Natural Disasters Essay for Students and Children

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Natural Disasters Essay: The topic, “Natural Disasters” is a descriptive one. It is important to understand the requirement of the theme with respect to the audience and the purpose of writing. As a student, if you are writing an essay for an examination or competition, the essay needs to explain the types, causes, devastation, and prevention of the calamity. In the following space, we have provided a completely detailed essay on the topic, “Natural Disasters” in order to refer.

Further, a guide has also been provided so as to prepare a frame or structure of the composition based on the topic. Additionally, check subsequently for quotes to add to the essay in order to make it interesting.

Natural Disasters Essay
Essay on “Natural Disasters”

Natural Disasters Essay

While writing your Natural Disasters Essay, you need to have a complete understanding of what Natural Disasters are and their types. Each kind of calamity is caused due to different reasons. You need to have an understanding of the root causes, effects, intensities, precautions, and more before you begin writing. It is extremely important to be thorough with research. Further, you can also discuss examples or past incidents to declare the intensity and enormity of Natural Disasters.

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When you write, introduce the topic initially. Explain what Natural Disasters are and how they can affect the environment and humankind. The introduction needs to describe the calamities collectively as a subject. As you move to the content or the body of the essay, mention the various kinds of natural disasters and explain the causes, effects, and prevention or precautions.

In the conclusion, you must mention how humans sometimes interfere with the ecosystem triggering a natural disaster. While you might think that humans will be held responsible for the entire process, you must explain that they can only contribute but not cause.

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Quotes to add to the Essay

Writing an impressive essay is extremely important as it provides the opportunity to get marked better. If you are writing an essay for exams or competitions, the best way to score well is by adding a quote or a popular saying to prove a point. It is crucial that the writers understand that the essay has to include the quote in an organic manner and not be stuffed with it.

Quotes on natural disasters must be about the devastation, prayers, the reason, prevention, and more aspects. They should not be present in the essay for the sake of being there. Thus, before you add quotes to the essay, make sure that they justify or compliment a point that you are intending to make. Moreover, you should not stuff your essay with them.

Here are a few quotes that you can add to your essay:

  • Rising sea levels, severe droughts, the melting of the polar caps, and the more frequent and devastating natural disasters all raise demand for humanitarian assistance and disaster relief ~ Leon Panetta
  • In my mind of course natural disaster like tsunami, and these things, also I think indirectly may relate to human behavior. But then major sort of problems actually they’re due to a lack of moral principle ~ Dalai Lama
  • The world will continue to be hit by natural disasters and hateful mass killings, but communities bounce back stronger, so keep going ~ Azran Osman Rani
  • Even with all our technology and the inventions that make modern life so much easier than it once was, it takes just one big natural disaster to wipe all that away and remind us that, here on Earth, we’re still at the mercy of nature ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson
  • You have no control over natural disasters. That’s what’s scary about it. You’re helpless. That feeling of helplessness is really scary ~ R. L. Stine
  • All earthquakes and disasters are warnings; there’s too much corruption in the world ~ Aristotle
  • While natural disasters capture headlines and national attention short-term, the work of recovery and rebuilding is long-term ~ Sylvia Mathews Burwell
  • History is one war after another with a bunch of murders and natural disasters in between ~ Sarah Vowell
  • I had seen people who had lost everything and everyone they loved to war, famine, and natural disasters ~ Chelsea Clinton
  • All natural disasters are comforting because they reaffirm our impotence, in which, otherwise, we might stop believing. At times it is strangely sedative to know the extent of your own powerlessness ~ Erica Jong

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Sample Essay on “Natural Disasters”

The disasters where the composition of any component of the earth is altered to an extreme level are known as Natural Disasters. These kinds of calamities, in legal languages, are known to be an Act of God because they are a reaction of the earth to any hindrance in the natural processes on earth. Even though Clamaties are all equally devastating, the natural ones really break the bone of humankind as they are unexpected and uncontrollable. They can hit anytime and affect with any intensity. The technology has developed to such an extent that now, a prediction can be made, but only a tentative one. However, the reality can highly deviate from the warnings.

Some of the Natural Disasters are Landslides, Floods, Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Avalanches, Volcanic Eruptions, Cyclones, and much more. They are highly eruptive and can literally alter the composition of the earth. Each calamity is different, caused by different actions on the planet, and resulting in different effects.

For instance, Landslides are triggered by the shift in the mountain land plates. The hilly regions experience these shifts causing a rift in the mountains and further resulting in the movement of huge boulders rolling down the hill. Whereas, Floods are caused due to heavy rains and a lack of land’s capacity to absorb the water. In the case of earthquakes, there is a shift of the tectonic plates within the crust causing the land to move. The tectonic plate shift is potentially due to the tension created inside the earth. The rise in the sea level to an extent where the waves come up more than the usual height is termed a Tsunami.

Governments in different sets of land are aware of the potential calamities that they can face. Therefore, they issue respective warnings and precautionary rules. Humans might not be able to escape the enormity and the devastation caused by natural calamities. However, they can surely reduce the extent by taking the required precautions.

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