Leave Application Format | Leave Application Sample for School, College, and Office

Leave application is one of the most important types of application intended for a break or pause from your institution or the organization for a limited period of time. It includes the Leave application written by the student to the principal of the school or the head of the institution or leave application template for office.

It is very important for a Leave application to be effective and straight to the point as it increases the probability of acceptance of leave applied. One of the best methods of writing a leave request is by adding as much professionalism as possible. The reason for taking the leave must be genuine and clearly mentioned in the letter as it increases the chance that your request will not be declined without any justification.

Leave Application

It is essential to ensure that the leave application is accepted by the institute or the organization. In the case of the employee, leave application submitted earlier the leave also makes it easy for the organization to coordinate the work well in your absence. The students also adopt the habit of being professional in their careers.

Leave Application Format
Leave application formats

Types of Leave Application

Depending upon the reason for the leave, there are the following types of leave applications:

  1. Casual leave application
  2. Maternity leave application
  3. Sick leave application
  4. Leave application For personal issues and emergency;
  5. Leave application for a family vacation
  6. Leave Application for Fever
  7. Half-day leave application
  8. Leave Application To Boss
  9. Study leave application
  10. Annual leave request
  11. Leave Application For Office
  12. Leave Application for College

You can also check the leaves allowed by Indian law for employment, read this wiki page.

Tips to Write a Leave Application

Here are some other tips for writing an efficient leave application

  1. It’s very important to keep a check on the leave request- Punctuation errors along with mistakes of grammar etc demolish the professionalism of the applications.
  2. Keep the application simple and brief – It’s a  very tough job for anyone to read lengthy letters. In a nutshell, keeping your application-specific without unreasonable amplification is your calibre.
  3. Use formal tone – the professionalism of the application must be strictly maintained. 
  4. The documents supporting the reason behind the leave should be attached if needed such as a medical certificate.
  5. Be kind and respectful.
  6. The contact details given must be correct and easily approachable.

What to Include in the Leave Application

1.Receiver’s Name & Address
2.Subject Line
3.Salutation: Add Recipient’s Name
4.Body of the Letter
5.Thank you note
6.Complimentary Closing
7.Your Name
8.Job Position: job title (optional field)

Leave Application Sample

Different types of leave applications with their formats are specified below

Casual Leave Application

Subject – leave request for one day (29/02/2021)

Dear Mr. Alok Pandey,

I wish to inform you that I have to attend my elder son’s football match tournament tomorrow (29/02/2020). As the match will start from 9:00 AM to 5.00 PM, I apologize for my absence in the office that specific day.

All the pending works are completed by me and a complete copy of it is sent to the official email address and forwarded to you. I will try to handle all calls regarding official works and keep a notice with daily updates by hand on the phone.

Requesting you to please allow me one day leave so that I can attend my son’s tournament.


Vineet Mehta

Maternity Leave Application

Subject: leave request for maternity leave.

Dear Mr. Alok Pandey,

With due respect, I would like to request you to please allow me a spare of 4 weeks as my maternity leave. The leave dated from 1/01/2020 to 28/02/2020 is a combination of both the delivery and emergencies related to pregnancy that would refrain from any unexpected emergencies.

I will inform you about any of the swappings in my plan, due to any medical reason, whether extension or emergencies, as soon as possible. The medical certificates confirming the delivery date as proof of the above words have been attached along with this mail.

For emergencies cropping up regarding the official task, I’ll be always at hand on call.

Yours Sincerely,

Rohani Karmakar

Sick Leave Application

Subject: leave request for being sick (19/11/2020)


I am suffering from loose motion as well as fever because of which I will not be able to attend my classes today. As advised by the doctor, who checked me up as a family physician, have a rest of at least a week and convalesce properly.

I thereby humbly, request you to give me the leave from 19/11/2020 to 23/11/2020 brings medically unfit. I will be providing the medical certificate as a method of proof as soon as I will be fit and reach the office physically.


Vineet Mehta

Leave application due to death of a relative or a friend

Subject: Leave Application for the demise of my grandmother

Dear Alok Pandey,

Writing this letter to inform you about the demise of my grandmother two nights before and It is very important for me to be with my family. This devastating emergency refrained me to join the office for the past two days. Tomorrow (19/11/2020) is an official funeral as the final farewell is scheduled and thereby, need a spare of 2 days as I would be there to support the family with the incident and funeral works.

I make sure that I will end up with all the incomplete tasks when I will be back to the office physically.

Yours sincerely,

Vineet Mehta

Leave Application for family vacation

Subject: leave request to go for a vacation with my family


With due respect and humble submission, I write this letter to inform you that I have sketched out a family vacation during the autumn period with my parents from 19/11/2020 to 25/11/2020 as a break from the daily regular work. I humbly request you to grant me leave of 7 days so that I can spend a little time with my family.


Vineet Mehta

Half Day Leave Application

Subject – Leave application for granting half day leave


I write this letter to inform you about my appointment with my doctor on 29/11/2020. Granting me a half-day leave for the same would be very grateful of you as the certain unavoidable emergency of my health had led me to do so.

All the queries regarding any issue would be officially clarified by me at all time via digital means. Completion of any official works left out, I ought to do that the next day when I will be physically present at the place.

Hoping for granting me this leave.


Vineet Mehta

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Study Leave Application



The Manager,
Name of the institution
Address of the institution

Sub: Leave Application for Further Study

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

Body of the letter

Yours faithfully,

Contact No



The Manager
Singh Ventures
Kakari Bagh, Chennai

Sub: Leave application for completion of my research and higher education

Dear Sir,

With due respect and humble submission, I would like to state you that I have recently chalked out to pursue higher studies for universities outside as the offer being released by the HR department.

Should there be any incomplete task, assurance of completion is given to the department after completing my term of higher studies. Granting me this approval would be very grateful of you.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,
Vineeta Mehta
Financial Executive

Annual Leave Application

Subject: Leave request for granting the annual leave

Dear Alok Pandey,

With due respect and humble submission, I would like to state to you that I need to go to my town to clear some of the land ownership issues. So I need to use the annual available with me.

Should there be any work-related emergencies, I assure you to remain available for all the issues through social and digital media. I assure you to complete all my pending task for the day on the next day  I come to the office physically.


Vineet Mehta

These were some of the Leave applications you can use when taking leave from your school, college, office. You can also suggest your write-up of leave application below and we will showcase them in this article.

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