100+ How To Speech Topics Ideas for Engaging and Informative Talks

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While preparing a demonstration or any other informative speech, the most common way to find a topic is by using interrogative words like “How To.” Endless speech topics start with these two words that form a compelling and enlightening speech. Therefore, today’s article will discuss some of the Best How To Speech Topics that you can pick for your school or public speaking speech.

For this, we will subdivide these speech topics into various categories that present them to you separately. You can pick whichever topic matches your interest and expertise.

How To Speech Topics

How To Speech Topics Category Wise

The following are the categories from which one can churn out the most How To Speech Topics in English for presentation, public speaking, school or college students, and any platform. We have picked some of the best speech topics for each category in the following article for your convenience. You can pick a category for interest and skills and a topic for your speech.

Topics Related to Health

  • How To:
    • Make your eyesight better
    • Deal with high and low blood pressure
    • Reduce stress
    • Improve metabolism of the body
    • Dry your hair correctly
    • Avoid eating junk food
    • Workout regularly
    • Maintain a good physique
    • Increase your protein intake
    • Make your diet more nutritious
    • Improve your mental health

Tech-Related Topics

  • How To:
    • Create your own domain
    • Learn using all Microsoft applications
    • Edit a video
    • Learn web designing
    • Sell and buy things online
    • Start your own business online
    • Convert any document into a pdf
    • Deactivate a Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram account
    • Learn to code
    • Download a video on YouTube.

Jobs and Business-Related Topics

How To Speech Topics For Students

  • How To:
    • Decide what to do after 10th Standard/ 12th Standard
    • Improve your study routine
    • Concentrate more on studies
    • Memorize a lesson easily
    • Choose a good career
    • Deal with school bullies without physical violence
    • Start open learning after school
    • Get rid of mobile addiction
    • Manage study and play simultaneously
    • Ace an examination
    • Manage pressure in the exam hall
    • Stop procrastinating and concentrate on your studies
    • Build self-confidence and self-esteem
    • Stay away from all kinds of addictions

Topics Related to Animals

  • How To:
    • Get your pet to like you
    • Treat your dog when he/she is sick
    • Pick the right animal to pet
    • Choose the right food for your pet
    • Make your two pets like each other
    • Build a kennel for your pet
    • Be friendly with stray animals
    • Play with your dog
    • Name your pet dog/ cat
    • Bathe your cat politely
    • Survive an attack from a wild animal

Nature-Related Topics

  • How To:
    • Look out for Fossils
    • Find out which plants are poisonous
    • Start a fire with stones
    • Find out whether the water is contaminated or not
    • Predict if a storm is coming
    • Prepare yourself for a cyclone
    • Act during an earthquake
    • Pick a location for Camping
    • Use a magnetic compass correctly
    • Differentiate between rocks
    • Find out the type of soil
    • Find out hidden water bodies

Topics Related to Sports and Games

  • How To:
    • Find the best sport for you
    • Serve correctly in badminton
    • Learn skating
    • Learn Surfing
    • Bowl a carrom ball
    • Be a pro at chess
    • Shoot a soccer ball
    • Prevent injuries during a football game
    • Recover from football injuries
    • To be an exemplary leader for your team
    • Save a goal perfectly
    • Learn the switch hit in cricket
    • Learn the smash in table tennis
    • Make your own sport equipment

Cooking-Related Topics

  • How To:
    • Make healthy food tasty for your kids
    • Reduce carbs from your food
    • Bake a cake in the absence of a microwave oven.
    • Make pizza with less than 10 ingredients.
    • Increase your vitamin intake through food
    • To make fruit jam at home
    • Make innovative dishes with limited ingredients
    • Make the most delicious sandwich
    • Prevent oxidation of food.
    • Make custard without fruit at home
    • Identify if the food is spoiled or not.
    • Make sugar syrup at home
    • Make lemonade more fun for your kids

How To Speech Topics Related to Fashion

  • How To:
    • Enhance your skincare routine
    • Pick the right clothes according to the event.
    • Get rid of stains on your clothes.
    • Find the best clothes combination.
    • Make your skin glow without any beauty care products.
    • Get rid of rashes on your skin.
    • Use a curling iron to curl your hair.
    • Dress up in such a way that you look some pounds lighter.
    • Pick the most suitable skincare product for your skin.
    • Brittle your hair
    • Make your nails grow faster.
    • Apply fake eyelashes

Ways to Prepare Good How To Speech Topics

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Out of the many How To Speech Topics, picking one worthy topic for your speech is definitely a herculean task. However, with a good presence of mind, you can definitely come up with an informative and captivating speech topic. For this, first of all, you must understand where your expertise lies.

Key Point For a How To Speech

Most “How To” speech ideas are categorized as demonstration speech. Therefore, it will benefit you if you speak about a topic you are well-versed about. Furthermore, before delivering the speech, you must also gauge the expectations and interests of your audience and accordingly prepare the substance of your speech.

Lastly, you need to ensure that you do not make your speech overstuffed and only share that information with the audience which is relevant to the topic. This way you can present your speech in an informative and engaging manner.

Final Words

We hope our article helped you find some worthy How To Speech Topics and prepare your own speech. If you have any queries, please let us know by commenting below. Also, you will find more such content in an adequate amount on our portal regularly. So, be sure to stay connected to us through the NVSHQ Homepage.

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