How to apply for a fancy/VIP number online for car & Bike?

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VIP number online for car & Bike: There are a lot of people in India and around the world who are car or bike lovers. They want everything on their vehicles in a particular place or position. Everybody wants their vehicles to seem unique from every other vehicle available. A lot of people also modify their vehicles to make them look different from others. VIP or Unique Number is also one of the ways to let all other people know that the vehicle is unique and more important than the other vehicles. It is informed to all readers that the VIP number costs more than the usual number as it is unique.

Getting a Unique Number might seems pretty but the online process to apply for it is not so simple as it involves various steps. If you are also thinking about getting a fancy/VIP number online for a car & Bike then you should read this article to get all the important information related to it.

How to apply for a fancyVIP number online for car & Bike
How to apply for a fancy/VIP number online for car & Bike? 8

How to apply for a fancy/VIP number online for car & Bike?

Have you also bought a two or four-wheeler recently and now want to get a VIP Number for your vehicle? If yes, then this article will be really helpful to you. The application process for a number is completely different from the online normal number process. In this process, users will have to bid through the auction held online to get a fancy number. After the bidding, the result is provided online.

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A base price is fixed for each state and the bidding starts from the base prices only. The list of all numbers available is provided online and the users can choose the number for which they will bid. This paragraph will provide insight into the complete process of getting a fancy/ VIP number for a car or bike.

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Process to apply for VIP number online for car & Bike

So, the first thing in the process is to get registered on the Fancy Parivahan portal. Follow the below-given steps to complete the registration process:

  • First of all, go to the official web portal of Fancy Parivahan through the link mentioned here:
  • Now, the login page will get open within a few seconds after entering the link.
  • You must tap on the Public User option available under the login section and it will lead you to a new page.
    Fancy Parivahan Public User Option
  • Now provide the details such as state, applicant’s name, email id, mobile number and verification code. Finally, tap on the signup option.
    Fancy Parivahan Sign In Page
  • After that, you must go to the login page again and get logged in by providing registration details.
  • Select the preferred number and pay the required registration fee by selecting the payment mode and other details.
  • After that, bid for that number and check the result. If you have won the bid, pay the amount for that number and take a printout of the allotment letter.

Process to check the Bidding Updates

After the successful registration, aspirants will have to bid for their preferred number. The bidding updates can be checked through the steps mentioned below:

  1. Visit the authorized web portal of Fancy Parivahan by clicking on this link:
  2. The home page will hold several options, you must click on the Bidding Updates option available there.
    Fancy Parivahan Bidding Updates Option
  3. After that, select your state, RTO and bidding options on a new page.
  4. Once, the details are filled-in tap on the View tab and the bidding updates will fill the screen.
  5. Finally, check the updates and take action as per the bidding updates.

How to check the availability of VIP Number Online?

Through the procedure mentioned here, readers will get the lots of numbers that are currently available for bidding. Readers can only apply for the car or bike numbers that are available. Follow these steps to check the availability status of numbers:

  • So, the first step in the procedure is to visit the official website of Fancy Parivahan website.
  • Once, you land on the home screen of the website, click on the User Other Services option.
    Fancy Parivahan User Other Services Option
  • Now, you must click on the Check Availability Fancy/ Choice Number Option available in the drop-down menu.
    Fancy Parivahan Check Availability Fancy or Choice Number's Option
  • After that, select state and RTO on a new page and the lots will get open under the same page.
  • Check the number, open for and amount details there and choose the number accordingly.

How to check the e-Auction Result?

Here are the steps that need to be followed in order to check the result of the auction held for the VIP Number:

  • Just like other procedures, aspirants must visit the Fancy Parivahan website i.e.,
  • Select the Show Auction Result link provided along with other links on the home page.
  • The link will lead the users to a new page where they will be asked for certain details.
  • Provide the information about the state, RTO and result date to get access to the result.
  • Finally, the auction result will get opened consisting of all the important details on the screen.
  • Check the result and download the allotment letter for the number plate.

VIP number for car & Bike: Important Links

Visit the official websiteFancy Parivahan Website Link
Register OnlineNumber Registration Link
Get User ManualsState-Wise User Manuals Link
Check Bidding UpdatesFancy Parivahan Bidding Updates Link
For more updates, checkNVSHQ Home Page

Frequently Asked Questions

What details will be provided on the e-Auction Result?

The e-auction result for a car or bike number will include the details such as registration number, UAN Number, Applicant’s name, Reserve/EMD Price, Final Auction Price, Booking Date/Time, Last Bid Date/Time, Balance Amount, Allotment Status and Application Number.

What is the processing time of getting a VIP Number for a car to bike?

As per the officials. it usually takes 5 days after the successful registration. The officials conduct the bidding on the 4th day and the bidding continues till the 5th day. After the allotment result, 90 days will be provided to candidates to register the number on RTO.

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