What is e-RUPI? How to use it? Digital Payment Solution

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What is e-RUPI? Digital transaction Systems are on scaling like never before. With Cashless transactions becoming a primary source of payment in our country, a new initiative of online e-voucher payment system is about to be launched by the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. In addition to several UPI payment apps, e-RUPI will be a complete digital payment system.

Electronic or e-payment systems in India are becoming a widely used mode of payment. Such systems are easy to use and offer digital services with absolute ease to the people. But with ease, comes the utmost concern which is the privacy of the user data. So, to solve all the issues concerning privacy, E-RUPI Vouchers will be a step forward to already established systems and an ultimate solution for the rising privacy concerns.

This new payment system will be based on the SMS or QR code services directly stringed to the user’s mobile devices. The system is developed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) working in collaboration with the Department of Financial Services, National Health Authority and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

What is e-RUPI?

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e-rupi is a newly launched cashless payment system. It is basically a system of payment via vouchers which will be the prepaid vouchers very much similar to the gift card vouchers. Being a cashless payment system, no intermediary will be involved in the completion of the transaction. The vouchers will be directly stringed to the mobile device of the users.

What is e-RUPI

As the service consists of pre-paid vouchers, so users will be able to redeem a voucher for making a payment. Such a system will ensure a leakproof transmission of services to the end-user. These vouchers will be redeemable and users will not utilise any physical vouchers. Users will only need a mobile no. which will be used to track down the beneficiary.

This e-voucher based payment system will be an innovative tool in delivering nutritional and drug support under various health-based welfare schemes. It will include Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana, TB Eradication Programs, Ayushman Bharat scheme, Mother and child welfare, and other central government schemes In addition to this, these vouchers may also be utilized by private corporations for the welfare of the employees.

RBI Retail Digital Rupee

Benefits of e-rupi

  • It is a contactless payment system with no interference between the service providers and users.
  • Such a payment system does not involve any type of cash transaction.
  • It involves just a one point connection between the beneficiaries and service sponsors.
  • No privacy breaching of the end user as the service does not require any bank account or use of internet banking services.
  • No smartphone will be used to redeem this.
  • The system assures no use of the bank account details of the beneficiary.
  • This payment service does not require any type of card or an android app.
  • The service will be easily accessible to the people
  • The e-vouchers will be best useable for a one-time payment.
  • As the service is in prepaid mode, it guarantees timely payment.
  • Vaccine e-vouchers may be an additional feature to these prepaid cards.

How to use e-RUPI?

As stated, the cards are prepaid and do not require either a smartphone or any type of application to use them. These vouchers will be simple QR code vouchers or SMS vouchers that users can use to avail various services. However, there will be a limitation to use these vouchers as they will be specific to the purpose. One type of voucher can be used for one purpose only. For Example, a voucher meant for medicines may not be utilised for any other purposes.

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