How to Write a Profile Essay? Profile Essay Example, Tips

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How to Write a Profile Essay: Essay Writing is of myriad kinds. It entirely depends upon the topic which needs to be focused on at the time of writing. The writer can choose to frame their essays in a way where they can be either descriptive, narrative, argumentative, or any other. Sometimes, the topics happen to be such that the format of writing is automatically fixed. An essay follows a specific structure. The content needs to be adequately blended with the skeleton of the composition. One such format is Profile Essay. When we read blogs, descriptions, articles, and other literary pieces, we might come across such kinds of essays.

If you wish to know How to Write a Profile Essay, What is it, Important Tips, and more, you can check the following article. Additionally, an exemplary Composition is also mentioned subsequently which shall prove very helpful to comprehend the Profile Essay Outline.

How to Write a Profile Essay: Tips and Sample
Profile Essay Tips, Format, and Example

How to Write a Profile Essay?

Writing an essay might seem very uncomplicated and extremely simple. However, if one has to do the job with perfection, one needs to be equipped with complete knowledge regarding the same. While attempting an essay writing, the writer needs to be able to recognise the kind of essay that has to be written on a particular topic. In case, there happens to be a topic where one needs to explain a complete profile or the personality of a person, an object, an occasion, or any such entity, the writer needs to frame it in the format of a profile essay. Writing such essays requires deep research along with balanced comprehension of the requirement of the topic.

What is a Profile Essay?

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A profile essay is one where the writer is required to describe the profile of the object, person, event, organisation, or any other entity. If one has to consider it, a profile essay can be similar to a descriptive kind of essay. Usually, the writer is provided with a topic and extensive research is required. Once that is done, analysing and composing, the literate follows. Combining everything, a profile essay has to be written. While writing about a profile of a certain object or person or event or any other such criteria, there must be a profound focus on being insightful and descriptive.

Thus, a particular format needs to be followed, and yet the writer must try to incorporate as many facts pertaining to the topic as possible.

Important Tips and Format for Profile Essay

Not everyone can have a flair for writing. However, to assume that in spite of not being naturally equipped with writing, talent, one cannot exceed in essay writing would be totally unjustified. If the writer aims to write a profile essay, they just need to keep certain things in mind and follow a specific format. In this manner, they will be able to easily pursue their idea while presenting it in an extremely acceptable composition. Profile essays follow a certain structure. This has to be followed compulsorily while composing one. If one diligently focuses on the right format and structure, one will definitely be able to write an exceptional essay. The following tips and points will prove highly beneficial while writing a profile essay:

  • Carefully understand the kind of topic that has been given to you.
  • Comprehend the requirement of the essay. Once you know via writing, the essay, it will be easier to frame it.
  • Start by analysing your thoughts on the topic. Once you completely acknowledge the information you already know about the topic, it will be easier to correctly research it.
  • start by collecting general facts and figures regarding the topic. For example, if one has to write a profile essay on a sportsman, The introduction would be about the global recognition or the public recognition of the personality.
  • Go into the details and history of the topic. Why does the object or person or event or organisation or the centric idea of your topic exists the writer needs to understand this.
  • The content or the body of the essay must focus on the history or development of the topic, followed by the present status. Post that, knowledge of the whereabouts or achievement or usage of the entity can be listed.
  • The essay needs to be written in the general format. This implies that the writer must introduce the topic initially followed by the body or the content, and lastly, concluding.
  • By the end of the essay, the reader must be able to figure out what exactly the topic is and why it is written.
  • The conclusion has to establish the significance or importance of the entity, which is the topic, in the life of the reader.
  • Make short paragraphs such that the essay does not seem extremely monotonous.
  • The language of the composition must be set to a tone where the reader is easily able to understand it.

Exemplary Composition

In order to be more lucid with how to write a profile essay, we have taken an example. One, we shall Frame a profile essay on Diwali: The most anticipated festival in India.

Diwali: Most anticipated festival in India

The festival of Deepavali or Diwali is celebrated across the Indian subcontinent have the utmost zeal and excitement. Basically, it is a Hindu festival but provides an ecstatic opportunity for Indians as citizens. It marks the victory of elimination over darkness. Commonly, the festival is associated with lights, prosperity, positivity, and the beginning of a new year.

The festival is usually celebrated in the month of October or November. It lasts for five days and the date synchronises with the Hindu calendar’s Karthikeya month. In India, it also indicates the change of seasons. Religiously, the festival implies the return of the Hindu God, Lord Rama to his home along with his wife and younger brother post a tough exile of 14 years. Additionally, it also signifies the devastation of evil, Narakasur, by Lord Krishna and Goddess Kali.

Deepavali is celebrated by eliminating houses with lights and Diaz. Hindus pray for prosperity and positivity in their household and professional ventures. Diwali is also about crackers for the young generation. However, with an increase in pollution and a decrease in environmental stability and sustainability, many are considering this way of celebrating the festival. Nevertheless, the festivity is enjoyed with commendable food and social gatherings.

Mainly, there are two major festivals in the country of India. The first is Holi and the other is Diwali. The latter is one of the most anticipated occasions in the lives of many Indians. This is so because the festivity lasts for nearly a week and provides a more approachable and acceptable way of celebration. The entire market and public places are full of jubilant crowds and the country looks like a glowing decorated land.

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