150 Funny Speech Topics Ideas; Informative and Humorous

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One of the easiest ways to make your audience pay attention to your speech is by making them laugh. Funny Speeches are effective for people for numerous reasons. Adding a pinch of humor to the information you are trying to convey to our audience helps you portray your message smartly.

However, finding Funny Speech Topics that will provide the audience with a message wrapped in humour is not at all easy. Therefore, we are presenting this article to you today. Here, we have picked some of the smartest Funny Speech Topics Ideas for you.

In addition, we have subdivided these speech topics into different categories. So, you can check out all these topics and pick the one that is suitable for you per your requirements.

Funny Speech Topics

Funny Speech Topics Category-Wise

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Speeches are usually categorized into various types. Some of the popular types of speeches are Persuasive Speeches, Demonstration Speeches, Motivational Speeches, etc. So, we have handpicked some of the most humourous Funny Speech Topics for all these categories for you. You can check out all these speech topics category-wise below.

Ways to Prepare a Funny Speech

Persuasive Funny Speech Ideas

  • Why Owning a Pet Should Be Compulsory for Everyone
  • Reality TV shows are anything but real
  • Stop Eating Junk Food
  • Computer Games Spoil the Kids
  • Why You Should Choose Smartness over Kindness
  • Life gets more complicated when you have a younger sibling
  • Why will humans have to move to another Planet in the next 100 years
  • Use your spare time in Traffic Jams for your Personal Development.
  • Life would be a Disaster if we were incapable of lying.
  • Why we should Learn to Embrace Life from Our Pets
  • Having a Pet adds more meaning to Your Life
  • Why is it Cool to be Kind
  • Why Health Insurance needs to be free for everyone
  • Why Mondays Should not Exist
  • How teenagers used to have a life before Social Media
  • World Would Heal if all Politicians had to take a lie detector test before elections
  • Prohibited things are always tempting
  • How all non-poisonous food in the world are edible
  • Why Batman is the Worst role model for Kids among Superheroes
  • People are only happy when they are ignorant
  • Why we Should Stop associating clowns with Horror movies
  • Humans are Masters at denying their reality
  • How Bad students make the best business people
  • Why do you need to Smile while you still have teeth
  • Why is it better to be lonely than to choose a wrong person
  • Why is it comforting to blame others for your own failures
  • Taking no decision is also taking a decision
  • How Criticizing Others make you feel smart
  • We should not fall into the trap of growing up.
  • How animals are better than humans

Funny Informative Speech Topics

  • Schools need to focus on teaching life Schools more than Textbook Knowledge
  • The ugliest fashions of 21st Century
  • People with mediocre talents are super successful
  • 10 weird inexplicable medical facts
  • Sports help you become smarter
  • Offensive Jokes Are Actually Funny: 10 Reasons that Prove Why
  • Bad Decisions are Necessary Sometimes
  • Some Weird Facts about Nature That No One Can Explain
  • Do not take life and Yourself Seriously
  • Excuses People make to Avoid Working
  • People are unhealthily obsessed with Conspiracy Theories
  • Why do we get Hiccups?
  • How humans will likely look in the 22nd Century
  • Best ancient remedies that are actually effective
  • Reasons why all Pop songs are the same
  • Deny Reality like Pro
  • Autocorrect ruins Friendships
  • Escape from trouble using humour
  • Get Fired From Your Job in 24 Hours: Pro Tips
  • Fun things to do in the Examination Hall
  • 5 things you Don’t know you have leaned from your Dog
  • Art of Pretending to Listen When Your Teacher is talking
  • 50 Weird Sounding Words and their even weirder meanings
  • Ways to Pretend that you are Good Student
  • Art of Irritating a Telemarketer
  • Tips to Make your friends pay for Your Holiday
  • Tricks to get rid of Unwanted People
  • Reasons you and your dog look exactly the same
  • Things to do on a desert island
  • Ways to train your cat to be like a Dog
  • What would your pets tell you if they could talk

Humorous Demonstration Speech Ideas

  • How to make your rebellious kid clean his room
  • How to not fall asleep in an office meeting
  • How to lie to your parent without letting them know
  • How to cook the worst food for your annoying neighbors
  • How to handle a sloppy housekeeper
  • Ways to Bargain at a Grocery Store
  • How to Pretend to be Smart in a Job Interview
  • How to Memorize lessons instead of Songs’ Lyrics
  • How to act like an innocent kid in front of your parents
  • How to deal with a bully with humour
  • How to make your teacher laugh with your jokes
  • How to persuade your teacher that you will complete your work by tomorrow
  • How to make your kid feel guilty about not studying
  • How to fool your mom into thinking that you are studying
  • How to give the worst Job Interview
  • How to avoid Dieting
  • How to make excuses for a leave

Motivational Funny Speech Ideas

  • Learn the art of sleeping 10 hours a day
  • Teenagers need to have a life outside social media as well
  • All Vegetarians do not love animals
  • No one should want to be a millionaire
  • Winning an argument when you know you are wrong brings Self-Confidence
  • Things you should not say in a Motivational Speech
  • Chewing Gums help reduce your face fat
  • Only foolish people find smart people incomprehensible
  • Smile when others insult you
  • Hang out with a 7-year-old when life is complicated for you
  • Taking bad decisions is okay sometimes to accrue some interesting instances
  • Make people lose their minds by being happy
  • Do not take life too personally for good mental health
  • Make fun of yourself before others
  • Drink diet Coke to lose some pounds
  • Eat Junk Food Once a month to make yourself happy

Impromptu Hilarious Speech Topics

  • Art of Choosing Good Friends
  • Why Winter is the best season ever
  • Why people do not understand fashion
  • Perfection is a myth and perfect people do not exist
  • Why is it interesting to hang out with a ghost
  • Your definition of the worst day ever
  • TV advertisements that were perfect
  • Uniforms should not be necessary for Schools
  • Why do we all need a Time Machine?
  • Things you learn from kids
  • Jokes that usually backfire
  • 10 Hilarious Things to Do in a Supermarket
  • Worldwide hated Household Chores

Business-Related Humourous Speech Ideas

  • How to deal with a client in the worst manner possible
  • How to expertly fail a profitable deal
  • Peculiar ways of making a business succeed
  • How to advertise your product in the worst way
  • Hilarious history of some of the world’s greatest organizations
  • How to lie like an expert during a business presentation
  • How to get rid of a useless employee
  • How to market a bad product
  • How to be the Worst Entrepreneur Ever

How to Prepare a Funny Speech?

After picking a suitable topic for your speech, it is extremely important to prepare it well. For the preparation of the funny speech, the first thing you need to do is understand who your audience is.

Humour is something that is completely subjective. A style of humour appeals to some people, but that same style of humour bores some people. Therefore, it is extremely crucial for you to understand what style of humour appeals to your audience, and accordingly, you can infuse your speech with it.

The second thing you must keep in mind while preparing your Funny Speech is that you start your speech with a funny joke or incident. This will set the tone of your speech, and the audience will engage with you from the beginning.

While preparing the body of your speech, you can build a narrative where you will give a message wrapped in humour to the audience. However, you must remember that the message’s seriousness must not outweigh the fun factor of your speech and turn it into something boring.

Finally, save the best for the last, use your funniest joke in the conclusion part of the speech, and leave the audience with an abundance of giggles.

Final Words

We hope you found some worthy Funny Speech Topics in this article. For any queries, you can leave a comment below. Also, for more such fun and worthwhile content, be sure to stay connected to us through the NVSHQ Homepage.

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