Leave Application to Boss: How to write a leave application to Boss? Template and Example

Leave Application to Boss: Every individual company whether it is reputed or not has some rules and regulations which every

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Leave Application to Boss: Every individual company whether it is reputed or not has some rules and regulations which every employee has to follow. But among such rules, there is one most common rule is to submit a leave application to your boss/ HR/ Supervisor whenever you are seeking it whether it is for some hours or a few days or weeks. Through leave application to the boss, you can seek permission that you have some medical issue/ personal commitment or as the situation arrives due to which you won’t be able to come to work.

Leave application to boss

The type of leave application depends on the situation you are going through it could be like attending a family or religious function, going on annual vacation, for marriage, medical leave, relocation, demise, etc. As your leave application to your boss gave you the approval to go on leave whereas, on the other hand, it will allow your boss to make an arrangement for your duties or to look after the name as suggested by you in the application.

So basically through this article, you will get to know how to write a leave application to your boss and the points you should remember while writing the same.

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Along with this, we will give you some leave application templates and their samples which will help you to access the same whenever you are in the lurch.

Leave Application to Boss

Tips to Write Leave Application to Boss

Before writing leave application to boss you must keep some point in mind such as: –

1. Do discuss the problem

If it’s not much personal, then do discuss your problem with your employer before you pen down the application, through this your boss gets to know about your current situation which may help you to convince your boss without creating any hustle and bustle.

If you are looking to leave for more than one week then do start your conversation as earliest as possible and do not forget to check the employer’s mood.

2. Read all the policies and guidelines

Do go through your company leave policies and guidelines if you haven’t gone through that earlier. It may help you to get to know about the procedure and also whether it was your paid or unpaid leave.

3. Content should be to the point and precise

Don’t mention any irrelevant things which are not relatable to it which may be hard to understand just keep it simple like spade a spade.

4. Application content should be formal

While writing the application your content should be polite, which means it should look like that you are requesting not ordering.

5. How your daily task will be done and by whom?

Apart from mentioning all such details do not forget to mention the name of the employee who will be there to care for your important task in your absence and also whether you will be available for important calls or mail during the leave or not.

6. Affix the right Documents

For the approval of your request, it is very important to affix enough documents which are required to satisfy your employer. Documents could be like a doctor’s prescription and others as applicable.

7. Reason for the leave must be genuine

The reasons for the leave you mentioned in the application should be genuine, do not try to cheat your employer.

8. No. of Leave required

Do mention in bold the number of days you are seeking leave and their dates.

9. Alternate contact information

Also, mention the alternate contact information so that you may reach out in case your number is not available or due to any other reason.

10. Apology

Do not forget to submit the apology which was going to arise due to your absence.

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Format for Leave Application to Boss

Below we have mentioned some formats of leave application for boss


Subject: [subject should be concise and to the point]

Dear [name of the employer or to whom it may concern]

I am writing this leave application to bring your kind attention that since last evening I am not feeling well which keeps on deteriorating since this morning, due to this I am not in a state to come to the office today. I already convinced my colleague [name of the colleague] that he/she will take care of my important event and the rest which will be left out I will catch them when I resume my work. I will join my duty on [mention date when you resume your work].

I will be grateful to you if you approve my leave request.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely

[Your signature]
Your name

leave application to Boss Sample 2


[Your name]
[Application date]

[Employer name]
[company name]

Subject: leave application/ medical leave application/ casual leave/

Dear [Mr/Mrs.] [employer name]

I would like to inform you officially that my daughter is going to participate in the medical entrance exam which was scheduled on [mention the date]. As this exam is so crucial for her so I request you to allow me 1.5 days’ leave to accompany her to the exam centre which was in Delhi. I will not be available from [start date] to [last date]. In my absence, I will hand over my daily duties to my colleague [name] as I already discuss the same with [him/her] already and [he/she] is okay with it and in case anything was left out I will catch up the same when I get back to my work station on [date you resume]. But in case of emergency, you can reach me out on my regular number.

Thank you, I hope you will understand my situation and accept my request.

Kind regards,

[Your name]

Leave Extension Application

If you are on leave and any unexpected circumstance arrived in that case you can apply for the extension of your leave application to Boss. In such an application you need to mention the cause of delay and the expected date of return.

Employer name

Subject: leave extension due to [mention the issue]

Dear Mr. / Mrs. / {Name of the person}

As you know that I am on 5 days’ leave from [mention the dates] which is going to end today. As I mentioned in my last application that I am taking this leave because of my daughter’s medical health issues and she is still not recuperated completely which the doctor advised me to keep her under supervision for a couple of days more due to this I am unable to join the work from tomorrow. Hence, I will be great full to you if you extend my leave for {mention the number of days] so that I can take care of her without any problem.

Thanking you

Yours truly
[Your name]

Closure of the Article

If you want that your leave application should be approved do send it ASAP with all the documents required. Do not forget to mention the reason for the leave, number of days, departure, and arrival date, and also do assure your employer that work will not be hampered in your absence or how it will be handled later.


How to write a leave application to the boss?

If you are writing a leave application to your boss you must know the complete format and things to follow. Your application should be precise carrying all the details.

How to write an extension leave application?

For a leave extension, you need to first contact your employer and discuss the issue you are going through followed by writing an application mentioning the number of day extensions you are looking for and attaching further documents if available or required.

For any query of Leave Application to Boss, ask us below.

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