persuasive Speech; Sample, Analysis

Persuasive Speech is one of the most powerful forms of speech. A well-delivered persuasive speech with strong source material never

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Persuasive Speech is one of the most powerful forms of speech. A well-delivered persuasive speech with strong source material never fails to leave a lasting impact on the audience. However, preparing a good persuasive speech and then delivering it with perfection to change the audience’s thought process is anything but easy.

Therefore, we are here to help you master your persuasive speech. This article will discuss all the key points that encompass a good Persuasive Speech. We will also share a well-written Example of a Persuasive Speech that will give you insights into preparing your speech.

So, if you want to change your audience’s viewpoint with an impactful Persuasive Speech, go through this article to the end.

Example of a Persuasive Speech

Fundamentals of a Persuasive Speech

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Before we move towards a thorough discussion about the structure and substance of a Persuasive Speech, let us try to understand its fundamentals.

The speaker delivers a Persuasive Speech to change the audience’s point of view on a certain topic. So, for this, the speaker must understand the bare basics of the speech. A good persuasive speech is made up of the following three fundamentals:-

  • The credibility of the Speaker: The audience will only pay attention to your speech if they find you credible. For this, you need to be well-versed in the topics you are speaking about.
  • Emotional Connection with the Audience: Whatever you are conveying to the audience must resonate with them. Only then will the audience consider changing their viewpoint on something.
  • Logic and Reasoning: Your speech needs to be backed with strong logic and reasoning to influence the audience.
Steps to Write a Persuasive Speech 1

Example of a Persuasive Speech Introduction

The introduction part of a Persuasive Speech is extremely crucial. If you fail to capture the audience’s attention from the get-go, they will unlikely be influenced by the rest of the speech. For this, you must work on preparing something that engages your audience.

One of the easiest ways to get the audience’s attention is by sharing a personal experience or anecdote with them. However, if the topic of your speech does not allow you to do that, you can also start by sharing a baffling statistic with the audience.

For example, if the topic of your speech is Ozone Layer Depletion, then you can use the following statistic in your introduction.

“The total mass of ozone in the atmosphere is about 3 billion metric tons. That may seem like a lot, but it is only 0.00006 percent of the atmosphere.”

After grabbing the audience’s attention with such a statement, you can proceed with establishing the argument of your speech.

Persuasive Speech Body

Once you establish the key argument of your speech in your introduction, you can move toward the body of your speech. You will expand on your argument in-depth in this part of the speech. For this, you can also use facts and figures in your support.

Remember, you must make this part of the speech the most substantive. So, you should cover all of your key arguments and their counterparts in this part of the speech. Give your audience insights into your topic to the fullest.

Another thing you must keep in mind while writing the body of your speech is that you do not introduce a new argument here. Considering the time constraints that the speaker has during the speech, it is better to stick to arguments established during the introduction part.

How to Conclude a Persuasive Speech?

The conclusion of a Persuasive Speech determines how likely the audience is to be persuaded by your speech. Therefore, it is necessary for this part of the speech to have a lasting positive impression on the audience.

Since the conclusion consists of only 10% of your speech, you must ensure it does not venture into the territory of preachiness. Here, you must only summarize the arguments you have established and expanded on earlier in the speech.

In addition to this, you must also tell the audience what will happen if your speech persuades them. And what will happen if your speech does not persuade them? Lastly, end your speech with a powerful “takeaway” statement neatly.

Example of a Persuasive Speech Sample: Environmental Pollution is a global concern

Over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 sea mammals are killed by Pollution every year. 5000 people die almost every day because of drinking unclean water. Thousands of people suffer from Lung Cancer due to Air Pollution. It is about time we open our eyes and accept the fact that even in today’s era, Environmental pollution is a global concern”

Pollution is arguably one of the biggest challenges that humans are facing in today’s time. The primary reason is the government’s incompetence in explaining the issue’s importance to the people. And more importantly, the blatant ignorance of people towards it.

There are four types of pollution: Water Pollution, Air Pollution, Soil Pollution, and Sound Pollution. All of them have proven to be deadly for humans, animals, and our vegetation. Despite this, the people and the government put little to no effort to reduce them.

We still use abundant fertilizers and chemicals for agriculture, destroying our soil. The daily increase in the number of vehicles constantly increases the amount of Carbon Dioxide and Monoxide in the air. Instead of finding the remedy for the problem, we are contributing to making it worse.

It is time for us to unite as a unit to fight this global concern. We all need to plant more trees and reduce the use of vehicles to make a change. This is the only way of getting rid of the evil of pollution. Otherwise, it will destroy our homes and our people in no time.

Final Words

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