Eulogy for Son by Mother or Father

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As parents, nothing can be more agonizing than losing your son permanently. The devastation that this loss brings is a feeling that no parent should be unfortunate enough to endure. However, if you are a parent who tragically lost his/ her son, then a good way to honour his departed soul is by preparing a Eulogy for him.

With a well-constructed and worded eulogy, you can give a worthy farewell to your son after his unfortunate passing. To help you do so, we are sharing this article.

Throughout this article, we will share all the key points by which you can prepare a heartfelt Eulogy for your son.

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We will also provide you with a sample of a Eulogy for the Son from the point of view of the Mother and Father. Therefore, kindly check out this article through to the end.

Eulogy for Son

Preparing a Heartfelt Eulogy for Son

It requires a good amount of courage to prepare a eulogy for your son. But no matter how emotionally draining this process is, it is worth it to honor your son’s memories. Once you start penning down the eulogy, it is likely that you will feel overwhelmed with emotions.

So, it is necessary for you to clear all your schedules and focus entirely on the eulogy. Give your eulogy as much time as you can. Take breaks if you are not emotionally ready to continue.

Once you finally commit yourself emotionally to preparing the Eulogy, then do outline it first. Subdivide it into different sections and create a structure for it. Afterwards, prepare a rough draft containing the details of all traits, achievements, qualities, etc of your son.

This will make the process of preparing the content of your eulogy significantly easier. You can also use the structure we are sharing below while creating the material of your eulogy.

Tips for a Eulogy for Son

Open the Eulogy for Your Son with a Brief Introduction

Before proceeding to talk about your son and his memories, you must briefly introduce yourself to everyone. For this, you will have to say your name and let everyone know your relationship with the deceased person.

Once you have introduced yourself, show gratitude towards everyone at the funeral or memorial of your son for showing up. As all those people are grieving with you for your irreparable loss, you must make them feel that their presence is of great importance to you.

Talk about Your Son and His Fond Memories

This part of the eulogy might not be very easy for you to pull off. However, to make your eulogy a success, it is very important to be done correctly. You can talk about your son’s traits, achievements, connections with his loved ones, etc. with an open heart. Do not try to be formal while speaking.

If the emotions get the better for you at some point, then take some pauses, breathe for some time, and take a sip of water if required. Remember it is better to include happy memories of your son in this part of the eulogy.

Relive all those quality moments that you will cherish throughout your life with your words. If you are emotionally prepared, you can also speak about the cause of the passing of your son. However, keep this part as brief as possible to not make your eulogy overly pessimistic.

Share Stories and Anecdotes of Your Son

If the duration of your eulogy allows and you are not emotionally exhausted, you can also share some stories and anecdotes about your son. However, this part is only included to make the eulogy more substantial. If you do not feel good about including it, you can skip it as well.

Moreover, if you decide to include a story or an anecdote in your eulogy, make sure it is humorous or positive. This will lighten up your mood as well as everyone present at the funeral/ memorial of your son for a fleeting moment.

Close Your Eulogy with a Positive Message for Your Son

While concluding your eulogy, you must give a positive message to the deceased soul of your son. You show how grateful you are that you had the pleasure of spending so many years of your life with your son.

Also, acknowledge the fact that you will keep the gift of his precious memories with you for your entire life. On this positive note, you can finally end your eulogy.

If you want more ideas about preparing a eulogy for your son, you can also check out the following samples.

Sample of a Eulogy for Son by Mother

Hello everyone, my name is [your name], and I am [your son’s] mother. First and foremost, I want to thank you all for showing up here and sharing our unimaginable pain of losing [your son’s name]. I do not think I have loved anyone more than [your son’s name] in my life. I have been completely numb since I realized I had lost him.

His smile used to be the best part of my day, and being unable to see it anymore brings me immense agony. [your son’s name] was always an ambitious child. He wanted to make a change in the world, and in a way, he did with his beautiful presence. But now, after his passing, my world has been irrevocably shattered.

I do not even know how to deal with this loss, and I think it is unfair for him to leave this world so early. But at the end of the day, what can we do in front of God’s will? As [your son’s name]’s comforting presence is no longer around me, I do not know how I will go on from here on.

However, I will take solace in the fact that I got to make so many beautiful memories with such a beautiful soul. I shall cherish these memories for the rest of my life. Rest in Peace, my child; you will stay in our hearts forever.

Sample of a Eulogy for Son by Father

Hi, all; I am [your name], and [your son’s name] was my beloved son. When [your son’s name] was alive, he gave me many moments to be proud of. But, I never let him know that I was proud of him because I always thought this would make him complacent. I always wanted to show him more love and affection but always resisted making him a tough individual.

Now that he has passed away, I am left with regret. I wish I were not so hard on him. I wish I had treated him with more love and warmth. But nothing can be done now. [your son’s name], if you are watching me from up there, I want you to know that I am extremely proud of you.

Your life was a gift to me that I will always be grateful for. I may never be able to recover from the pain your passing gives me. But I will always try to reminisce about your beautiful memories with a smile on my face. Thank you for everything, my child. May your beautiful and precious soul rest in peace.

Final Words

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