Evans Tries an O-level Summary Class 12 English

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Evans Tries an O-level Summary: The students who have to appear for the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE Class 12 Examination for English have to prepare for the announced syllabus. A part of this is the “Evans Tries an O-level“. This short story has been written by Colin Dexter. In order to prepare in the right way, we suggest the students read the story thoroughly. They must carefully remember the events that shall take place at the designated time. Further, critical analysis of the aspects of the story is also imperative.

Evans Tries an O-level Summary
Summary OF Evans Tries an O-level

You can check the following article for a completely detailed Evans Tries an O-level Summary which shall not only help you prepare but also revise the chapter before your examinations.

Evans Tries an O-level Summary

The chapter “Evans Tries an O-level” is included in the English Syllabus of Class 12 of the Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE. The students who seek to prepare for the exam need to observe that the questions will be asked within the events and concepts of the chapter. In order to prepare well, you must read the chapter thoroughly. However, it is extremely difficult to remember the events when we try to memorise the story as a whole.

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Hence, a summary is always helpful. Furthermore, a detailed gist of all the events and aspects of the story is extremely helpful as it makes it easier for the students to answer the questions. In general, it can be expected that the questions are asked about the theme of the story and characters. Additionally, questions can also be put up regarding the title and backdrop. Thus, the students must make sure that prepare accordingly.

Summary of Evans Tries an O-level

“Evans Tries an O-level” by Colin Dexter is an amusing story about a prisoner trying to escape prison despite being trapped in very tight security. The story commences with a telephonic conversation between the Governor of the H.M. Prison and the Examination Board James. The former calls the latter to discuss the conduction of the O-Level German qualification test for an inmate named Evans. Rodrick Evans was jailed in a cell at the Oxford Prison. It was a recognised fact that he was very competent in b breaking out of prison despite the high level of security. He did that thrice and the police were not willing to take any risks regarding that.

Evans was taking O-Level German Classes in the evening for the last seven months and thus, he had to appear for the respective examination. The classes were being taken by him in a perpetual manner but still, he did not gain enough knowledge that he should have in a particular duration of time. His level of knowledge was doubtable and thus, the authorities were not sure if Evans would pass. However, the examination was scheduled for 9:15 in the morning. The governor conditioned that the exam would be hosted in his cell and he himself would attend the exam to check if Evans would not try to escape. He was extremely careful and further decided that not only he would listen in but also be stationed outside the cell to monitor Evans.

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The next day, at 8:30 AM, as a part of all the security arrangements, everything that could be a plausible weapon was removed from Evan’s cell including his shaving razor. Senior Prison Officer Jackson and Officer Stephens made the set-up by placing two tables and confiscating all the items that could be potential weapons. Evans was only allowed to keep a hat that he was wearing since he cited that it brought good luck to him. The invigilator, Reverend Stuart McLeery was also verified and his bag was also checked. It was made sure that he couldn’t carry anything that could support Evans. Thus, his paper knife was also confiscated. However, the invigilator was allowed to take his inflammable tube with him which was for his haemorrhoids.

The exam commenced but Evans made Officer Stephan exit the cell as he was making him uncomfortable with his constant glare. The Governor was receiving phone calls from the Examination Board, who notified him regarding some changes in the examination paper while another was from the Magistrates Court for the purpose of the requirement of a prison van and officers. He was distracted by these factors. In the prison, Evans started using a blanket declaring that he had a cold. Further, he was not performing well and was unable to answer properly. The exam finished and the Invigilator was all set ti leave.

The officer inquired regarding the performance of Evans from Reverend, the invigilator but his accent was changed as compared to before. Ad he left him at the gates of the prison, he decided to check Evans. It was time for a break but still, Officer Stephan went ahead to keep a check on Evans. As he entered the cell, he noticed Evans bleeding under the blanket. However, to his horror, it was not Evans but Reverand.

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A detective came in to check the case of jailbreak. Officer Stephan helped the detective by guiding him and providing him with directions to the Elsfields Way. He further suggested where he thought the convict could be. It was revealed that the invigilator was fine despite heavy flooding. When the blood was detected, it was found that it belonged to a pig and not Reverend. The blood was brought in the haemorrhoid tube and the vans were called in to help Evans escape. The authorities were highly annoyed at Senior Prison Officer Jackson and Officer Stephens. The detective headed to Newbury in order to make his search.

The entire story is a recall by Evans in the hotel room he rented for the night. But, the Governor finds him and takes him back to the Prison through the van while discussing who he executed the entire escape. However, the driver happens to be an associate of Evans.

The theme of the Story

The theme and the moral backdrop of the story are aspects of wit and amusement. The story amuses the readers as there is an element of mystery and surprise. The story keeps an intriguing factor which results in the element of delight. While the story is about the prisoner Evans escaping jail, he is still liked by the readers for his wit and intelligence. No matter how hard the police try, Evans escapes without failure. The way he plans the escape is amazing and likeable.

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