Bihar ROR, Land Mutation, Application Status

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Bihar ROR, land mutation, status @ Bihar ROR, Land Mutation, and other land-related tasks can now be performed online as the government has digitized all the processes related to the land records. Citizens no longer have to visit the circle office, registrar office, or other concerned offices to get their ROR Application, ROR details, mutation status, etc. Now Bihar ROR, land mutation, status, etc. all info can be checked by visiting the official portal.

What is Bihar ROR?
ROR (Record of Rights) is an extract from the register of land records which is held by the Revenue Department of State Government separately for each landholder. It contains all the crucial information related to the land property, rights of the landholder, and history of holders of the particular land.

Bihar ROR
Bihar ROR, Land Mutation, Application Status 14

ROR is basically an indicator of the legal status of land or property.

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बिहार सरकार के राजस्व एवं भूमि सुधार विभाग द्वारा यह सुनिश्चित किया जाता है की राज्य में भूमि प्रबंधन और इससे जुड़े सभी कार्य सही तरीके किये जाएं | बिहार में भूमि प्रबंधन को सुनियोजित ढंग से पूरा करने और राज्य के निवासिओं की सुविधा के लिए बिहार भूमि ऑनलाइन पोर्टल के माध्यम से कोई भी व्यक्ति अपनी भूमि की सभी जानकारी जैसे जमाबंदी, खाता, दाखिल ख़ारिज आदि महत्वपूर्ण जानकारियां सिर्फ एक पोर्टल के क्लिक के माध्यम से पा सकते हैं| बिहार भूमि/ lrc bihar Bbhumi, Bihar ROR, land records, khatiyan bihar, Mutation आदि की सभी जानकारी पाने के लिए इस आर्टिकल को अंत तक जरूर पढ़ें|

Bihar ROR

The Department of Revenue and Land Reforms under the Govt. of Bihar caters to all the Revenue and land/property-related activities in digitized mode. The digitization of Land Records was initiated in the year 2017 by the state government.  

Readers can continue reading the given article as it contains all the information related to Bihar ROR, the Application process, land mutation, mutation status, and other relevant data.

Bihar ROR, Land Mutation, Status- An Overview   

Topic Bihar ROR, Land Mutation, Status
Article Category Application
State Bihar  
Concerned Department Department of Revenue and Land Reforms, Govt. of Bihar  
Mode Online
Name of the portal Bihar Bhumi Portal
Bihar Bhumi Portal  
Official website of the Department  

Importance of Bihar Record of Rights (ROR)     

Take a look at the importance of the certified copy of ROR (Jamabandi/जमाबंदी) in Bihar is given as follows- 

  • Bihar land revenue record (ROR) contains information about the real owner of a landholding.
  • ROR facilitates people to check the ownership of ancestral land or any other land/property in Bihar state.
  • It helps in the detection of any kind of false claim against the land.
  • The certified copy of ROR helps the owner to avoid fraud and any kind of land grabbing.
  • The extract of ROR is very helpful in case of any court litigation regarding the land. 
  • ROR in Bihar can be used to collect vital information about the type of land and various activities that are carried out on the respective land.        
  • ROR also tells about the agricultural aspects of the land and its surrounding region.  
  • ROR is plays an important role at the time of sale of land (mutation of land).
  • ROR is also mandatory for a farm creditor if he/she is applying for a loan from a bank.  
  • It is also required at the time of purchase of a new flat in order to verify the ownership of the land.    

How to Check Your Land Record Account Online?

Citizens can check their land account by following the simple steps shared below-

  • Go to the official website-
  • Click on the “अपना खाता देखें” tab provided on the homepage.  
  • Click on the concerned district.
  • Select the concerned “अंचल” /Anchal” tab.
  • Click on the search option as per your choice and enter the required information in the space provided.
  • Click on the search button.
  • Finally, the land record account will display.

How to check Account and ROR Registration?

To check the Account and ROR registration, candidates need to follow the given steps-   

  • Open the official website and click on “खाता एवं जमबंदी पंजी देखें” tab.
  • Enter the required information such as Khatiyan, Register 2, Name, District, Anchal Name, Mauja name, Account No., and Type of Land in the space provided.
  • Proceed further and finally, the land account and ROR registration details will appear.

How to check Bihar ROR?

As ROR is an important component of any land record, most people search for it. To view Bihar ROR online, one can take help from the simple procedures shared as under-

  • Step I- Visit the official lrc Bihar bhumi Portal. The link is given below.
  • Step II- Click On Bihar ROR Link i.e. “जमबंदी पंजी देखें” given on the homepage of the portal.
Bihar ROR, land mutation, status
  • Step III- Now, click on the respective district link.       
Bihar ROR, land mutation, status
  • Step III- On clicking the concerned district option the list of all the “Anchal” in that district will appear. Click on the concerned link.
Bihar ROR, land mutation, status
  • Step IV- ROR search page will appear. Select any of the search options as per the available information. Candidates can choose among the following options-
    • – Search by Mauja Name (मौजा नाम)
    • – Raiyat Name (रैयत नाम)
    • – Account Name (खाता नंबर)
    • – Plot No. (प्लाट नंबर से )
    • – ROR No. (जमाबन्दी संख्या)
  • After entering the information click on the “Search” Button.
Bihar ROR, land mutation, status
  • Step VI- The list of landowners as per the search will appear as shown in the given picture. Click on the “View/देखें” option to check the complete ROR.
Bihar ROR, land mutation, status
  • Step VII- Finally, the PDF of ROR will display on the screen.
Screenshot 239
  • Step VIII- Lastly, save the pdf for further reference. Click on the print button and take a printout of the Bihar ROR pdf file.
Screenshot 239 1

How to check Khasra-wise details of Bihar ROR?

If citizens wish they can also check Khasra-wise ROR details. The simple procedure for the same is as follows-

  • Open the official portal.
  • Click on “जमबंदी पंजी खेसरा वार विवरण” tab.
  • Select the required information from the dropdown boxes and click on the ” रजिस्टर ” tab.
  • The ROR pdf will open.

Mutation of Land in Bihar

Mutation of Land in general terms refers to the substitution of the name of an individual by the name of another person in context to the property in the Land record reflecting the title or right of the property. It is basically required to acquire the rights of the land by the person.

Mutation involves alternation in existing data and entries in the continuous land records which mainly includes Tenant’s Ledger, Khatian, and Khesra Register on account of transfer of right/ownership of a person in a landholding/property.  


Check the statistics of e-mutation cases in the state given as under-

Particulars Statistics
Total No. of Mutation cases 4708762
Total No. of cases disposed 2303222
Total No. of pending cases 1021437
Total No. of rejected cases 1384103

How to apply for Bihar Land Mutation (Dakhil Kharij) Online?  

Petition for Land Mutation in Bihar can be filled offline by visiting the concerned Circle Office as well online through the official portal. At the time of filing a petition for mutation of land, one should be ready with all the necessary documents to be enclosed with the petition.

To submit online petitions, you can follow the instructions provided below-

  • Open the official portal.
  • Click on “ऑनलाइन दाखिल ख़ारिज/ एल पी सी आवेदन” tab.
  • If the user is not registered with the portal, then he/she has to register first and if registered then enter the email Id, password, and captcha code.
  • Click on the “Login” button and proceed further by providing the required information.
  • On the successful filing of the petition, users will be provided with a receipt that they have to retain for future reference.

How to check Bihar Land Mutation Application Status?

After submitting an application or petition for Land Mutation, applicants can also track their status. The online procedure to check the application status is very easy. Check the step-by-step process shared below-

  • On the homepage of the portal, click on “दाखिल ख़ारिज आवेदन स्थिति” link.
  • Select the concerned district option.
  • Click on the respective Anchal/ अंचल tab.
  • Various Search options will appear. Search by using any of the options shown in the picture.
Screenshot 247
  • By clicking on the All option, a list of all the applications will be displayed.
Screenshot 248
  • To know about the application status, users can click on the “View” button provided in front of their names.

About The Department of Revenue and Land Reforms, Bihar

The Department of Revenue and Land Reforms is one of the main departments of the Government of Bihar. This department performs various functions related to the collection of revenue, land, property, etc. in the state.

Functions of the Department-

  • Collects land revenue along with various other taxes such as Education Cess, Road Cess, Health Cess, etc.
  • Land Acquisition for public purpose.
  • Demarcation and Survey of Land
  • Lease of Government Land
  • Conservation of Government Land 
  • Updating and Maintenance of Land Records   
  • Management of Natural Resources
  • Transfer of Government Land to different State Govt. departments and also Institutions.

Earlier, every individual was bound to visit the Revenue office on a frequent basis as per their requirement. The introduction of the Land Record Modernization Program has changed the scenario. Now, citizens can perform all the necessary tasks related to revenue, land, and property online.

Bihar Bhumi is an online portal of the State Revenue Department that provides various online services related to land records to the citizens. It is the online land management portal of Bihar state just like UP Bhulekh in UP, Bhulekh Odisha, Bhulekh Uttarakhand, Apna Khata in Rajasthan etc.

Important Links

Check you Account (अपना खाता देखें)
जमाबंदी पंजी देखें
View Account (Khatian) & Register 2
E-Mutation Status
Land Mutation in Bihar Details
Public Grievances

Contact Info

Citizens can contact at the following address and Helpline no. in case of any issue regarding the Bihar ROR-

Principal Secretary,
Revenue and Land Reforms Department,
Old Secretariat, Bailey Road,  
Patna- 8000015   
Helpline No.- 18003456215

Readers can share their doubts with us regarding Bihar ROR, land mutation and status. They just have to mention their queries in the comment section provided below and our team will definitely respond to it.


What is Bihar ROR?

Bihar ROR is a Bihar Bhumi document that holds all the crucial information about the land property of an individual in the state of Bihar.

Can I check the ROR of my land record, Bihar in online mode?

Yes, you can check Bihar land records online through the official portal. The link for all the necessary services is given in this article.

What is Bihar Bhumi?

Bihar Bhumi is an online portal for the management of land records and related activities in the state of Bihar.

What are the services available on Bihar Bhumi online portal?

Bihar Bhumi land record portal provides citizens various online services such as view land accounts, applying for e-mutation and checking mutation status, the dashboard to check daily stats, view ROR/ jamabandi online, submit a public grievance, view govt order, log in, etc.

Which department caters to land and revenue matters in the state of Bihar?

All land and revenue-related matters of the state come under the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms, Govt. of Bihar.

What are the services provided by the online portal?

The Bihar Bhumi portal provides you various services regarding your land records such as Online Land record account, ROR, land mutation application, land mutation application status, Land map, online payment of Lagaan (Tax), etc.

What is the time limit for the disposal of mutation cases?

It takes a time of 21 working days (when there is no objection) from the date of receipt of mutation for the disposal of mutation cases.

How can I view my account and jamabandi on the Bihar Bhumi portal?

You can click on the View account & Registration register link given on the homepage. After that enter the required details and desired result will appear on the screen. The step-by-step process for the same is provided in this article.

Is it compulsory to register on the Bihar Bhumi portal to apply for E-mutation?

Yes, without registering on the portal you cannot apply for an e-mutation through the portal. Once you have registered, you can proceed further by using your email and password.

Can I check the e-mutation status on a daily basis?

Yes, you can check it online whenever required. For that, you have to follow the simple steps-
-Open the official portal.
-Click on the “Dashboard” tab.
All the details of mutation cases, district-wise, and daily status will appear.  

Is there any facility to resolve public grievances available Bihar ROR bhumi portal?

Yes, the Bihar bhumi portal provides citizens with this service so that grievances of citizens can be resolved. You have to click on the “Public Grievance” icon given on the homepage of the portal. Then you will be redirected to a new portal and then you can submit your grievance.

Is there any helpline number to contact in case of any issue related to Bihar Bhumi or land records?

Yes, Bihar bhumi provides its citizen with a helpline number so that they can get their issues resolved. You can contact at the given Helpline no in case of any query- 18003456215

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