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Digital Voter ID Card: As you all are aware of the fact that the Voter Id Card is an important

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Digital Voter ID Card: As you all are aware of the fact that the Voter Id Card is an important document, and thus, a person who is eligible to vote can apply for it. The government of India has now made the Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) commonly known as Voter ID digital as a part of its Digital India Campaign. It means citizens can now get their voter id in digital form. They no longer have to carry their physical id card with them. With the launch of the Digital Voter ID Card, the government has made it convenient for citizens to carry a soft copy of the voter id which can be produced anytime anywhere as required.

Digital Voter ID Card

India is a democratic country, and therefore all eligible citizens have the right to cast their vote. Citizens are issued an electoral roll or voter Identity cards to cast their votes. Every voter is issued a unique id based on which they are identified and cast their vote. These voter ids earlier were issued offline in a physical form. Now, the government has launched e-EPIC which are digital voter IDs.     

An e-EPIC or digital voter ID card is a portable and secured document/ pdf format version of EPIC that citizens can download on their mobile phones. It can also be downloaded in a self-printable form on a laptop or computer device. This e-EPIC can be stored on the users’ mobiles or uploaded on the Digi locker in pdf format. These pdfs can be printed or self-laminated by the users. The government is also issuing PVC EPIC/ Voter Id cards. Those who are willing to get these cards can also apply for them.  

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If you are also willing to get your Digital Voter Id or e-EPIC you can take a quick look at this article. In this article, we have shared details such as features of Digital voter id cards, download process, benefits, etc.

Digital Voter ID Card

Digital Voter ID Card: An Overview

CardDigital Voter Id
Also known asEPIC Card/ e-EPIC card  
Issuing AuthorityElection Commission of India
Launch Date25th January 2021
Issued toCitizens of India
File Size of e-EPIC250 kb
Official Website

Benefits of Digital Voter Id Card

There are various benefits of Digital Voter Id cards. These are listed below-

  • It is an alternative mode and faster mode to obtain an e-voter card. With this EPIC can be downloaded and stored in digital format.
  • It provides a self-service model to the voters. They can obtain their voter card without visiting the BLO or concerned person in person.
  • A digital voter id is the same as its physical form and thus is equally valid as an id proof document that is used for the identification of a voter.
  • Voters can download and print it at their convenience and carry it to the polling station during polling.
  • It helps Election Commission to save time and cost.
  • It is one of the eco-friendly initiatives of the Government by reducing the use of paper in the preparation of physical voter id.
  • Citizens do not have to separately carry the Voter id as they can show it on their mobile phones whenever it is required.

Who are eligible for e-EPIC?

The implementation of the process of providing digital voter id was proposed to be done in various phases and thus the eligibility for all the phases was different.

  • In Phase I, the digital voter id cards was issued only to the new voters/ electors who have registered during SSR Revision (Special Summary Revision) and were having a unique mobile no. in Enrolment.
  • Phase II it is issued to all the general voters. The current phase is the second phase which means all the voters can get their e-EPIC.

How to download Digital Voter Id Card?

Those who want to get their e-EPIC can avail themselves using the simple procedure shared below-

  • Open the official website of NVSP.
  • Those who are not registered on the NVSP portal have to register themselves on the portal first.
  • After registration, they have to log in to the portal using the EPIC number or Form Reference Number.
  • Now, they have to verify the OTP that has been sent to their registered number.
  • After OTP Verification they have to click on Download e-EPIC option.
  • The e-EPIC pdf will be get downloaded on their device. Save the pdf file.

Information printed on Digital Voter Id

Each voter id contains the following information-

  • Name of the voter
  • Father’s name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • EPIC number
  • Photograph of the voter
  • Bar code
  • Full address of the voter
  • Old EPIC number
  • Signature of Registration Officer
  • Date of download

Process to Complete KYC

Through the National Voter’s Service Portal, electoral can also complete their e-KYC for digital Voter id. The step-by-step process is provided here in this section-

  • Login to NVSP using the valid details.
  • Click on the KYC link.
  • Now, pass the face liveness verification in the second step of KYC.
  • Update the mobile number. With this KYC will be completed.

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