Hindi Diwas Essay for Students and Children In English

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On the 14th of September in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India declared that Hindi would be the official language of India from now on. This historic decision was welcomed by every Indian with open arms and ever since then, the day is celebrated in the country as Hindi Diwas. Since the day holds so much significance, the students are often asked to write a Hindi Diwas Essay.

Writing a Hindi Diwas Essay requires good research by the students. The students must know the value of the day and the Hindi language in Indian Culture. To help students write such an informative and compelling Essay on Hindi Diwas, we are sharing this article.

In this entire article, we will provide the Students of Various Classes with well-written Hindi Diwas Essays. In addition, we will also share tips for preparing a good Hindi Diwas Essay as well. So, kindly check out this complete article through to the end.

Hindi Diwas Essay

Hindi Diwas Essay for Students

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Below are the samples of Hindi Diwas Essay for Students of Classes 1-12. For different classes, we have accordingly provided Essays ranging from 100 to 300 words. Therefore, you can go through the following article and accordingly pick the Essay on Hindi Diwas for your respective class.

Tips For Hindi Diwas Essay
Hindi Diwas Essay for Students and Children In English 4

Essay on Hindi Diwas for Students of Class 1-4 (100+ Words)

Hindi Diwas is celebrated on 14 September every year. It is observed on the day, Hindi became the official language of the Indian Country. On this day, schools, colleges and other institutions celebrate the fact that we live in a country where the majority of the population speaks and writes Hindi. Schools also educate the students about the historical significance of the day by organizing various programs.

Not only this, but various schools in the Country also celebrate the Hindi Pakhwada in which they make students aware of various aspects of the Hindi Language and its usage across the country. The Hindi Samaroh which is organized on the evening of the day is a spectacle to behold. As Indians, the Hindi Diwas makes us proud of ourselves and our official language every single year.

Hindi Diwas Essay for Students of Class 5-8 (200+ Words)

The cultural diversity of India is something that makes us stand out in the world. All the cultures and religions are equally respected in our country. However, one thing that binds all Indians together is the Hindi Language which is spoken by the most number of people in the country. So, to acknowledge the day when it became the official language of the country, 14 September is celebrated as Hindi Diwas every year.

On this day, we rejoice in the fact that we all are Hindi speakers and how proud we are of the language. Various activities conducted across schools, colleges, educational institutions and offices across the country make this day memorable for everyone. Our government also celebrates this day with great enthusiasm.

Different awards like Kirti Puruskar and Rajbhasa Gaurav Puruskar are bestowed upon citizens of India for their contribution to the growth of the language. The significance that this day holds is enormous and every year it gives us more reasons to be proud of being Indians and more importantly Hindi speakers.

Hindi Diwas Essay for Students of Class 9-12 (300+ Words)

More than 420 million people across the world speak Hindi as their language and more than 120 million people across the world speak it as their second language. These numbers are enough to tell you how highly revered our language is. Hence, we mark the day it got its status as the official language of the country in India as Hindi Diwas.

The power of the Hindi language is not only limited to the Indian country, various foreign countries like Fiji, New Zealand, Mauritius, etc., hold it in high regard. To acknowledge this fact, several events are organized all around the country in India. Students in schools give speeches, recite poems and sing songs in Hindi to celebrate the day.

Teachers of schools and other educational institutions conduct different programmes to tell the students about the importance of the day. The Government of the country organizes Hindi Samaroh on the eve of the day to let everyone know how proud we are of being Hindi speakers. Various institutions celebrate the day by organizing cultural festivals in which performers illustrate unparalleled enthusiasm to show their love for the language.

Hindi Diwas also fills the hearts of the people of India with a feeling of patriotism as well. The hearts of Indian people swell with pride to know the fact that they are celebrating the Hindi language which is associated with our country and its people.

Another significant event that falls on the same day as the Hindi Diwas is the birthday of Beohar Rajendra Simha who was a highly regarded Indian artist of cursive Devanagari script. So, people remember him on this day as well.

India may have people from different cultures and religions but we are integrated as a singular body through our love for the Hindi Language. And the joyous and energetic celebration of Hindi Diwas every year by the people of the country only cements this fact.

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