Welcome Speech On Children’s Day Celebration in English

Welcome Speech On Children’s Day: Children’s Day is just around the corner. Kids always look forward to the celebration of

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Welcome Speech On Children’s Day: Children’s Day is just around the corner. Kids always look forward to the celebration of this occasion since it invites a more special treatment for them. Usually, the day is celebrated in schools with the most zeal and enthusiasm since it is a very common place to find children. Additionally, there are many organisations that would arrange for a celebratory event. If you are also participating in any such jollification and have to deliver a welcome speech in English, this article will thoroughly help you.

Here we have provided a short, and long speech which you can refer to. You can use them to structure your own Welcome Speech On Children’s Day and get an idea of how your speech should sound on the occasion.

Welcome Speech On Children’s Day

Welcome Speech On Children’s Day Celebration in English

In India, the day celebrating Children is related to the very first Prime Minister. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who happened to be the first Indian PM, was born on 14 November 2022. It was known that he used to love children and was mesmerised by them every time. It was his vision that always focused on children, as he firmly believed that they were the ones who would shape society in the future. Thus, he always promoted children’s welfare and education.

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The perspective of Nehru that children in India held in their minds was also adorable as he was popularly recognised as “Chacha Nehru”. Earlier, Children’s Day in India was celebrated on 31 July. It was not until 1957 that Nehru’s birthdate was observed as Children’s Day. In 1951, Nehru’s Day was declared Flag Day in order to collect funds for the welfare purpose of Children. Since 14 November was facilitated already due to his birthday, it was further observed that children were very enthusiastic and participated actively in the commemoration. Thus, it was finalised in 1957 that 14 November would be celebrated as Children’s Day. 14 November is a nationally recognized event and is not a registered holiday.

Children’s Day in different parts of the world is eulogised on distinctive days. United Nations observes 1 June as the occasion. However, like India, various other countries memorialize the Day of Children depending on their discrete reasons. Japan considers 5 June as Children’s Day of their historical tradition.

Whereas, Myanmar aims to felicitate the sacrifices and efforts of their leader Aung San by celebrating the occasion on 13 February which happens to be his birth anniversary. In the case of Pakistan, 16 December is remembered as Children’s Day when the National Assembly observed it to commemorate the martyrdom of 150 teachers and students of Peshawar Amry School. Similarly, it differs for various countries.

Short English Welcome Speech on Children’s Day

I would warmly like to welcome each one of you present here, today. It is a day we all are very grateful for. It is the occasion where we get to honour the younger generations who will shape the future of our nation. You all sit here, drowned in innocence and your adorable mindfulness. The world is out there awaiting your flight of freedom and success. Time moves very fast and as humans, all we can do is absorb the inevitable changes. But, these are the golden days that never return. Being a child is definitely the most beautiful time of life. We do not have a lot of responsibilities laid on us and we are very much away from political, social, physical, and emotional stress. There is no scope for anxious feelings like embarrassment as children are accepted as they are. This makes a child so full of life.

When we grow up, we tend to forget that we need to be accepting and not dominatingly wanting to change human nature. This is the biggest trap older generations have always fallen into. I hope you observe our wrongdoings and create a world as pure as your candid selves. May you get all the happiness in the world. But now, let us all quickly move on to celebrate the innocence, purity, and generosity you all impact this world with. I am again thankful for your presence. I hope you will enjoy all this that we have planned for you today. Let us all celebrate you!

Long Welcome Speech On Children’s Day Celebration in English

Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening to everyone present here.
Today we are celebrating the most important tier of society, which is, children. We have all gathered here to felicitate the younger generations on the Birth Anniversary of the first Prime Minister of India, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He truly believed in the welfare of the Children in a country. He was always found rushing back at ideas that focused on the growth and welfare of kids.

As a result, he was one of the most loved politicians among children. His vision was to raise awareness about the rights, education, and welfare of children. We too believe the same. Younger generations need to get all that they deserve. They need to be kept safe and preserved. It is important that their upbringing is done in a manner that they turn out to be adults who are rational and kind. The future of this country and the earth depends on how the children will act ahead.

When I look at young all, I observe innocence and candour. It is very crucial to sustain these attributes when you are growing up. The world might seem like a complicated place to be in. But, you must always remember that we are all in this together and if not anything, you have the support of each other.

Thus, you must always seek the assistance of your fellow human beings and when you are asked for help, you should deliver your honest abutment. We often forget as a society that life is not about changing people but changing ourselves for the betterment of the world. Bring the change you want to see in people and promote peace. You are a generation which can observe the consequences of the mistakes that the older generations. You have to just avoid doing the same. You need to learn from our failures and shape this society into a much more beautiful place for what is coming next.

Some of you are privileged while some of you are not. Your households are different, and so are your journeys. Do not compare yourself to anyone around you and always be your real self. This will build a society which is honest and genuine. Today, I feel profoundly enlightened and relieved to see a generation that is much smarter, kinder, and more balanced than the older ones.

Keep being the same. It is not a worry about how this world will turn out to be since I have this strong feeling that you all will make it a rational one. Always remember that each one of you is cherished and important. Your feelings are important and so is your growth. Do not shy away from doing the right thing. You all deserve to be facilitated and that is what we aim to do here. Today, we celebrate you, each one of you. It is my pleasure to welcome you here as we embark upon an honouring through this revelry. I hope you all will have a good time. Kindly enjoy the day!

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