Science quiz for Kids of Class 6th to 9th

Science is one of the most essential subjects for kids while growing up. Not only does it expand their bookish

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Science is one of the most essential subjects for kids while growing up. Not only does it expand their bookish knowledge, but it also provides them with insights into different phenomena of the world. However, kids will likely find the subject a little difficult to comprehend and boring. So, by organizing a Science quiz for kids, you can make learning the subject fun for them.

For this reason, we present this article. Throughout this article, we will share some informative and interesting Science quiz questions for kids of Class 6th to 9th that will substantially enhance their knowledge of the subject and different topics related to it.

So if you want to enlighten kids with some worthy knowledge of Science through a fun quiz, check out this complete article to the end.

Science Quiz for Kids

Science Quiz for Kids- Physics, Chemistry and Biology

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As you must already know, the science subject is further subdivided into three subjects: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. All three science subjects contain a plethora of topics that can provide the kids with worthy knowledge.

Therefore, in the article below, we will provide the Science Quiz for Kids with questions from all these subjects. You can accordingly pick the subject you want to gain knowledge about.

Class 6th to 9th Physics Quiz for Kids

Here are some informative questions and answers in the Science Quiz for Kids related to Physics.

  • The phenomenon by which the light bounces back after striking a surface is known as?
    • Answer- Reflection
  • What is the biggest source of energy in the entire universe?
    • Answer- Sun
  • Which physics entity can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to the other?
    • Answer- Energy
  • How many laws of motion are suggested by Newton?
    • Answer- Three
  • A push or pull on a body is known as?
    • Answer- Force
  • What is defined as the distance traveled per unit of time?
    • Answer- Speed
  • The speed with direction is referred to as?
    • Answer- Velocity
  • What is the SI unit of time?
    • Answer- Seconds
  • According to the law of reflection, the angle of incidence is equal to what?
    • Answer- The angle of reflection
  • Which Newton’s law of motion suggests that Force is directly proportional to the mass of the body?
    • Answer- Second Law
  • What is the SI unit of speed?
    • Answer- meter per second or m/s or ms^-1
  • What is defined as the product of mass and velocity?
    • Answer- Momentum
  • The tendency of a body to remain in its present state is called?
    • Answer- Inertia
  • White light scatters into how many colors after moving from one medium to another?
    • Answer- Seven
  • Which physics entity is known to have a dual nature?
    • Answer- Light

Science Quiz for Kids Related to Chemistry

The following is a Science quiz for Kids with questions related to chemistry which will prove to be a nice brainstorming session for kids.

  • Which gas constitutes the most part of the atmosphere?
    • Answer- Nitrogen
  • Which is the most abundant metal in the universe?
    • Answer- Aluminium
  • By which process does iron get covered by a reddish substance when left in moist air for a few days?
    • Answer- Rusting
  • K is the atomic symbol of which element?
    • Answer- Potassium
  • Which gas do the plants exhale during the process of photosynthesis?
    • Answer- Oxygen
  • The compound that contains two atoms of Hydrogen and one atom of oxygen is commonly known as?
  • The common name for Sodium Bicarbonate is?
    • Answer- Baking Soda
  • Which allotrope of Carbon is also the hardest substance found on Earth?
    • Answer- Diamond
  • The noble gas with the smallest atomic number is?
    • Answer- Helium
  • What was the fruit to which JJ Thomson likened his first proposed model of an atom?
    • Answer- Watermelon
  • Which allotrope of carbon is found in the lid of a pencil?
    • Answer- Graphite
  • Who discovered an atom’s nucleus while performing an alpha particle scattering experiment?
    • Answer- Ernest Rutherford
  • What is sodium chloride commonly referred to as?
    • Answer- Common Salt
  • The process by which an acid reacts with a base to form salt and water is called?
    • Answer- Neutralization
  • What substance is added to LPG that makes it produce a recognizable odour if it leaks?
    • Answer- Ethyl Mercaptan
  • Which acid is found in milk?
    • Answer- Lactic Acid
  • Which acid is found in sour edible items like Oranges and Lemons?
    • Answer- Citric Acid
  • Which filament is an electric bulb made up of?
    • Answer- Tungsten
  • Which compound is commonly referred to as the laughing gas?
    • Answer- Nitrous Oxide
  • How many types of reactions are there in Chemistry?
    • Answer- Five
  • Which acid is present in vinegar?
    • Answer- Acetic Acid (Chemical Name- Ethanoic Acid)
  • Which particles revolve around the nucleus of an atom?
    • Answer- Electrons
  • Which particles in an element define its atomic number?
    • Answer- Protons
  • Which particles in an atom bear a positive charge?
    • Answer- Protons
  • Which particles in an atom bear a negative charge?
    • Answer- Electrons
  • Which particles in an atom bear no charge?
    • Answer- Neutrons
  • The elements that attain stability without losing or gaining electrons are known as?
    • Answer- Noble Gases
  • What charge does an element bear on losing electrons?
    • Answer- Positive
  • What charge does an element bear on gaining electrons?
    • Answer- Negative

Science Quiz for Kids Related to Biology

The following are questions related to biology that make a fun Science quiz for Kids.

  • The animals that eat both plants and animals are called?
    • Answer- Omnivores
  • Which part of the banana cannot be eaten?
    • Answer- Root
  • Which animal’s movement on the surface is normally referred to as creeping?
    • Answer- Snail
  • ECG is used to detect diseases related to which organ of the body?
    • Answer- Heart
  • Which organ of the body contributes the most to the digestion of food?
    • Answer- Small Intestine
  • Who suggested the theory of evolution?
    • Answer- Charles Darwin
  • Which aquatic animal uses its gills for the respiration process?
    • Answer- Fish
  • What is known as the powerhouse of the cell?
    • Answer- Mitochondria
  • Mass cutting down of trees is known as?
    • Answer- Deforestation
  • What is the full form of DNA?
    • Answer- Deoxyribonucleic acid 
  • What is the full form of RNA?
    • Answer- Ribonucleic acid
  • What is the term for the study of plants?
    • Answer- Botany
  • What can we use to treat bacterial infections in human beings?
    • Answer- Antibiotics
  • Which animals cannot survive in salt water?
    • Answer- Frogs

Miscellaneous Science quiz for Kids of Class 6th to 9th

The following is a Miscellaneous Science quiz for Kids in Class 6th to 9th with questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

  • The only natural satellite of Earth is called?
    • Answer- Moon
  • The process in which the earth spins on its own axis is called?
    • Answer- Rotation
  • The phenomenon due to which the right side of an object appears to be the left side of an image in a plane mirror is called?
    • Answer- Lateral Inversion
  • The only reptile with a four-chambered heart is?
    • Answer- Crocodile
  • Which chemical compound is also a deicing agent?
    • Answer- Common Salt (NaCl)
  • Which chemical substance turns blue litmus red in its liquid state?
    • Answer- Acid
  • Which chemical substance turns red litmus blue in its liquid state?
    • Answer- Base
  • What is known as the heart of an atom?
    • Answer- Nucleus

Final Words

We hope you found some informative questions for the Science quiz for Kids of Class 6th to 9th through this article. You can feel free to drop comments below to ask more of your queries. Furthermore, if you want to consume more content like this regularly, stay connected to us through the NVSHQ Homepage.

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