Essay on Environment for Students and Children

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Essay on Environment for Students and Children: Essay writing is an important part of students’ life. They are always asked to write on some topic and one of them is Environment. To help out students we have provided a template from where students can take some help and ideas to write an essay on Environment.

Essay on Environment
Essay on Environment

Essay on Environment for Students and Children

The environment is our surroundings and the nature in which all living organisms live and grow. Every living and non-living thing makes up the environment. If life is possible on earth it is because of the environment only. It is the gift of God provided to us. Earth is the only planet in our solar system which can retain life and that is possible due to the Environment only.

The environment comprises two factors which are Biotic and Abiotic. Biotic factors comprise all the living components of the environment like animals, humans, birds and trees. Whereas Abiotic factors comprise all the non-living things around us like air, water, soil, minerals, temperature, rainfall and clouds. A balanced environment comprises both biotic and abiotic factors.

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A well-balanced environment is essential for the survival of all living organisms on our planet. Environment plays important role in maintaining the life cycle and ecological balance on earth. All the biotic and abiotic factors come up together and result in life forms. The environment regulates many natural cycles also like the water cycle on the surface of the earth.

The biotic factors include producers like plants, and algae and some microorganisms like bacteria. They produce food on their own. They take up energy from the sun and some minerals in the case of bacteria and along with carbon dioxide and water produce food and release oxygen. This food is then utilised by them also and other consumers also which cannot make their own food.

In return, these consumers release carbon dioxide which is essential for the survival of the producers. When these consumers die they provide nutrients to the producers which are released by decomposers in the environment. This cycle goes on and is the reason for the survival of living organisms. Abiotic factors include non-living components of the environment like humidity, temperature, rainfall, precipitation, wind, soil, minerals, etc. Life without these abiotic factors is not possible.

Nowadays due to many anthropogenic activities, our environment is degrading. Activities like deforestation and pollution are major threats to our environment. Pollution like air pollution, water pollution, and soil pollution is making our environment worse and worse. Air pollution is caused when pollutants like Carbon dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Oxides, Sulphur Dioxide, CFCs, and pollutants enter our environment and cause degradation of the environment.

A phenomenon like Acid rain is directly linked to the degradation of the environment. These pollutants enter the environment from various sources like smoke coming from vehicles and factories, burning of plastic, and release of gases from thermal power plants. Water pollution again a serious threat to the environment is caused when untreated sewage waste and chemicals are released into the water bodies making it contaminated and harmful for all the marine organisms and humans consuming it.

Soil pollution is caused when harmful chemicals and toxins get mixed with a top layer of soil and make it infertile for the plants to grow. These chemicals also enter our bodies when we consume fruits and vegetables grown in this infected soil. Deforestation is another major threat to our environment which is causing a major impact on our planet. Trees are being cut down at a very rapid rate which disturbs the natural cycle of the environment. Due to deforestation, we are losing our rich fauna also. Deforestation also leads to soil erosion, habitat loss, and an increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which results in global warming.

In conclusion, we can say that environment is uttermost Important for our survival because it is the thing which is giving us life. Life on earth is only possible due to the environment and it is the duty of every human to save the environment before it is too late.

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