Medical Leave Application for Employees, Students: – How to write a Sick leave application

Medical Leave Application format for school going students or office employees: – Once in a blue moon every one has to go through a situation when they have to pen down a sick or medical leave to their principal, supervisor, HR, they are associated with and nowadays it is mandatory in every school/college and in offices too, that you have to submit medical leave application.

But when it comes to writing a leave application whether it was sick leave or any other we have seen so many times that students or even well-educated people are not able to write it properly, so we have given below sample Medical Leave Application.

They don’t know what should be the format and details when writing it impromptu. And as we know a good application will make it easier for your HR or principal to understand your current situation or problem you are facing, so that he/she gives you a green signal.

Here in this article, we have tried to mention all such important points which are required for a good professional or school medical leave application. Along with this, we have mentioned some application templates and its example which may help you to give a better idea while writing a medical leave.


Medical Leave Application for school or office employee

There are some protocols in every company and among them writing a leave application is one of the most common ones. As medical leave is not a pre-planned leave, you may require it anytime it’s uncertain and can’t be guessed that when and on which day you are going to fall ill because on any given day, you woke up in the morning and feel that you are feeling febrile or looking off colour and wouldn’t be able to go office than in that case, the first step which you need to take is, send a medical leave application to your office immediately. Now it’s up to you through which means you are sending it via email or any other but it should be reached as earliest as possible to your manager.

Why is it so important to send a leave application?

There are some duties which you performed on daily basis at your work place and…

If you take a leave without sending any prior notice/ application then it will hamper your office business and it will count as bad ethics.

It may help your manager or colleague who will take care of your work in your absence.

Through this, your work will not be hampered and business will run smoothly.

Medical Leve application body formatting

When you tried to write down a medical leave application you need to keep focus on some details which we have given below: –

Text format: Your application text must be in a good format so that your HR/manager or principal can read it properly. This text format is only for those who are writing it on a computer.

Salutation: The greeting in the application should be the professional one which could be dear and followed by the name of the employer.

Date: Must mention the application date and date of leave carefully and try to write it in bold so that it can be read easily.

Text Body: The body of the text is the main part of the application; do not try to write too many things in the application. Your application must be concise and to the point, but on the other hand, it must cover all the basic points which are required for like; the number of days you will remain absent, cause of absence, person name who can look after your work, whether you will be available for emergency call/ mail or not and do not forget to mention your alternate contact number.

Document: If you have any doctor prescription or medical certificate or reports which are required attach the same with the application.

Do not forget to express your gratitude at the end of the application and also an apology.

At the end of the application do give your application a complimentary close such as yours truly, regards, cordially, etc.

Signature: Do not forget to put down your signature if not sending it digitally.

Some tips to follow while writing Medical Leave Application

  • The foremost thing is that your application must reach as soon as possible.
  • The subject of the application should be clean
  • Your medial leave application subject should be clear and concise.
  • It must carry all specific & important points.
  • Do mention whether it was your paid or unpaid leave
  • Do notify whether you will be available for important call or not.
  • Suggest your colleague name that can look after your work.

Medical Leave application for Employee

[Your Name]
[Application Title]
[Company name]
[Company Address]

Dear Mr./Mrs.[Recipient Name],

With deep regret, I am writing this application to inform you that I have been diagnosed with a severe viral infection and due to this I am unable to attend the office for the next [number of days] from today onwards.

Last night I am feeling febrile and some congestion in my chest which causing breathing problems. So my doctor advised me to take complete rest for [number of days]. I affixed the doctor’s prescription along with this application. As I didn’t take any medical leave in this quarter, so please mark it as unpaid leave.

Though I am on medical leave but in case if any urgency arrived in my absence do mail me or call me, I will be right up there. While for other work in my absence I suggested [colleague name] he/she will take care of my work daily routine.

In coming days I will update you what my doctor suggests whether I am fully recovered or not. Please do accept my apology for the inconvenience caused in my absence. I will make sure to catch up all work that was left out.

If you need any further clarification regarding the work/events or leave request do let me know.

I will be grateful to you for allowing me [number of days] medical leave.

Thanks for your valuable time and consideration.

Yours Truly.
[Your Name]
Date [xx/xx/xxxx]

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Medical Leave Application for Students

The Principal,
(Name of the school),

Subject: Medical Leave Application

Dear (Sir/madam),

With due regard, I want to bring to your kind attention that my child (name of the student) who is a student of class (class name and section), of your school. Due to some serious medical problem, my child has been hospitalized last night and now he/she has been kept under doctor monitoring for the next two coming days. We are taking care of him/her in the [hospital name] and not in a position to send him/her school for next [number of days].

I request you to understand the current situation and grant my child leave for (said number of days) from (XX/YY/XXXX) to (XX/XX/XXXX). Along with this application I also attached the doctor prescription. I assure you once he/she will fit and fine will attend the school daily.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,
(Name of the Parent),

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Medical leave application through email

Hello, (Supervisor name)

I am sending this email to inform you that my wife has some medical issues last night, due to which she has been hospitalized, as no one is there to look after her so I won’t be able to join office today but in case of urgency I will be there to answer any mail. I will be thankful to you if you can understand my situation and approve my leave for [number of days]. Alongside this mail, I attached the doctor’s prescription and other details.

Looking forward to your reply

Your name

If you have any question related to Medical Leave Application for students, office, employee etc. then ask us below, we will update it here. You can also send your Medical Leave Application samples to get them featured here.

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