Poverty Persuasive Speech Sample

Poverty is a horrifying reality that has plagued the world for many decades. And no matter how much we all…

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Poverty is a horrifying reality that has plagued the world for many decades. And no matter how much we all deny it, most of us have been very ignorant about this problem. So, a Poverty Persuasive Speech is a good way to draw people’s attention towards this concern and change their perspectives for good.

But to prepare such an emotionally charged speech that persuades the audience to contemplate this problem is definitely not a cakewalk. Therefore, we are here to provide you with worthy help. Today’s article will share worthwhile information that will help you prepare a compelling and impactful Poverty Persuasive Speech.

Also, we will share a sample of a well-structured and worded speech that will give you a good idea to construct your own speech.

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So, if you are told to prepare and deliver a persuasive speech on poverty, check out this complete article to get some good insights.

Poverty Persuasive Speech

How to Construct a Memorable Poverty Persuasive Speech?

To construct a memorable Poverty Persuasive Speech, you must thoroughly research the topic. Dig out some shocking facts about the situation of Poverty in the world to profoundly impact the audience.

By giving true facts about the problem of Poverty to the audience, you will make them rethink the way they perceive it. Once your research is complete, prepare an outline for your Persuasive Speech on poverty. Give a proper structure to your thoughts and neatly write them down.

If you are finding it difficult to prepare an outline then you can check out the elaborate Poverty Persuasive Speech outline we have shared below in the article.

Tips for a Poverty Persuasive Speech

Grab the Attention of the Audience with a Powerful Introduction

In order to persuade the audience with your speech, you need to grab their attention from the beginning of the speech itself. An attention-getter is also necessary for your speech to set its tone. One of the easiest ways to get your audience’s attention is by sharing a perplexing statistic with them.

For example, you can start your speech with a sentence like “There are approximately 2.2 billion children in this world, and 1 billion of them are enduring the evil of poverty every day”.

This will provide the necessary hook to your persuasive speech on poverty and you will compel the audience to pay attention to the rest of your speech.

Give an Overview of the Situation of Poverty in the World

As you normally do in a persuasive speech, you establish your argument after getting the audience’s attention. So, for this, you must provide your audience with an overview of the world’s poverty situation.

Give them brief insights about the challenges millions of people face due to poverty. Share the horrifying numbers regarding poverty. This will neatly establish your argument, which you can expand on in the rest of the speech.

You must only share true facts and figures in this part of your poverty persuasive speech to establish your argument in a solid manner.

Share the Specifics of Current Efforts for Reducing Poverty

After telling the audience the horrifying facts and figures about the poverty situation, let them know the efforts being made to reduce it. Also, expand on your argument by addressing the fact that these efforts are far from enough actually to be effective.

This will propel the audience to make some effort to save the poverty situation from worsening. You can also applaud the current initiatives whose efforts you appreciate and encourage the audience to be a part of them.

Address the Need for Some More Worthy Solutions

Once you inform the audience about the current good initiatives that are helping reduce Poverty, you must also address that there is a need for additional worthy solutions for this problem. Moreover, if you have thought of a comprehensive and long-term solution, you can also share that with the audience.

Conclude Your Speech with a Call to Action

After establishing and expanding your arguments, it is time to wrap up the speech with an impactful conclusion. For this, you must summarize your main points in one or two sentences and ask the audience to take some serious sets to get rid of the problem of poverty.

To make this call to action more effective, you can also let the audience know what will happen if your speech does not persuade them. Finally, end your speech with a powerful takeaway sentence that lingers in the head of the audience even after the completion of the speech.

You can check out the following Poverty Persuasive Speech Sample for more insights into constructing your speech.

Poverty Persuasive Speech Sample

“More than 785 Million people in the world cannot access basic water services. The global rise in poverty in 2020 and 2021 was 150 million people. So many children die every day due to malnutrition. These numbers may sound unbelievably shocking for the 21st Century, but they are all true”.

Hello everyone, today I will talk about an issue we are all familiar with, yet our blissful ignorance towards it is horrifying. It pains my heart to realize that millions of people in this world cannot even fulfil their daily basic needs. Children are dying even before reaching adulthood, adults are unemployed, and old people are roaming around the streets begging for money and food.

I am not saying that our government and people are not making efforts to reduce poverty. There have been many initiatives and programs that provide financial assistance and shelter to the poor. But all these efforts provided the sufferer of poverty with only momentarily respite.

It is about time we start serious efforts to help needy people in the long term. I urge everyone here to make some worthy contributions individually to at least marginally reduce this worldwide concern.

Seeing the current situation of Poverty, it may seem impossible to get rid of it completely, but if we all make small efforts from our side, we can make a little difference at least. Otherwise, our people will continue suffering like this, and their coming generations will also face the same fate, and we will not be able to do anything about it.

Final Words

We hope our article provided you with adequate information to guide you in preparing your Poverty Persuasive Speech. If you have any queries, please let us know by commenting below. Plus, if you want to consume interesting content like this regularly, stay connected to us through the NVSHQ Homepage.

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