Short Term Courses After 12th For Job: List of Professional Courses

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Short Term Courses After 12th Class: Everyone dreams to earn money, maybe because of your financial crisis or because you want to have something on your own, be it personal or social. So, we have thought about this question and answered it with all the job oriented short-term courses after class 12th. But in this competitive world, you either need to stand yourself by a degree or by sources.

Among the innumerable fields to explore, it’s a very crucial decision to make after higher secondary that would fetch you profit in minimum effort and time. We have curated the high paying salary Short term courses after the 12th arts, commerce, and science stream. Irrespective of the branch, you descend from whether science, commerce, or humanities setting a synchronized note is what we focus on. By the time, one polishes oneself in this respect, one gets success after making it a prime focus of these courses.

Short Term Courses After 12th
Short Term Courses After 12th For Job: List of Professional Courses 3

Moreover, you will get to learn the update yourself with various skills and get an opportunity to be a perfectionist.

Benefits for Opting Short Term Job Oriented Courses 12th

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These short term courses help you to grasp a catch over the marketplace in the shoulder neck competition and therefore opting for them would benefit in not only professional terms but also create a flow in the path of fun learning.

  1. Learning the Brand course:
    • These courses provide you with not only a range from a specific course but help you allow taste courses from diverse fields.
    • Layering yourself with soft skills with refurbish knowledge
    • learning all modes of knowledge transmission, be it online and offline and coping yourselves at any Corner you stay.
    • Feasibly transmitting the short term course with mutual respect to employment focus.
  2. Fabricating future:
    • These courses act as a backup for your career.
    • Continual nurturing of the specific skill from the very bud would increase your promotion possibilities and salary increment.
    • Help you gather a bucket of experience.
    • Keeps you focused and dedicated towards unidirectionally progressing course.
  3. Hunch your Hobby:
    • We generally swim with persistence when we opt for our hobby as our prime career.
    • The hobby priority makes you passionate with interest which leads you to have a quicker success at a very short time span.
    • Helps you to explore every minute taste of it.
  4. Being a Practical perfectionist:
    • Provides you hands-on experience.
    • Helps you understand the concept with a better application.
    • Let’s visualise the abstract and helps you to gain confidence.
    • Makes you firmly competitive in the market place.
  5. Achieving the dream lifestyle and permeate your pocket:
    • Grabbing an opportunity to fill your pocket is a dream choice of everyone. It is with this note which could fetch you up the dream life.
    • Starting up with a good financial backup helps you to have a secured future in your lifetime. Sort term job course after 12 is the best option.
    • Make yourself a financially stable person at a young age with training and knowledge.
  6. Networking:
    • One of the biggest scoops to plump is networking in these days.
    • Helps us to meet people from various walks of life and socialising with them.
    • While communicating in an online mode it helps to meet your fellow mates as Professionals working together with fraternity and brotherhood.
  7. The 24 productive busy hours:
    • Sitting idly at home and doing nothing would be a devil’s workshop. Therefore Using the 24 hours into something productive would not only help you fetch a knowledgeable future but also a financially stable lifestyle.
    • There are times when we are depressed by our personal life. It is then that working for short-term courses and building up a proper strategy would let you escape from your fear and works as a stress buster at times.

Eligibility Requirements for Short Term Courses After 12

In order to opt for short term courses one has to:

  1. Generally, be a pass out of higher secondary examination (+2). At times, if you are a Graduate then also you can opt-out for these courses.
  2. Sometimes there are at times, candidates who don’t possess any educational qualification but they too want to build up a career and it is here that short-term courses act as a boon for them.
  3. It can be both online as well as in off-line mode and thereby the qualifications vary by the specific course and specifically the term which we need to look into.
  4. Masters or housewives who want to revive their career can also opt for these courses.

The two sectors of short-term courses after 12th:

  1. The education Backbone
  2. The non-scholastic or the non-educational courses

The education backbone sector of short-term courses after 12:

These courses are actually helping to boost the knowledge which one had gained during his prior study. It is a means through which one can prove his application and his implementing skills in order to take his place in the actual market stand. These courses also help you to add to your experience and built up a beautiful resume. Apart from this it also helps you to have a bright future with a higher proportion and stabilized financial status and also gain a lot of certificates and laurels via organizations and educational institutions.

Short Term Courses After 12th For Job

Digital Marketing Diploma

  1. Applicants: Both a +2 and a graduate can apply for this.
  2. Term: The course duration may be of 3 to 12 months.
  3. Skills: Skills that you are going to add on to your bucket range from the major email marketing, Mobile marketing, content marketing to the search engine optimisation(SEO), social media marketing(SMM) and finally ending up with the Google analytics, Google ads and YouTube Facebook or Instagram marketing.
  4. Titles given: Position Offered in this course lead to the executive, managerial, specialist and finally marketer.
  5. Benefits: One of the major Courses in this competitive world is digital marketing. Not only financial stability but also networking is what you build up in this course. The market statistics along with the strategical Management which helps us to evaluate the market in a better-implemented way along with the profit of the company in a very short span of time to prove your mettle is fabricated by this course. There is an abundant probability of getting into a job through this so apt course. Through networking, you get a chance to boost up your soft skills and deal with various situations and people which finally makes up your personality. Easy to learn and high in demand short term course after 12th.

Web Designing Diploma

  1. Applicants: It is specifically the class 12 pass outs oriented course but if at times the graduates want to prefer to it they could also be the part of this course.
  2. Term: The course duration may vary from at least two months to 6 months at most.
  3. Skills: Skill range from JavaScript learning,Adobe Photoshop ,Adobe illustrator CSS,HTML and SEO . Also one would get to work on the premiere version of Adobe and other designing software.
  4. Titles given: Positions offered Range from the Designer executive to Designing manager, or at times as a freelancer or work on a daily basis person.
  5. Benefits: The Massive shell in the IT industry is only the web designing course. The development of the web through HTML Is a dream course most of the students nowadays. Who Would not love to see his or her website designed by himself posted as one of the sites in the internet world? Moreover, it helps you to build up yourself as the latest professional designed with latest skills. A perfect probability in the knowledge of this field helps you to fetch a job in a very high-ranking company.

Course of Hotel Management

  1. Applicants: All the +2 pass outs are eligible for opting this course.
  2. Term: The duration may range from 6 months to a year.
  3. Skills: You will fill up yourself with skills oscillating from food and beverage management, the strategy of accommodation management, official management, leisure management and hospitality management. Ranging from food to room service everything is what this course offers.
  4. Titles given: You are recruited for the post of manager, chef, room service management, receptionist or accommodation executive and food executive or manager.
  5. Benefits: Who doesn’t want to taste the savouries made by his hand? It’s always the ultimate appetite which helps us in wetting our conscience. Not only one learns about how to manage a whole project but also innovation is what discourse incorporates in its students. Professionalism in the hospitality industry is one of the strongest career push up in the last decade. Exploring the favourites of cuisines, Hotel management discount offers in food and benefits of the organisation or the hotel is what it caters us to.

The Photography Diploma

  1. Applicants: The modern generation, That extends to our youth for class 12 pass outs and All those who have a passion towards photography.
  2. Term: The duration ranges from one month to 6 months or more as per the specialisation.
  3. Skills: Your talents oscillate from focusing, working with different lenses, mastering the concept of editing and realistic photographs and placing them at times at the logo as means of Graphics.
  4. Titles given: Based on the specialisation one can be a wildlife photographer,a studio photographer, a fashion photographer and at times the graphic designer and photographer.
  5. Benefits: Many of us have a passion for photography and when that passion changes in the profession it can be an explosive success. Photography is one of the most creative fields one can opt for, and thereby work on their own studios and work with different industries with greater specialisation. Photography helps you capture every minutest beauty of this world and makes you understand the Light and shades of any article, nature or people.

The Event Management Diploma

  1. Applicants: The passionate class 12th pass outs who have a choice towards events and also all the graduates or any person who has a taste for it can apply.
  2. Term: It can oscillate from six months to a year or more than that as per the choice of the level of specialisation.
  3. Skills: Should be prompt, mesh and network easily, Advanced presentation skills, speaking capability, smart and without stage fear have fond to taste various events and host them at times.
  4. Titles given: positions range from event manager, host, brand managing, networking, advertising, budget manager, strategic management, logistics and promotion managers and media managing.
  5. Benefits: The complete guide to the advertising world has a step of the initial journey in the event management industry. If you are passionately interested to join the world of media and present yourself as one of the best promotion and event manager you could opt for this course. If you are good at Arts, music, drama and do not possess any stage fear then this is a boon which is standing in front of you. With minimum effort, you can get maximum success in this field. With this short term course, you can never go jobless as every day thousands of event are organised.

The Multimedia Diploma

  1. Applicants: All the interested candidates with a minimum pass of class 10th can opt for this course.
  2. Term: It ranges from six months to 2 years as a means of perfect specialization and you can also go for one year if you want to get to the job very soon.
  3. Skills: One can learn 3D effects animation, video editing, graphic designing, designing structures, 3-D models, and work on storyboarding and production of the whole content. Lighting and shades are also taken into consideration.
  4. Title given: One can be the post-production manager, the promotion manager or the executives, the animator or the graphic designer, or the brand manager.
  5. Benefits: Who doesn’t want to see a film made by him or her? Of course, if we opt for this then surely all the designs on the virtual surprises are in store for us! A bucket full of colorful and fun learning with working of different cartoon characters creation of different movies and promoting them throughout the world as a team is what this course offers to us. A huge amount of financial stability is offered to us. We work on Maya, Plotagon, and Adobe software.

Diploma in Fashion Designing

  1. Applicants: The higher secondary pass outs can apply for this through an all India exam.
  2. Term: It is the minimum course of at least one year to 18 months.
  3. Skills: Passion for trying different outfits, designing them with creativity and making them a unique one.Use of waste newspapers and daily articles which could turn out when joined together to be something beautiful. Craft skills should also be there.
  4. Title given: Fashion designer, dress designer, fabricator, colour Combinator and fashion launcher or fashion stylist.
  5. Benefits: It is a beautiful job for all the candidates who take a keen interest in deciding various outfits and making use of simple materials and shaping out into something unique. Female candidates can opt for this and they can make a start-up regarding the fashion field. A lot of financial stability with working with different celebrities and the launching events make this career a lucrative one.

Diploma in Graphic Design and Computer Application

  1. Applicants: All the class 12th pass outs can apply for this course
  2. Term: Has the minimum duration of six months to 1 year.
  3. Skills: Learning about logo designing and poster making and learning different languages like HTML, C++, Java and Python and basic programming and computer skills like MS Word MS Excel etc.
  4. Title given: Software developer, software manager and graphic designer
  5. Benefits: Learning about computer application helps you stand in this Shoulder neck cooperative world and graphic designing helps you to Grab offers in  MNCs and countries abroad. If you are a technical student then this course is something which you can opt and easily gain success. This course will never go out of business as graphics is the backbone of advertisement and companies are spending money on ads like water.

Non-scholastic Job Oriented Courses After 12th

These courses do not bar you to education that also helps you to explore and test various fields out of the academic courses. You can unravel the field of Music, art, dancing, and stitching. One can also learn martial arts and learn different languages which could fetch them a job with a unique folk.

The Music Club

  1. Applicants: Anyone, as well as class 12 pass-outs, can join this course.
  2. Term: The duration can be from 4 to 6 months.
  3. Skills: You can learn not only Indians but also various folks of singing culture, ranging from guitar to different instruments and playing them at different venues with innovative style.
  4. Title: Vocalist, instrumentalist, Recorder, Music executive, music director
  5. Benefits: If you are a music lover then trying out different scoops of music would lead to a high profiled experience in this field. Also if you polish yourself then you can turn this into a successful leading career with high financial stability.

The Knitting Session

  1. Applicants: Anyone can apply but generally class 12 pass outs and women joined this course.
  2. Term: The duration can be a maximum of six months.
  3. Skills: Learn how to weave through various materials and make a beautiful design, fabric or print to publish in the fashion industry.
  4. Title: Stylist, print provider
  5. Benefits: One can join the textile industry and work with different materials and knit beautiful prints and products in the fashion industry to sell. Exclusive pieces can be displayed in the exhibitions and work as the start-up of the print content industry.


The short-term courses help us to know ourselves in a better manner. Staying at home or going to regular work or school does not help us to discover who we actually are. But It is only the credit of these courses that give us a platform to not only gain professional knowledge but also helps us in implementing it in the marketplace at a very young age. Going to different places while learning different courses helps us Socialise ourselves and work as a stress buster. Hope you have liked our article on part-time courses after 12th commerce, arts, and science.

You have confidence that whatever you are doing has a bright future in the coming days and that you can make it also has your career. Sometimes you don’t have financial stability. It is by this means that it helps you to earn side-by-side and keeps you refreshed and young. You can choose any of these short term certification courses after the 12th to start your career early.

Each day coordinating with your team, meeting fellow members, doing something new, learning something new and bit by bit discovering yourself getting educational certificates and qualifications and not wasting the free time but perfectly making use of it is the ultimate sole benefit of these short-term courses. These short term courses with high salaries in India are given.

It has a large scale advantage in our lives and one should hope that whenever if he gets time then he should explore these courses as a choice to his passion.

If you have doubts about selecting short term courses after the 12th, you can ask us here and our team will send you the best response asap.

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