Festivals of India Essay for Students and Children

Festivals of India Essay: The students and children who are willing to write an essay on the topic of “Festivals

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Festivals of India Essay: The students and children who are willing to write an essay on the topic of “Festivals of India” need to make sure that the essay is eclectic and displays a variety. The essay needs to be descriptive, and the grammar has to be extremely fancy and impressive. You must ensure that the essay talks about every regional and religious festival, depending on the length. While you can name the celebrations, if you have the liberty of word limit, you can also describe them shortly.

Festivals of India Essay
Essay on “Festivals of India”

If you want a more detailed guide on how to structure and frame a Festivals of India Essay, read the ensuing article. Check the sample essays, quotes, and a stepwise guide for the essay subsequently.

Festivals of India Essay

Suppose you are writing an essay on the topic, “Festivals of India”. In that case, you need to start by explaining the importance and significance of festivals in India and to the Indian Crowd. Further, you can also give a reference to the kind of culture and traditionalism of the country. In the content or the body, you can choose to list the festivals based on religion and then based on region. You must weave the essay in a way that appears to be exciting and caters to the requirement of the topic, which is to be informative.

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The essay must not be flat and bland, where you are only listing festivals. You must provide details depending on the intended length. Only listing festivals would make the essay comparatively boring. Furthermore, to make the essay more impressive, you can also add quotes and sayings to express a celebratory feeling for the same. The essay further needs to be highly descriptive in nature, and there can be no arguments or relatively offensive points that the writer must make while writing.

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Quotes and Sayings on Festivals

While writing your essay, you can add quotes and famous sayings to make it seem more impressive and relatable. In order to prove or establish a point, you must carefully add the quote to the essay without making it come across as forced or intentionally stuffed. There might not be particular quotes on the topic of Indian Festivals. However, you can find the sayings with respect to the specific festival and add them. In general, quotes and common wishes can also be found pertaining to the festivities and celebrations and add them accordingly.

Here are a few quotes for the purpose of reference that you can add to your essay:

  • Most holidays are wrapped up in tradition and are tied to the past. People add special foods and celebrations to make holidays memorable and exciting ~ Whitney Stewart
  • Festival of the impassioned efforts and manifold ambitions of all forms of youthful activity of every generation springing from the threshold of life ~ Pierre de Coubertin
  • Festivals are happy places, and you don’t really want to enjoy them on your own ~ Christine and The Queens
  • India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grand mother of tradition ~ Mark Twain
  • During festivals, people are open to each other and prone to accepting differing views
  • The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals ~ Siddharth Katragadda
  • Festivals are fun for kids, fun for parents and offer a welcome break from the stresses of the nuclear family. The sheer quantities of people make life easier: loads of adults for the adults to talk to and loads of kids for the kids to play with ~ Tom Hodgkinson
  • To celebrate a festival means: to live out, for some special occasion and in an uncommon manner, the universal assent to the world as a whole ~ Josef Pieper
  • The festivals appear to be part of a broader social phenomenon of the contemporary world ~ David Picard
  • In religion, India is the only millionaire – the one land that all men desire to see, and having seen once, by even a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for all the shows of all the rest of the globe combined ~ Mark Twain

Essay on “Festivals of India”

As Annie Besant once said, “India is a country in which every great religion finds a home”, nearly all the festivities have garnered their presence on the Indian Calendar as well. The country is known for its eclectic and diverse culture. The tradition of India is what stands to be its unique point. People from all across the world are extremely attracted to India due to its secularism and cultural development. Every month in India is dominated by one or the other festivity. Starting with New Year, Makar Sankranti, Sakat, Uttarayan, Pongal, Bihu, and more to Christmas, Hornbill Festival, Puzha Day, Pancha Ganpati, and so many more in December, Indian Calendars are dominated by celebrations across the nation.

Holi Essay in English

One of the prime religions in India and specifically the majority is Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma. There are many festivals celebrated as per the Hindi Calendar. It can be major festivals like Holi, Diwali, Janamashtmi, Rakshabandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Mahashivaratri, or minor festivities such as Gobardhan Puja, Bhaidooj, Sakat, Deep Deepavali, Dussera, Navaratri, and many others. Many celebrations and their intensity depend upon the region where they are celebrated. For instance, the nine days of Navaratri are usually signified with fasting and worshipping of nine forms of Goddess but in the state of Gujarat, the nine-day festivity is marked with Garba and completely musical and dancing celebrations.

Indigenous religions such as Sikhism have Gurupurab, which marks the birth of the Sikh Leaders and Gurus who have very piously steered the teachings in the Gura Granth Sahib. Further, for the Jains, Mahavir Jayanti marks the birth anniversary of Mahavir Jain, who spread the religion and laid the foundation of one of the purest religions in the world. For the Buddhist religion, Buddha Purnima is highly significant. The festivals that are indigenous or Asian do not fall on one particular day. The calculations are made in accordance with the respective religious calendars.

Islam is rooted in Indian Soil since the Mughal Era. The festivities around the holy month of Ramzan and both the events of Eid are equally celebratory as in an Islamic nation. Such is the diversity of India that only Muslims celebrate Eid. Still, people of other religions also participate in the celebrations, just as Muslims actively take part in the events pertaining to the festivities of Indian Religions. The British Colonial Era that India faced for decades paved a way for Christianity. Christmas found its way into the Indian Crowd and it is very enthusiastically commemorated with all its glory by people of all regions and religions.

Regional and Faith festivals such as Pongal, Onam, Bihu, Chhatth Puja, Rakshabandhan, and much more are celebrated by communities irrespective of religious inclinations. They depend on the general faith attached to the festivity or the regional celebratory moment such as those pertaining to Agriculture. India is diverse in its celebrations. With every changing region, language, and community, there is a difference in the celebration of festivals as well. “Festivals of India” outshine all the cultural and social perspectives around the world as they are very profoundly concerned with eventfulness and ecstasy.

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