Essay on Dowry System for Students and Children

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Essay on Dowry System: Dowry System stands to be one of the most prevalent practices in India since ancient times. It is still in practice in a few parts of the nation. While the system has been abolished, there are many parents who have to pay a huge sum as a dowry in order to get their daughters married. The parents who fail to fulfil the expectations of the groom’s family often find themselves stuck in the suffering of domestic violence subjected by their daughters.

The practice is termed to be one of the cruellest and most evil practices in terms of marriage. This topic finds its way into competitions and examinations because it happens to be exclusively relatable.

Essay on Dowry System
Essay in English on “Dowry System”

If you have to write an essay on the topic of the “Dowry System”, you can take the help of the ensuing article. Here we have provided a detailed guide on how to frame and structure the essay. Read the following guidance and the sample essay that you can allude to while writing yours. Furthermore, we have also mentioned a few saying that will assist you to make your essay more concrete and impressive.

Essay on Dowry System

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The topic, “Dowry System” is a very vast topic. There are a lot of aspects and points that you can put forward on the theme. However, you must understand the kind of topic it is and the type of essay you need to frame on it. The topic, “Dowry System” is necessarily a descriptive one. While you can also write it in an argumentative style, you cannot stand for the motion. You also cannot be neutral about it. You have to stand against it.

Thus, as you write your essay, you have to realise that this is a grave issue and an evil practice. Further, the Essay on Dowry System needs to explore the angles of Feminism too, as it is extremely crucial. You have to be firm and give in strong arguments while informing regarding the purpose, prevalence, and requirement of the practice.

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Sayings and Quotes on the Practice of Dowry

The students who are willing to write a good essay on the topic of Dowry can start quoting famous people to support and justify their points. In the subsequent section, the potential writers can refer to any of the ensuing quotes for the purpose of adding them and making the essay interesting:

  • Start marrying a woman for love and stop divorcing a woman for money ~ Sir P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar
  • He traded his surname for dowry ~ Nila
  • Any young man, who makes dowry a condition to marriage, discredits his education and his country and dishonours womanhood ~ Mahatma Gandhi
  • People accept the dowry system, by aborting a female child and by rising a male child ~ Sir P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar
  • The great virtue of parents is a great dowry ~ Horace
  • The dowry, not the wife, is the object of attraction ~ Juvenal
  • An impotent beggar believes in begging for money and a potent beggar believes in begging for dowry ~ Sir P.S. Jagadeesh Kumar
  • As long as she is wise and good, a girl has sufficient dowry ~ Plautus
  • Too many people embrace religion from the same motives that they take a companion in wedlock, not from the true love of the person, but because of a large dowry ~ Hosea Ballou
  • It often happens, that misery will follow a marriage when the dowry is too large ~ Decimius Magnus Ausonius

Samples Essay for the topic “Dowry System”

There was a system that started across the globe where women were married to men only to leave their homes to settle in the men’s homes. This seems like a painful but not barbaric practice until the realisation hit the masculine community that somehow they are responsible for the well-being and sustainability of women and thus they must demand money from the parents of the bride for they are lifting off the burden by marrying the daughters. It was agreed upon because women never had the privilege which was the basic right to earning bread. The practice was eventually known as Dowry.

Dowry in simpler words is the compensation that the groom and his family get because they are marrying someone’s daughter. It is no less than a prize that men receive for being born as men. The practice decreased with the advancement and empowerment of women but it has killed and influx pain and suffering in the lives of many women and their parents. There was a common notion of standing against the bride post-marriage through the means of domestic violence if her parents were unable to fulfil the expectations of the groom’s family. The latter would torture the bride just to pressurize her to force her parents to pay more and more money. This would go to such an extreme that they ended up killing the girl. Men always had the option of remarrying where no one question them. Hence, the cycle would start again.

This started the prevalence of domestic violence, dowry death, female infanticide, and the torture of unmarried women. These practices have been the root cause of disrespect of women and it might seem they all started due to dowry but the aspects such as patriarchy, mansplaining, female oppression, unemployment of women, and much more are also related to it.

There are relative laws that abolish and ban these practices and declare dowry as a criminal offence but as Lord Chesterfield once said, “If a marriage is going to work well, it must be on a solid footing, namely money, and of that commodity it is the girl with the smallest dowry who, to my knowledge, consumes the most, to infuriate her husband. All the same, it is only fair that the marriage should pay for past pleasures since it will scarcely procure any in the future”, declaring how a marriage based on Dowry where the groom is paid less infuriates him against his wife. Parents pay the dowry for the purpose of ensuring the contentment of their daughters. He intends to clarify that this is unfair as such marriages which are based on the dowry system are only about the individual pleasures of the bride before her marriage as she shall not receive any after that.

Speech on International Women’s Day

The feminist movement has improved situations but the Dowry system is still prevalent in many parts of society. The connected practices are also prevalent to date. While women who are self-dependent and earn their own bread often do not find themselves suffering and it is advocated that the system shall diminish if every woman earns her own bread. However, the truth is that it is the mentality of the masculine-inclined society that needs to change as women are not responsible for being oppressed enough to not seek employment, for being considered as responsibilities of parents and men, for being married off without being financially independent, and left at the mercy of groom and his family.

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