NEET Dress Code 2024 For Girls & Boys; NTA NEET Exam Day Instruction

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NEET Dress Code 2024: The NEET exam is the national-level entrance exam conducted by the NTA (National Testing Agency) to offer admission in the medical course (MBBS/BDS/Ayush). while appearing for the examination the exam conducting authority has implemented a dress code. Detailed information on the NEET Dress code can be found in the NTA NEET information brochure and recent changes in the dress code can be checked below in this article.

NEET Dress Code
NEET Dress Code 2024 For Girls & Boys; NTA NEET Exam Day Instruction 4

NEET Dress code has been the talk of the town since 2018. In order to have transparency and to stop cheating during the exam, NEET has introduced and adopted the concept of a dress code in the exam. In 2018 there was a huge controversy that happened over the dress code of NEET. NEET has cleared that they will not compromise on the dress code. So if you are a NEET 2024 aspirant then you should know about the NEET Dress Code 2024 and follow it to get admission to the exam centre smoothly.  

NEET Dress Code 2024

NOTE- The dress code mentioned in the official notification has not changed, only NTA has added some points regarding the safety of candidates during the exam against Coronavirus spread.

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NEET 2024 aspirants will get all the instructions on the dress code for the NEET exam 2024 here. Failing to follow the below-given instructions the applicant may have been declared disqualified to take the exam. As the NEET exam is a prestigious entrance exam in the country and aspirants prepare to take this exam for a complete year so it would be better to be aware of all the rules for this exam instead of facing the issues on the exam day.

You can read the complete details about the NEET 2024 Dress Code and instructions to be followed on the exam day here. Here is a quick view of the dress code set by NEET for the exam day and further in this article, you will get to know in detail about what to wear on NEET exam day;

What To Wear What To Avoid
Half Sleeves shirts, T-shirts, Dress, etcAny Full sleeves Shirt or any type of clothing
Jeans, Trousers, SalwarKurta Payjama, Saree, track pants
Mangal Sutra and few bangles (for married female aspirants)Mangal Sutra and a few bangles (for married female aspirants)
Small rubber band to tie hairHairpins, Big Rubber Bands, etc.
Sandals, sleepersShoes, Bellies, Sunglasses, Wallet, Handbag, etc
face mask and gloves

NEET Dress Code – What to Wear on Exam Day 2024?

NEET aspirants for 2024 are advised to adhere to a certain dress code as decided by the exam conducting authority. This dress code is applied to the clothes, footwear worn by students on the day of the exam and other accessories such as jewellery, belts, caps, etc as that go with the dress worn on the day. As NEET 2024 dress code has been slightly changed due to the pandemic, it is compulsory for all the candidates to wear face masks and gloves and follow all the necessary guidelines.

NEET declares a different dress code for male and female applicants. Let’s have a look at what you can wear on the exam day to take the NEET exam and what you will have to avoid wearing to get entry into NEET 2024 exam center.

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NEET 2024 Exam Day Instruction

  • A Personal small hand sanitiser (50 ml)
  • Personal transparent water bottle
  • Exam-related documents (i.e. Admit Card, ID card, etc)

Male Candidates

  • Male applicants of the NEET 2024 exam can wear light coloured clothes bottoms like Jeans or pants. The colour of shirts should also be light and they should have half sleeves only. Long sleeves dress is not allowed.
  • Applicants are suggested not to wear anything which can create difficulty in frisking & could be used to hide any type of communication devices.
  • The button of the shirt should not be too big.
  • In footwear, you can wear either sleepers or sandals.
  • Sikh aspirants can wear Kada and Katar as per their religious beliefs.

Female Candidates

  • Female applicants are also suggested to wear light clothes with half sleeves.
  • Applicants can wear Salwar, a Trousers with low-heel footwear. This is allowed on the exam day to take the examination.  
  • Female applicants need to choose sleepers or sandals as their footwear.
  • While making a choice about your footwear make sure that it should be open and your feet should be visible.  
  • Muslim female aspirants can wear Burka or hijab on the NEET 2024 exam day as this dress comes in the category of customary clothing.

NEET 2024 Dress Code- What not to Wear on Exam Day?

We have mentioned above that what can you wear on the NEET exam day. Now have a look at what items you should avoid wearing on NEET 2024.

Male Candidates

  • Male candidates wearing Kurta Payjama on the exam day will not be accepted at the exam centre. 
  • Heavy Dialed wristwatches, any type of jewellery, and metal bands in the wrist are strictly not allowed on exam day. 
  • Any type of shoes (formal or sports) and Track pants are also not allowed in the exam centre.
  •  Jeans are also advised not to wear on exam day as frisking in jeans can make you uneasy although NEET hasn’t included it in the ‘not to wear on exam day’ category.

 Female Candidates

  • For females, dresses with big buttons, brooches/badges, flowers, etc are prohibited on exam day.
  • Avoid Hairpins and bands on exam day. Ornaments like heavy earrings, pendants, and nose rings, are also to be avoided as these things are made of metal and take lots of time in metal detector screening. 
  • Avoid dresses with heavy embroidery on them.
  • Avoid shoes or any type of footwear which fully or practically cover your feet.
  • Avoid big wristwatches to wear.
  • Replace your legging, jegging, and jeans with formal trousers or a salwar for NEET exam day.

Why is NEET 2024 Dress Code Strict?

Many NEET aspirants may find the NEET 2024 dress code stringent but the fact is these rules are for their benefit only. These rules are laid out to avoid any malpractice during the exams. Last year, a lot was talked about checking and frisking, which made NEET aspirants uncomfortable. Do not repeat the same incident this year, NEET has released a dress code. Frisking will be easier in this dress code, and it will consume less time, too.

NEET 2024 Code of Conduct: Barred Items

Apart from following the dress code set by NEET for exam day 2024, candidates are expected to follow other rules as well and one of them is not to carry any bare item in the exam room. Here is the list that includes all the items which are not allowed in the NEET 2024 exam room.

  • Any stationery item like a Geometry or Pencil Box, Plastic Pouch, Calculator, Pen, Scale, Writing Pad, Pen Drives, Eraser, Calculator, Log Table, Electronic Pen/Scanner, textual material (printed or written), bits of paper, etc.
  • Any communication device including Mobile Phones, Bluetooth, Earphones, Microphone, Pager, Health Band, etc.
  • Other items like Wallet, Goggles, Handbags, Belt, Cap, etc.
  • All ornaments like Ring, Earrings, Nose-pin, Chain/Necklace, Pendants, Badge and Brooch, etc. (e)
  • Any Watch/Wrist Watch, Bracelet, Camera, etc.
  • Any metallic item.
  • Any type of food either opened or packed, water bottle, etc.
  • Any other item which could be used for unfair means like for hiding any communication device like Bluetooth etc.

NEET 2024 Exam Day Schedule

Aspirants are suggested to reach the exam centres before the reporting time and should all the social distancing norms. Candidates reporting late shall not be allowed in the exam centre.

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