Winter Season Essay For Students | Short and Long Essay on Winter Season

Winter Season Essay: Winter is the cold season of the year. It is one of 5 seasons that happen in India that are; Winter, Spring, Summer, Monsoon and Autumn. The Winter months are from December to January In India. Winter is the time when people take out their Woolen & Body Warmers to wear. Besides all this Winter season hold great significance as monthly mythological and scientific things happen. In this article, we have written an essay on the Winter season, which is Long, short, and medium words.

Winter season essays for students are provided are written after research and for the students and kid level.

Winter Season Essay For Students

Winter Season Essay for Students in English (2000+ Words)


“Sitting on a reindeer, sailing with vibrant speed amidst the snows… taking the lump of snow in our frosted hands, rolling it round, and having a Snowball fight with our close ones. Ah! And then someone serving a cup of hot tea or coffee along with our favourite cheese sandwiches! Umm!

What a beautiful morning would it be!” Perhaps, everybody dreams the same, sleeping inside the Blankets and quilts cosily in the cold winter mornings. Well, coined from the Proto-Germanic word wintru meaning unclear, to summarise it is one of the wonderful seasons that God has gifted to humanity.

Lasting from December to March and welcoming the bright spring, this season term itself is the celeb season of the year. Even the sun seems to be resting inside the clouds in this season and therefore comes out late in the mornings.

With the rejuvenating cold and gentle breeze, we light up the bonfires and enjoy the night sitting beside them. The nature of the season starts with a late arrival of the sun each morning and ranges from short days to long nights. It seems that the whole beauty is ornamented with snow and frost.

Physical Evolvement of Winter

Geographically, winter occurs when the earth’s axis seems to be farthest from the sun. The hemisphere which faces the sun seems to suffer from summer and the one which gets oriented away faces winter.

If you take into consideration, the fact of winter solstice or the day at which the value is found to be at the highest negative with respect to the north pole or south pole of the earth compared to the sun, we get to see that it is on that specific day when the length of the days start increasing for the next season and the night length starts decreasing.

Mythological significance of winter

If we get to see the history of the world, winter seems to space itself in one of the most mythological months. Starting from the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, in Jerusalem, it is the holiest season to celebrate Christmas all over the world. Welcoming Christ to the world of humanity and waiting for Santa Clauses to gift us with new gifts is what winter serves us on a platter.

The winter solstice seems to place itself on a very religious note in the culture of Persia. Termed it to be yalda, referring to the birth of Mithra, Persia seems to pray for winter as it is the season of the arrival of God. Mithra is the divine soul who seems to be the epitome of divinity, honesty, goodness, and positivity in this orb.

Going deeper into Greek mythology, Demeter, the goddess of earth was shattered and Devastated when she came to know that her daughter, Persephone, was tricked by Hades to eat the food of the hall so that she could stay with him as his wife. Zeus, the husband of Demeter, asked Hades to return their daughter back.

At that time, Demeter was too sad, out of which she created a season called winter.

Coming to India, we celebrate Holi in the season of winter as a start to a new beginning. Burning the Holika and urging to fight for new challenges to come across is the biggest significance of winter in our country.

According to some people, winter seems to be a bit dull and boring because it does not offer us much to move outside our homes due to the chilly cold.

Although, winter is visualized as a season which makes all the trees lose their beauty and there is a huge fall of leaves and flowers, recently it has been researched that it is one of the most nurturing seasons of the year as it gives a suitable atmosphere for all the ornamental plants to grow through. Abundance in profit with nourished farming and harvest is also scooped out.

Tips of winter

People prefer wearing warm clothes according to the climate where they put up. Generally, woollen materials are preferred along with mufflers and various stylish caps as the outfit of the season. Hot drinks, like coffee and tea and sometimes hot chocolate, are a very interesting choice for the masses. Sitting on the sofa, and enjoying a hot drink with some music or some tale shows or Netflix movies is what we look out for this season.

Generally, there is a shut-in in all the working organisations and in the schools as winter vacations and so the limit for enjoy extends much larger.

During these vacations, we can just invest time in some useful activities like joining a fitness program or yoga. Choosing a walk in the morning or enjoying a jog in winter to breathe in some fresh air is one of the healthiest activities we can reside too.

Physically, we get to see that a lot of energy is in store for us in winter. We are less prone to disease except for some coughs and colds as compared to the other seasons in winter. This season is a blessing for all the globe trotters as they can go to various places and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Diving into the skill of photography, winter seems to be one of the aptest seasons to capture the moment of fog, mist, and dew drops on the lush green leaves. A lot of fruits ranging from citrus oranges to red juicy apples help us to boost our metabolism and keep us fit and healthy.

The winter season seems to be very symbolic as it is the initialisation of a new year. On the eve of Christmas, when we come out of our homes to decorate the various Christmas trees and pray to Christ to give us a prosperous New Year ahead, winter marks a fresh start once again. We welcome a fresh beginning with whole positivity, strength and vibrant energy.

The Charming primroses and the fresh lilies along with vegetables like cauliflower get a chance to revive the beauty in this season.

We also use room heaters in order to keep ourselves Warm. College students usually get a break and plan out for a night-stay picnic with bonfires and guitars.

When we get to see a portrait of a hilly area in the chilly winters, we feel that we are starting on paradise on earth. The beauty of ice and the frosted water Falls with fresh lush green leaves look like the most heavenly moment we ever come across. Imagine starting at a hilly place a bit is the bag things are visualising the flowers.

Imagine yourself standing in the orchards of Apples and oranges! Just close your eyes and think of the divine moment when one is standing in the garden of flowers and capturing each moment of its blooming and getting radiated by the rays of the sun.

Seems like a fairytale! But yes! This is what winter actually provides us.

Harshness of winter

But looking at the other side of the coin, there is also some harsh effects of winter. In places where there is exceptional cold, animals and plants need to undergo some kind of adaptation in order to exist and address the cold.

The chilly weather does not permit the Poikilotherms to stay in the weather without any adaptations. Generally, the Robin family along with the aves, prefer to morphologically adapt themselves with the help of migration.

Some of the animals store the meals, during the summer so that they can consume them in winter. Raccoons and squirrels prefer to reside this kind of method. Hibernation is the most common activity of animals in winter. In this method, all the reptiles and the animals go to deep sleep or stay in inactive mode so that they have a reduced metabolism to face the weather.

Furry animals, Arctic fox and polar bears, generally have the resistance power to go through the winter and therefore the musculature changes the colour of fur.

Some groups thought having fur Makes the skin favourable to the season by overcoating themselves. Burrowing is also an adaptation for the animals to help them through winter.

When we come to the plants, we get to note that all the deciduous, perennials and annual plants have to go through a lot of struggle to exist in this season. Most of the annual folks do not exist while perennials find out some insulating ways to survive and deciduous are protected by their roots which are usually covered by snow.

Only some flowers like roses, the flowering plum, and lilies live and bloom in the frost.

But winter is a curse for all the poor people of society. With the chilly weather, they don’t even get the chance of getting protected by blankets and quilts. They light fires to get warm but it also causes danger as a lot of carbon dioxide gets formed and the ambience gets suffocated out of which death occurs.

The kids do not even get to eat full bread or some food to fill up their stomachs. They don’t have even the money to buy warm clothes. Therefore, many NGOs and rich people and school students donate a lot of food, warm clothes and wollen materials in order to save them from winter.

For those who do not have houses or do not have a method to earn their livelihood, winter becomes the toughest of all.


Therefore, with the hope of a new beginning, winter is welcomed by the people after autumn and the arrival of a new year begins with this season. It is at this time when people are free and can utilise their best vacations for some productive activity. Winter is just like a lock with a key.

On the one hand, it provides energy and vitality to the rich people and on the other hand, it is a danger for all the poor people. So being a combination of both happiness and sadness, it symbolizes moving forward with hope and goodness. Support is expected from us to secure the poor folks.

Altogether, which brings in a store of fun, celeb and festivities with an awaiting, amusing and alluring summer.


When does the winter season occur?

Winter occurs in India generally for six months ranging from October to March. In other countries, winter is said to occur when the earth’s axis is placed at the farthest distance from the sun. Winter solstice marks the beginning of the new season.

What is the significance of winter?

Winter is both a month of fun and happiness. With the awaiting New Year, we have to say adieu to the previous year and the memories of the previous time. Therefore, winter makes us ready for all situations be they happy, harsh, alluring or dangerous.

Name the four seasons of nature.

Summer, spring, autumn and winter are the four seasons of nature.

What Flora is expected to bloom in winter?

Roses, plums, oranges, guava, and apples are expected to be born in the month of winter. Generally, all the plants due to frost aren’t able to survive in chilly weather.

Is winter a curse for poor people?

Yes, winter is a curse for poor people because it does not provide them with the atmosphere to survive. They do not have blankets or any warm woollen clothes to save themselves from this chilly cold. Sometimes they have the danger of breathing carbon dioxide due to bonfires which leads them to suffocation and death. Some do not even have the food to fill up their stomach. Their resistance power becomes very low during the season.

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