Global Warming Essay for Students in English

Global Warming Essay: An essay is a piece of writing that focuses on a particular subject. Essay Writing has now

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Global Warming Essay: An essay is a piece of writing that focuses on a particular subject. Essay Writing has now become an important part of studies. Essay Writing has been added to the curriculum activity of the students. The reason behind this decision is to teach the students to think in-depth and critically. They have to prepare a piece of writing that should be filled with facts, evidence, causes and effects. So, here we are going to provide a Global Warming Essay for Students in English. Do read the following article till the end.

Global Warming Essay

Global Warming is one of the most used topics in essays. There are some main purposes of an essay ie., to inform, to persuade, to explain, and to entertain. Before writing an essay, one must understand the topic. Each paragraph of an essay should indicate clear meaning. To write an essay on Global Warming, first explain its meaning, effects and cause and the conclusion can end by explaining the measures. In the following article, we have provided a short and a long article about Global Warning for students.

Global Warming Essay
Global Warming Essay for Students in English 4

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Short Global Warming Essay for Students in English

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Global Warming can simply be described as an effect of climate change. Global Warming is the increasing average temperature of the earth which is affecting the earth’s climate system. Global warming is increasing more rapidly than in the last few years. The main reason behind it is the mass burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, agricultural practices, etc. Greenhouse gases soak some amount of heat which the earth radiates after the sunlight. A huge amount of these gases trap much more heat in the lower atmosphere of the earth which causes global warming.

Due to global warming, every land is seeing hot days and facing heat waves. The year 2020 was recorded as one of the hottest years. The increase in temperature created health issues and make it difficult for people to move around. It also increases wildfires. Climate change also causes heavy rainfall which causes landslides, flooding etc. We are also on the verge of losing lots of species. Some species manage to relocate to their desired climate areas whereas most species are unable to do it. Global Warming is also resulting in hunger. Fisheries, crops, and livestock become less productive with changes in temperature. These were just some of the effects of Global Warming and affect list goes on. It is time to seriously consider Global Warming and start taking measures to control it.

Only some changes in your lifestyle can create a huge impact in controlling Global Warming. Instead of using a regular light bulb, use a compact fluorescent light bulb. It will save 150 pounds of carbon dioxide within a year. Turn off the electronic device while leaving the room. Turning off the light, fan, DVD player, A.C. etc., will save a lot of energy. Or simply plant a tree. A single tree can absorb around 2,000 pounds of carbon dioxide over its lifespan. By taking these simple measures, we can save the earth from global warming. It is not possible to stop global warming. However, we can still slow down its growth. It is the time to change yourself and think about the climate.

Long Global Warming Essay for Students

Global Warming means a rise in the overall temperature of the earth. Global Warming is one of the major concerns for the earth. According to the data, global warming is increasing rapidly and may end the existence of life sooner. Rapid growth in industrialization, growth in population, pollution and so on are causing global warming to rising constantly. In order to know its effect one must know why global warming is dangerous. Global warming is one of the major factors that every person must be worried about. Global Warming is disturbing the overall ecological system of our planet. There are various effects of global warming that people have started facing. If the situation continues, we will soon be seeing the melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet. To limit global warming, there is a requirement of cutting emissions in half by 2030 and achieve the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

So, what are the causes that are leading to increasing global warming at such a high pace? The main cause of Global Warming is the generation of electricity. The industries burn the bulk of fossil fuels like coal and natural gas to generate electricity. Only 1/4th of electricity is produced using renewable resources. Cutting down forests is another cause of Global Warming. The population on the planet is increasing so is the demand for living places. To get a proper house and making of furniture, tons of trees are cut regularly. The trees release all the carbon dioxide they have stored while cutting down. A million cars, trucks, ships, etc are being used for transportation which is creating pollution. Transportation is one of the also major factors in increasing greenhouse gases. Some of the other factors of global warming are manufacturing goods, overconsuming, food production etc.

The list of Global Warming Causes is very long. It is true that Global Warming cannot be stopped. However, one can take measures to control it and reduce its increasing phase. If the world will not take strict measures to control global warming then it can be said that the world will see its end very soon. Some simple changes in a lifestyle can create a huge impact on controlling global warming. Try not to buy the product with lots of packaging. 12000 pounds of carbon dioxide can be saved by reducing the garbage by 10%. Recycle as much as possible. There is various household waste that can be recycled. Instead of driving, try to walk. Not only it will decrease global warming but it will be also beneficial for your health. Some other measures are planting trees, using less electricity, using less hot water, etc.

Global Warming Essay for Class 9- 12th (1000+ words)

Earth is our home, yet we destroy what keeps us alive! The rivers are drying, oceans are rising, the forests are gone, and even the glacier is melting. What do we do as a remedy? We keep on pumping more population to the core of our mother nature. 

Global warming, according to the books, is defined as the heating up of the atmosphere due to continuous heat-trapping activities carried out by human beings. So what causes global warming? What is the greenhouse effect? What causes climate change? Children ask but the adults ignore them. The cycle goes on and on but the ultimate conclusion is nowhere to be found. The earth’s temperature is increasing every day not seasonally but on yearly basis. Earth’s temperature (oceans and land combined) has increased by 0.82 degrees celsius compared to the 20th-century average. 

The warming of the earth’s surface has a lot to do with climate change. You must have heard old people saying the summers are hotter than before and the seasons were better during their days. Have you ever wondered who could be responsible for this? The industrial era started in the 1950s and since then there has been no turning back.  Pollution and carbon emission has risen to their peak. The trapping of these poisonous and heating elements is because of a very important phenomenon called the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is an essential part of our ecosystem. Carbon Dioxide and methane are greenhouse gasses which help to create a blanket in our atmosphere and trap all the heat. If there were no greenhouse gasses the earth’s surface would be icy cold and not habitable for any living organisms; plants and animals alike.

Since the era of industrialization and the burning up of fossil fuels (another major natural resource), carbon emission has increased and the greenhouse effect is also directly proportional to the same. The amount of heat required, to be trapped, has crossed its limit and the ecosystem is disrupting. Frequent floods, volcanic eruptions, and the complete extinction of species are some direct consequences of climate change. People living in the tropical and temperate zones might not relate to these effects but those who are hit by these natural calamities understand what global warming has brought down upon us. 

After a few decades, if the new generation of homo sapiens do not learn from their mistakes, there would be no food or enough clean water to drink. Humans will then understand the apocalypse they’ve caused. To stop our own destruction we need to understand the true cause. To find the solution we need to know the root of the problem.

So here are the 10 simplest reasons for global warming:

  1. Industrialisation– The dramatic increase in carbon dioxide after the industrial revolution is the most probable cause of the greenhouse effect. Before the 19th century, the atmospheric carbon dioxide level was 280 ppm whereas its concentration increased to 420 ppm this year. Factories and industries have made life much more straightforward that is no doubt but the proper disposal of waste should be of priority to all the owners and civilians as well.
  2. Transport- according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) 24% of CO2 emission is brought down by transport burning up fossil fuel( (petrol/ diesel). Traffic and pollution go hand in hand, as long as people have diesel and petrol vehicles there will be on road carbon emission is not going to stop.
  3. Deforestation- cutting down trees in large numbers all at once is called deforestation. There are several reasons for opting for deforestation but there are many reasons for not choosing it. Alas! People don’t care. Trees are cut down and buildings are made for humans to live, but the basic necessity for humans is oxygen rather than skyscrapers. One species can not survive without the other for a long time.
  4. Burning of fossils– fossil fuels are nature’s most precious and delicate gift to us. Fossils take millions of years to manufacture under the earth’s crust, and then careless humans pull them out and waste them like nothing. Fossils are a non-renewable source of energy which means once gone, it is gone forever. Fossil fuels such as coal, and petroleum products contain methane and produce carbon dioxide on burning, adding more greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere.
  5. Power generation– fossil fuels are burned to create power like electricity, which could be the worst way of power generation because lately there have been various sustainable ways to do so.
  6. Overpopulation– global population reached 8 billion on 15th November 2022. This is not something to be happy about as the resources that are needed to feed and put those many people are not sufficient on this planet. Neither do we have any other planet discovered as a substitute. Overpopulation causes too much consumption. Meaning taking too much from the earth and giving nothing but more luggage for the earth to bear.

The problem might be very huge but it has a solution. Global warming was caused by humans so it becomes the prime responsibility of our own to repair the wounds that we’ve caused to this home that we live in. Earth is home to 8 billion humans, to the 3.04 trillion trees and no wonder how many aquatic flora and fauna exist on this beautiful planet. So, we can undo the mistakes of our ancestors.

These are 5 steps we can do to save our earth from burning up due to global warming:

  • Sustainable living (reduce, reuse,  recycle): avoid usage of unnecessary items and packaging carry your own bag for the start. Make use of whatever you have for as much as it can be used. Throw away plastic containers in recycling dustbins only.
  • Afforestation: grow as many trees as you can. Grow indoor plants and aquatic plants in your garden or balcony. You will forever be grateful. It is the greatest weapon we have against global warming.
  • Reduce fossil-fueled vehicles: Try Carpooling or public transport. To completely remove pollution-causing vehicles from your lifestyle you can try electric vehicles or bicycles. Try to contribute as much as you can to nature.
  • Use renewable sources of energy: solar energy is a new revolution. The most sustainable and cheap form of energy is even good for the environment. Once installation fees will lighten huge electricity bills from your pocket.
  • One child policy: overpopulation can only be controlled by individuals. Follow the one-child policy and educate others to do the same. It is not only beneficial for the globe but it also makes sure that you live a happy and fulfilled life with your child.

Now is the time otherwise we shall never be able to forgive ourselves for destroying our own homes. Take initiative. Be the first one. Try sustainable living. Kill global warming.

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The parts of an essay are the introduction, body, (1st Point, 2nd Points, 3rd Point) and conclusion.

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A good essay needs more analysing, strong arguments, valid evidence and reasoning and a well-structured essay.

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