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HSRP Number Plate for OLD Vehicle 2024: HSRP refers to High-Security Registration Plate. It was introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway in 2001. HSRP Plate is made of 1mm special aluminium which is laminated by white or yellow reflective sheets.

MORTH has declared that it is mandatory for citizens of India to have HSRP Number Plate for Old Vehicle 2024 (vehicles sold before April 2019). Also, colour-coded fuel stickers are now compulsory for Old vehicles. Vehicles sold after April 2019 come with HSRP plates from the dealer’s end but those who are having vehicles before the said date have to get their new HSRP plate from their dealers/ authorized vendors as it has become mandatory for all.

[Apply] HSRP Number Plate for OLD Vehicle 2024: State Wise Check Status, Color Code Stickers 12

Owners of 2 or 4 wheelers can register for their number plates through the official website of MORTH or get them from authorized vendors in the respective states. You have to do HSRP registration according to your state or you can also contact your nearest dealer. HSRP and colour-coded fuel stickers are very necessary. If you don’t have registered yet then do it as soon as possible otherwise you have to fill challan.

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With this article, we are providing you all details regarding HSRP Number Plate for Old Vehicle 2024. Details include elements like HSRP features, Benefits, applying procedure and list goes on. Scroll down to get all the further details you’re searching for.

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HSRP Number Plate Registration 2024

What is HSRP?
A High-Security Registration plate (HSRP) is simply a tamper-proof vehicle registration/ number plate made up of aluminium having chromium-based hologram, hot-stamped alpha numeral with retro Reflective sheet, and a laser-etched PIN (laser code). It is now compulsory in India to have HSRP in all vehicles.

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Department of Transport released a notification, in accordance with the notice, there were about 4 million registered cars without HSRP before 2012 in Delhi. There were 3 and a half lakh vehicles with fuel stickers. Now, MORTH has announced that being a citizen of India, it is very compulsory to get an HSRP Number Plate Registration.

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All car holders are also informed that there are in total 236 dealers that are approved by the Transport Department of Delhi to install HSRP for old vehicles and colour-coded stickers. All vehicle owners are advised to go for a HSRP registration today or else you have to fill challan.

Name of OrganizationTransport Department
Full form of HSRPHigh Security Registration Plate
HSRP was introduced byMinistry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH), Govt. of India
Category of articleHSRP Number Plate for Old Vehicle 2024
HSRP Registration Fee2 Wheeler- Rupees 400
4 Wheeler- Rupees 1100 (depends on vehicle category)
Plate size (HSRP)1mm special grade aluminium plate
RegistrationAvailable at present
Mode to applicationOnline and Offline
Booking availabilityYes
Official portal of MORTHhttps://morth.nic.in/
Official PortalState -Wise (Check Below)

HSRP Number Plate Registration- Benefits

  • HSRP is issued for vehicle owner only if the holder of the vehicle provide correct details to the issuing authority.
  • Availability of vehicle registration data will become easy to Enforcement Agencies, which will be helpful in management of traffic.
  • Details that are provided by vehicle owner for HSRP registration are- Engine number, model number, copy of valid insurance, chassis number etc
  • These plates are tamper-proof.
  • HSR Plate will make it quite easy for the vehicle owner to trace their vehicle in case it is stolen, as these plates are traceable.

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HSRP Registration Fee

  • HSRP registration fees for two-wheelers are Rupees 400.
  • Registration fees of HSRP for four-wheelers is Rupees 1100
  • Fees of four-wheeler vehicles depend totally upon the category of a four-wheeler.

HSRP 2024- Color Code Stickers

  • The government of India has made HSRP mandatory for all Indian citizens.
  • Along with HSRP, colour coded stickers are also mandatory for a vehicle having a windscreen.
  • The transport department has given authority to more than 300 dealers to install HSRP and colour-coded fuel stickers. 
  • You can get registration online and also can get your colour-coded fuel stickers at ease.

HSRP and Color-Coded Fuel Stickers Registration- Delhi and UP

HSRP is a secured number plate that can be traced easily and also has a uniform pattern. 2,4 wheeler holders can register for their HSRP number plate from Book-My-HSRP. It has both the registration process for citizens of Delhi and UP separately. It includes all options so, choose accordingly for further process. HSRP and colour-coded fuel stickers are very mandatory now in Delhi and UP.


From 1 October, 2020 in Delhi, it became compulsory to get an HSRP number plate with respect to Delhi government orders. If you will not register your vehicle for HSRP, then you have to fill challan. If you’re currently living in Delhi or UP but you reside basically from outside Delhi/UP then, you must visit your state transport website or contact a dealer nearby.

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HSRP Registration 2024- Gujarat

Car owners can apply for HSRP number plate registration from the official site of HSRP Gujarat. On the official site of HSRP Gujarat, it was mentioned that the HSRP number plate process (of HSRP Gujarat) is available only for vehicles registered in Gujarat State.  Vehicle Holders having vehicles registered in States other than Gujarat shouldn’t apply. They also mentioned that this process is not applicable for vehicles that were registered after 31 March, 2019. It has become very compulsory for people with vehicles to go for the HSRP number plate as it is very secure. If you won’t register for HSRP then, unfortunately, you have to fill the challan.

Below are mentioned the steps to register for HSRP Andhra Pradesh:

  • First of all, visit the official site of HSRP Gujarat (www.hsrpgujarat.com).
  • In the homepage, you will see three options- dealer, customer, and society registration.
  • Click on the customer option.
  • By clicking on the customer option, you will reach to another page of the official site.
  • The page contains 5 options from which you have to select Old vehicle HSRP Request and Payment.
  • By clicking on the Old vehicle HSRP request and payment, you will reach the registration page.
  • Fill in all the details required and then click on the submit button below.
  • Your application will be submitted.
[Apply] HSRP Number Plate for OLD Vehicle 2024: State Wise Check Status, Color Code Stickers 14

HSRP Number Plate Registration- Steps To Apply

Steps to apply for registration of HSRP are mentioned below:

  • Step 1– First of all, visit the official portal of the respective state you are in.
  • Step 2– Once the home page of the portal appears
  • Step 3-  Click on the HSRP registration link in accordance with the particular state-wise official site.
  • Step 4– It will take you to the registration page.
  • Step 5- Fill in all the required details as asked to do so.
  • Step 6– After filling in all the details required, click on submit button.
  • Step 7– Complete your payment process and then you’re good to go.

How to check HSRP Registration Status?

  1. First of all, you have to visit the official transport/HSRP site of the state you reside in.
  2. After reaching the same, you will find a link named ” Check HSRP Status”.
  3. After selecting the same.
  4. A login page will be on your screen.
  5. On the login page, you have to fill required details correctly.
  6. Required details include vehicle number, chassis number, and other details as well according to official sites particularly (state-wise).

Replacement of HSRP Number Plate (If Damaged/ Lost)

In case an HSRP plate is damaged/broken or lost, vehicle users can go for the replacement of the damaged plate. Check important points shared as under to carry out the process of replacement of HSRP plates in case of damage/breakage or theft-

  • For Two Wheelers– If one HSRP is damaged then a single plate (rear and front) is to be replaced and payment is to be made only for one HSRP Plate by the vehicle owner.
  • For Vehicles with the applicability of 3rd registration plate or sticker- If one metal HSR plate is damaged then a single HSR plate along with the 3rd registration plate or sticker is to be replaced and payment is to be made for one HSRP Plate and 3rd registration plate.
  • For Vehicles with the applicability of 3rd registration plate or sticker- If both the HSR plates are damaged then both the metal plates along 3rd registration plate or sticker are to be replaced and payment is to be made accordingly.
  • For Vehicles in which only the 3rd registration plate (i.e. sticker) is damaged- In this case, replacement of only 3rd registration plate (i.e. sticker) is to be made. Payment is to be made only for the 3rd registration plate/ sticker.
  • All the information about the replacement along with the reason is to be updated in the VAHAN software by the authorized vendor under States or OEMs.
  • Replacement of existing HSRP can be made by the authorized dealer of motor vehicles or by the manufacturer/ supplier of the registration plate only after making sure that the old HSRP has been surrendered and disposed of. The process of disposing of old plates is to be carried out by the HRSP issuing agency before the allotment of the new registration plate.
  • If Registration plate is lost/ Stolen- In case of theft or loss of the registration plate, the owner of the vehicle is required to file an FIR in the police station. One copy of FIR must be submitted in the office of HSRP issuing agency so that a record of the same can be maintained.

HSRP Number Plate 2024 (State-Wise)

The citizens of India with the HSRP registration number can check the status of their HSRP. All you have to do is search the official site of the state you got your registration number from (for example Uttarakhand HSRP site will be www.hsrpuk.com). Then on the page, you will be able to see the status link from which you will be able to check the current status of your HSRP.

The states in which the online status tracking system is available are- Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, HP, Punjab, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand. Apart from the mentioned states, other states are not providing to track their HSRP Number Plate Registration 2024.

Below are given the links to the official HSRP site of each state for your HSRP number plate status 2024:

StateStatus ModeOfficial PortalLink to Status Page
Andaman and NicobarOfflinewww.db.and.nic.inOffline
Andhra PradeshOnlinewww.hsrpap.comwww.hsrpap.com/status.htm
Arunachal PradeshOfflinehttp://www.arunachalipr.gov.inOffline
Dadra and Nagar HavelliOfflinehttp://dnh.nic.inOffline
Daman and DiuOfflinehttps://www.daman.nic.inOffline
Himachal PradeshOnlinewww.himachal.nic.inhttp://hsrphp.com/
Jammu and KashmirOfflinewww.jaktrans.nic.inOffline
LadakhOfflineNot AvailableOffline
Madhya PradeshOfflinewww.transport.mp.gov.inOffline
Tamil NaduOfflinehttps://tnsta.gov.inOffline
Uttar PradeshOnlinehttp://uptransport.upsdc.gov.inhttps://bookmyhsrp.com/Index.aspx
West BengalOfflinehttps://wb.gov.inOffline

HSRP Registration- Andhra Pradesh

Currently, only a few states are providing online registration of HSRP, and Andhra Pradesh is one of them. The owners of 2,3 and 4 wheelers can apply for registration of HSRP (only in Andhra Pradesh) from the official registration portal of Andhra Pradesh (www.hsrpap.com). The process of www.hsrpap.com is only applicable for those who reside in Andhra Pradesh. Citizens of other states have to apply online or offline from the particular official portal or the RTO office accordingly.

Below are mentioned the steps to register for HSRP Andhra Pradesh:

  • In the first step, visit the official site of the registration portal of Andhra Pradesh mentioned on the table above.
  • A pop up window will appear on your screen, close that pop up window.
  • Then you will see three options stating online payment, check your HSRP status, and complaints.
  • Click on online payment.
  • If the page is not under construction, then you will be able to see the registration form.
  • Fill the form, pay the fee and you’re good to go.

HSRP Online Registration- Punjab

The main reason behind making the HSRP number plates available is to solve the problem of theft and to easily track the particular vehicle with HSRP number plate. Citizens of Punjab can easily register for their HSRP number plate online. They can register from the official registration portal of HSRP Punjab (www.punjabhsrp.in). The application/registration form of HSRP Punjab includes the following attributes:

  • Type of Application
  • Chassis Number
  • Vehicle Number
  • Name of Owner
  • Engine Number
  • Vehicle Class
  • Mobile Number
  • Select Fitment Location
  • Vehicle Type
  • Registration Card Type

Below are mentioned the steps to register for HSRP Punjab

  • In the first step, visit the official site of HSRP Punjab.
  • After reaching the official site, in the bottom side of your screen you will have four options.
  • Those four options will be Apply HSRP Online, Request for Campus in institutes, Book online appointments, and Customer grievance redressal.
  • From those options, you have to select Apply HSRP online.
  • By clicking on that option, you will directly reach to the HSRP Application Form.
  • Fill up all the details required and click on the submit button.
  • Your application form will be submitted.
MORTH Official Portal Click Here
Circular for replacement of HSRP Click Here
SIAM Official PortalClick here

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to register HSRP number plate offline?

Yes, it is possible but it depends on which state you reside in. The registration process varies from state to state.

From where I can apply for HSRP registration in Gujarat?

You can apply online from the official website of HSRP Gujarat.

Is replacement of damaged/lost HSRP possible?

Yes, If an HSRP place has been damaged it can be replaced. Vehicle owners just have to follow all the guidelines related to hsrp replacement shared in this article.

Is there any common portal for HSRP registration at national level?

No, as of now no such portal exist at national level. Vehicle owners who wish to apply for HSRP registration plate need to visit the official portal of the concerned state or can visit the concerned office if online registration is not available. State-wise registration details can be gathered in this article.

What is the role of the Central Govt in the introduction and implementation of HSRP?

Its role is limited to-
– Formulation of specifications and standards for HSRP
– Implementation of the HSRP scheme
– Inform testing agencies and give approval to the vendors on the basis of the specifications.

What is the role of State Govt in relation to the introduction of registration plates?

State government’s role in HSRP is limited to-
– Implementation of the scheme in the states as per the guidelines of Central Govt.
– Selection of vendors among those who have been issued Type Approval Certificates.
– To ensure that proper control is being maintained at the time of issue of the plates.

Does the govt issue any license, give franchises, or select distributors to sell the HSRP?

No, govt does not grant or issue any license for the sell of HSRP.

Who can be the vendor and how the vendor is selected for the sell of HSRP in states?

Any prospective vendor can be the seller of HSRP provided they must have obtained type approval certificate from the authorized testing agencies. The selection of the vendors is made by the state government.

Which are the authorized testing agencies that give Type Approval certificates?

These testing agencies include-
-Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), Pune
– Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), Delhi
-Vehicle Research & Development Establishment (VRDE), Ahmed Nagar

How to register for the High Security Number Plate in which state?

Applicants can apply for the HSRP online and offline. Applicants can refer to the details provided on the list of tables which contains the direct links to apply for the HSRP. If the online facility is not available in the state candidate will then have to follow the offline procedure

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