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Women Empowerment Speech in English: Today, we are living in the prime of the 21st century. We talk about equality

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Women Empowerment Speech in English: Today, we are living in the prime of the 21st century. We talk about equality & liberty for each individual. However, this concept hardly touches the root of the problems. Despite repeated attempts to mutually respect gender roles in society, there is often a wide line left in the middle between males and females. The role of women is sometimes downplayed due to the orthodox lineage that has still managed to survive in the dark little corners of the world.

In this situation, it becomes utterly important to speak openly about the subject and let the truth of the matter be out in the open. No problem in the world is un-resolvable if we talk about it with awareness and throw the necessary light on the matter. If you are someone who feels the need to promote this topic publicly, we have arranged for a decent speech just for you.

We are providing you with the speech along with the basic guidelines to present the topic ‘Women Empowerment’ on public platforms. You are encouraged to add your own valuable opinion on the topic to make the speech valuable & more powerful.

Women Empowerment Speech

Women Empowerment Speech in English

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Introduction: Good Morning to every beautiful soul present here. My name is *Your Name* and today I am standing in front of you to speak on a topic which has been paramount for quite a while. Today, I will be shedding light on the subject, Women Empowerment. As we are slowly proceeding towards modernization, the concept of gender equality is also taking a major advancement along with it.

But sadly, there is more openness in society’s words than in their actions. While some people have truly embraced the need for mutual respect for both genders there are still many people who keep on hiding this biasedness and express it in subtle ways. This hidden biasedness creates resistance to growth. And then there are a few underdeveloped corners of the world where unawareness has persisted on the matter for ages.

Need of concept

The concept of Women Empowerment gained much limelight after its introduction at the United Nation’s Third World Conference. In older times, the problem of inequality was quite severe. Domestic abuse cases were not considered a big issue; female education was neglected in many parts of the world, especially in economically weaker areas.

If we talk specific to our Indian society, various ill practices such as the Sati system, female foeticide, the Pardaah system, etc existed quite openly. Thanks to the efforts of the brave social reformers, many such practices were cancelled out, while some practices came to a significant drop. But even today, the Pardaah System, Female Foeticide and less preference for female children are practised in some areas of our society.

So, the real question is, what should be done to address this problem?

Possible Solutions

There are many sides to solving this problem, a major one of which is spreading awareness for equal rights. It is very important to educate women about their rights, especially where women stay in abusive households in ignorance of their rights. Sometimes individuals are just a victim of their own limiting beliefs which have been brainwashed in them since childhood, this can develop a weak sense of judgement of life.

A little force of awareness can create a big difference for such individuals. Women’s helplines should be more publicized. When a woman feels cornered she should be encouraged to seek help from reliable sources.

Financial freedom is an important aid in empowering women. If a female relies on others for all her basic needs, she may feel obligated to follow their lead blindly. In such a situation, all her beliefs and ideas will stay buried inside her, which can cause major depressive tendencies.

Females should support each other in making opportunities for each other; more progress is born when more enthusiastic minds work together. Females should not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour at home or at their workplace, one should always be aware of their rights and when they are being violated.

More NGOs & Organizations can be formed to provide education & employment opportunities based on the skills & interests of females belonging to underprivileged households. Cases of domestic violence or brutality of any other form should not be tolerated and necessary help should be reached out by the victim. Pre-existing governmental schemes should be promoted openly on social media platforms while more proposals can be sent to the government according to the urgency of the area.


Anything is possible if we set our mind to it. This applies even in the scenario of women empowerment. Even a single individual can create a mass impact in today’s digital time. We should understand our role in society and use our voices where necessary. If we see a woman silently suffering due to any societal or domestic evil, we should try and motivate her to seek help.

We should understand the need to respect both genders equally so we do not fall prey to narrow-mindedness. Together we have the power to create a world of growth and equal opportunities for both men & women only if we play our part right.

Thank you for being such a lovely audience. I hope together, we can create a beautiful world around us.

Tips to deliver a speech on Women Empowerment

  • Know your audience, and make alterations to your speech with respect to the age group and background of your audience so that you can connect better with them.
  • Address the subject in a practical light, do not take a biased approach whatsoever.
  • Always remember to add your opinions & insights in a speech rather than repeating an entire speech from the internet.
  • You can add examples of a few leading ladies of the world in your speech to make it more powerful.
  • Take enough sentence breaks in between the speech to avoid being sounded as monotonous.

Women Empowerment Speech Related FAQs

What is the first step towards women empowerment?

The first step towards women empowerment lies in the fact that women know that their beliefs and ideas matter and they feel comfortable expressing them.

How can we stop gender discrimination?

We can stop gender discrimination by accepting the fact that we are all equals with equal rights. Education plays a key role in the establishment of this fact.

What is women empowerment?

If we talk in simple words, women empowerment means a woman having control over her life according to her beliefs & core values

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