Speech On Diwali for School Students and Children in English

Speech On Diwali: Diwali is the festival of Joy, which is celebrated widely in the Indian Subcontinent. Mostly, Hindus relate…

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Speech On Diwali: Diwali is the festival of Joy, which is celebrated widely in the Indian Subcontinent. Mostly, Hindus relate to this occasion as it marks the return of Lord Ram, his wife Sita, and brother Laxman to Ayodhya after a very tough exile of 14 Years. The week of Deepavali is a recognised vacation as it is full of many festivals, the most prominent being Diwali. The day is also known as the Festival of Lights and Prosperity.

Many Schools start celebrating the festival a few days prior, hosting cultural activities and programs for a celebratory feeling. There might be a scenario where you could be asked to deliver a Speech on Diwali.

If you are a school student and are looking for a speech sample or some time to get help in framing yours, check the following article. We have provided exemplary speech, multiple quotes, and important points to remember and refer to while writing the Speech for Diwali in English.

Speech On Diwali

Speech On Diwali in English for Students

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Festive Speeches which have to be delivered in School are semi-formal. Festivities and relative occasions are not formal. However, school is a formal environment where a student needs to keep a check on the subject and the matter they intend to address. Hence, while delivering a speech on Diwali, the students can add a personal touch while referring to a very restricted school environment. Comparatively, speech writing for Diwali can be easy as the speaker can add personal experiences, and the topic is relatable.

The speech must be prepared in advance so the speaker knows what to speak and how to permute the events. They can add innovative quotes and wishes to beautify the speech. All in all, the speech must reflect positivity and must not be argumentative in any concept or aspect.

Speech On Diwali for School Students: Important Tips

Framing and Structuring the speech in advance is always vital since it gives an idea of how to speak and what to sound like. The following tips can help in the preparation of the speech:

  • Always structure the speech prior to the day of deliverance.
  • Avoid using words that might be offensive or inappropriate for the school setting.
  • While speaking, make use of relevant experiences that are relatable to the audience.
  • Use idioms to beautify the speech and make it sound interesting.
  • Speak slowly and maintain eye contact with the audience to sound engaging.
  • Make sure that there is a smile on your face while speaking.
  • Diwali speeches must reflect positivity and radiance. Use such points that are very suitable to the occasion.
  • Long speeches could cause a loss of interest. Hence, do not sound lethargic or as if there is too much to listen to.

Quotes to add in English Diwali Speech

To embellish the Diwali speech, the speaker can use wishes for the festival. This will add a personal touch along with a sense of festivities approaching. The students can use the following most used and heard wishes on Deepavali for their English Speeches:

  • Have a fun and festive Diwali!
  • Wishing you a Diwali full of joy and prosperity.
  • Sending love and light this Diwali and all year long.
  • I hope that Diwali brings light, sweetness, and success to you and your family.
  • Wishing you wealth and wisdom this Diwali.
  • May glowing lamps guide your way to prosperity this Diwali.
  • May Lakshmi bless you with the wealth to overcome your electric bill after the Diwali lights!
  • Light the candles, and may your Diwali be divine!
  • May good triumph over evil, love over hate, and joy over despair this Diwali all year.
  • Diwali is a reminder that shadows pass, but the light remains.
  • Here’s hoping this new year brings joy, peace, prosperity, and success.
  • May Deepavali’s light brighten your days this Diwali.
  • May the lamps of Diwali glow long into the year for you.
  • Wishing you an abundance of love and riches this Diwali.
  • May light always guide your way this Diwali and all year long.
  • Praying knowledge triumphs over ignorance this Diwali and the rest of the year.
  • May Diwali cast out all the darkness plaguing your life.
  • Wishing you warmth, love, and light this Diwali and all year long.
  • May light triumph over darkness this year.
  • Let your love be the light that overtakes the shadows this Diwali.

Deepavali Speech Sample and Example

Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening to the Respected Staff and my dear Friends,
Today, we are all gathered here to celebrate the occasion of Diwali. It is one of the most widely loved and celebrated festivals in India. Deepavali brings light, illumination, positivity, and prosperity to it. From meeting and greeting loved ones to lighting up homes and streets with diyas and fairy lights, Diwali is all about happiness and jubilance. While Deepavali has many reasons to be happy and celebrate the lights within, it is also an appropriate occasion for social gatherings. It is celebrated in the Karthika month of the Hindu Calendar and usually falls in October or November, according to the English Calendar.

There are two reasons for the merriment on the day of Diwali. Firstly, it marks the return of the Hindu God and incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lorn Ram, to his home, Ayodhya, after defeating the Sri Lankan King Ravana during his 14 years of Exile. It signified the victory of good over evil and the preservation of the dignity of a woman since it was Ravana who kidnapped Lord Ram’s wife, Sita, which led to the battle. Further, the other reason is the defeat of Narakasura by Lord Krishna in Dwapar Yug. The gist of the festival is the victorious emergence of positivity over negativity, happiness over sadness, and light over darkness.

Lights and Diyas are the most common way of celebrating Diwali. Some prefer to do it by bursting crackers. However, we can limit ourselves and port for eco-friendly measures as they are the need of the hour. Moreover, since Deepavali is about cleaning up the dirt and embellishing lives with illumination, we can use the occasion to end the negativity and fill our lives with the radiance of merriment and joy. Here’s hoping this new year brings joy, peace, prosperity, and success. Happy Diwali!

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