Essay on Uses of Mobile Phones for Students and Children

Essay on Uses of Mobile Phones: Mobile phones have become a necessary gadget for survival in this modern time. Students

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Essay on Uses of Mobile Phones: Mobile phones have become a necessary gadget for survival in this modern time. Students are becoming more and more addicted to phones and it is also proving to be a boom when it comes to studies. In this article we have provided the template for an essay on the Uses of Mobile Phones for students and children:

Essay on Uses of Mobile Phones
Essay on Uses of Mobile Phones

Essay on Uses of Mobile Phones for Students and children

Mobile phones have become an important part of modern life, and students are no exception. From juniors to seniors to college going every student’s life is incomplete without a mobile phone. Mobile phones have become an essential part of our daily lives. They are no longer just devices for making phone calls and sending text messages but have evolved into powerful tools that can be used for a variety of purposes. Students, in particular, can benefit greatly from using mobile phones for educational purposes.

Today, mobile phones have revolutionized the way students learn, communicate, and access information. Mobile phones nowadays have become a necessity not only for adults but for students too. Gone are the days when mobile was considered a curse for students. Students are now dependent on this gadget for smart education. Even the country is moving towards the initiative of digital education.

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The most obvious and common use of mobile phones is communication. Students can use their mobile phones to keep in touch with their parents, teachers, and classmates. With the increase in crime rate mobile phones have become a useful tool for safety. Just a call away are the police or parents with whom a student can communicate in any emergency. Mobile phones in general are used for communication. Students can make phone calls, send text messages, and use messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger to stay connected.

The mobile phone also comes in handy when students are living in different cities, away from home. They can easily stay in touch with their close ones. Gone are the days when one would have to worry about bills. Without having to worry about the cost of phone calls students can establish contact with loved ones in any situation. GPS systems with smart watches have proved to be best in case of security and parents can too check the location of their wards.

Mobile phones can also be used for research purposes and knowledge. The Internet is like a treasure from where you can access great knowledge just from your mobile phone. Students with the help of search engines like Google can fast-track the learning process. Without going to any institution we can now learn different skills just with the help of mobile phones. News, reports, research paper, and books are all present on the internet. Even the government has provided different websites to access knowledge.

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With more digitalization and advancement education is being revolutionized and it is only possible through mobile phones to get access to it. In recent times of Corona Virus lockdown mobile phones have proved to be a boon, especially to students who without the risk were able to continue their studies from their homes. Students have the facility to connect with their peers and stay in connection cor studies and projects. Students also have access to different teachers all over the world. Imagine having a doubt and all you have to do is click on your mobile phone.

While it is important for students to focus on their studies, it is also important for them to take breaks and relax. Mobile phones can provide a great source of entertainment for students. And instead of wasting time on television students can opt for entertainment that can be helpful to them by giving them knowledge and relaxing them.

They can use their phones to listen to music, watch educational videos, play games that are not violent and read e-books. Even science support that engaging in some activities like these can sharpen the brain of an individual. This reduces stress and improves mental health. Students can also learn their hobbies from this, especially in those areas where access to such facilities is not possible. For example- One can learn dance, art, languages, computer courses, and even join different certificate courses which can help them in long run.

Mobile phones can be particularly useful for students with disabilities. For easy access for them, a lot of development has taken place where these kinds of students can use technology like screen readers, speech recognition, and dictation software. These things have eased the life of students who earlier were lagging behind their peers.

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Conclusion of Essay on Uses Mobile Phone

In conclusion, mobile phones are truly a boon for students and especially in tough times like corona where it was only for mobile phones that students were able to continue their education. But it has to note that excess of anything is not good. The use of mobile phones should be monitored by parents as besides knowledge things on the internet there are so many things which can prove to be unhealthy for mental growth and development of students. Mobile phones have a lot of uses in students’ life from studies to research and whatnot. However, students need to use their mobile phones responsibly and avoid distractions that can hinder their academic progress.

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