Essay on My Hobby for Students and Children

Essay on My Hobby for Students and Children: Essay writing is an important part of students’ life. They are always asked to write on some topic and one of them is My Hobby. To help out students we have provided a template from where students can take some help and ideas to write an essay on My Hobby.

Essay on My Hobby
Essay on My Hobby

Essay on My Hobby for Students and Children

A hobby is an important part of developing a healthy and balanced personality of an individual. A hobby keeps a mind and soul active and refreshed. A hobby gives a fresh startup to our already monotonous life cycle. Our hobby gives our life a new perspective and essence. A hobby is a good weapon to kill boredom along with learning something new. A hobby keeps our mind refreshed. Not only this hobby teaches us a lot of things and if we are lucky we can make our future in our hobby only by following our heart.

Many have different hobbies some like to play cricket, basketball, or any other game, some like to draw while some like to sing and play musical instruments others to listen to music. There are so many hobbies to follow and like any other individual, I too have a hobby of reading books and novels, and one day I aspire to become a writer.

Whenever I get time I pick a book and start reading. I love the scent of new pages of a book and the touch of a new book just thrills me. Not only did I gain knowledge but my reading skills are also improved. I love to read novels and short stories. Adventure, friction, and science fiction are all my favorite genres.

Not only reading enhances my reading skills but this also helps me to improve my vocabulary. I love how a writer weaves so many words together which results in such a beautiful masterpiece. Reading not only enrich my English skills but widens my imagination also. I love to be lost in the world of magic, dragon, and whatnot. Books are the magical doorway to another dimension and world.

My favorite book series is Harry Potter by J.K Rowling. The magic of a book always attracts me to it. Whenever I’m feeling bored or even when I am feeling down I simply just grab a book of Harry Potter and am lost in the magical universe. It amazes me how beautifully the writer has presented such a world which not even exist in reality.

Reading different novels teaches me different things from Harry Potter I learned how to stay strong even in your bad days and from The Alchemist I learned always to follow your heart, stories of Panchtantra guide me and teach me how to be a good and humble person in life while my comics book brighten ups my boring day. My books are not just mere books of pages and covers but they are a gateway from this boring world. Reading such a variety of books improve my imagination also. The more I read the better the person I become day by day.

In conclusion, I would say having a hobby is as important as having an arm or leg. As they are vital for survival so is a hobby. A hobby is a key to escaping the tension and boredom of this great wide world. A hobby is like a shining rainbow over a cloudy sky. A hobby is like a secret best friend which cheers us up whenever we need it or whenever we are feeling down. And I am thankful for my hobby of reading books to save me from boredom and a monotonous life cycle and fill my life with colours, imagination, and magic.

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