Speech on Christmas: Write a Christmas Toast in English

Speech on Christmas: Christmas happens to be the most joyous occasion of the year. It is celebrated on 25 December and is religiously a Christian festival. However, the jubilance it brings is enjoyed by everyone irrespective of their religious choices. The festivity includes parties, celebrations, eventful gatherings, and so much more. If you are also … Read more

Welcome Speech On Children’s Day Celebration in English

Welcome Speech On Children’s Day: Children’s Day is just around the corner. Kids always look forward to the celebration of this occasion since it invites a more special treatment for them. Usually, the day is celebrated in schools with the most zeal and enthusiasm, since it is a very common place to find children. Additionally, … Read more

Speech on Jawaharlal Nehru: Speech in English on First Prime Minister of India

Speech on Jawaharlal Nehru: Jawaharlal Nehru was the first Prime Minister of India. His dedication, diligence, and contributions in the struggle for freedom is still reminisced. On many occasions, he can be discussed. While doing so, you can be asked to deliver a speech about him in English. Such speeches are in the informative category. … Read more

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Wife in English

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Wife: Wedding Anniversaries are one of the warmest occasions. Acknowledging happy and difficult times can be very rewarding. When celebrating anniversaries, one might get an opportunity to articulate feelings for their partners through a speech. If you are celebrating your anniversary and have to deliver a speech for your wife in … Read more

Anniversary Speech for the Company In English

Anniversary Speech for the Company: Anniversaries usually talk about personal occasions but they can be professional as well. Being an employee in a start-up or a recognised firm, you might have to felicitate the enterprise on the anniversary. Giving a speech publically in a professional workspace where you need to sound formal and also tough … Read more

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Bhaiya And Bhabhi in English

Wedding Anniversary Speech: Delivering a speech on the day of the Wedding Anniversary for your Brother and Sister In Law can be challenging. You might be stuck in this constant loop of what to speak and what to avoid. While it is very heartwarming to express your love for your Bhyia Bhabhi and openly congratulate … Read more

Welcome Speech for College Function; Long and Short Welcome Speeches for College Function

Welcome Speech for College Function: The prospect of a College function is easily one of the most fancied events that every college student looks forward to. Some are ever ready to demonstrate their organizing skills while few enthusiasts stay excited about showcasing their performance(s) and the infamous group of students who simply await college functions … Read more

Wedding Anniversary Speech for Friends (short, long, 10 lines)

Wedding Anniversary Speech: A Wedding Anniversary is a very auspicious day. It is really an achievement to be successfully committed together in a relationship that gives birth to various other relations in life. Celebration of 25 years or silver jubilee and 50 years or golden jubilee has been very common. It is more of a … Read more

Farewell Speech | Best Farewell Speech Samples and templates (Free)

Best Farewell Speech – Farewell speech samples for Juniors, College Student, Goodbye speech for Senior, Principal, Teachers, Office, Farewell Speech for School, kids. This will help you to construct a well-balanced farewell/goodbye speech. The day of farewell is special for the teachers, senior students, and junior students. Juniors are those who arrange the farewell party … Read more

Ideas for Informative Speech Topics; Check some fresh ideas

Ideas for Informative Speech Topics: Speech writing is now a part of the student’s academic. It analyzes the ability of the person that can be conveyed through his speech. Informative Speech can be used by school students, college students as well as adults. There are many events where individuals have to deliver a speech. There … Read more

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