Digital India Essay | Essay on Digital India Program in English

Digital India Essay: Digital India is a program under the Government of India, started in 2015. It is an umbrella

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Digital India Essay: Digital India is a program under the Government of India, started in 2015. It is an umbrella program that covers various aspects of the Digital advancement of the country. The program today has grown up to several folds and has made enough impact on the life of Indians and the future of India.

The topic of Digital India is a trending topic of discussion in India. An essay on “Digital India Program” is very likely to be a part of the discussion at various levels. To be part of it, you need information and adequate knowledge about the topic. That is why we are here with a topic which is apt to attract your attention. We are providing you with an Essay on Digital India, that you can use in your next Essay competition or in general to gain knowledge about the topic of Digital India.

Digital India Essay
Digital India Essay | Essay on Digital India Program in English 7

Digital India Essay

Those days are gone, when people had to stand in long queues and wait for months to get a single work done. No wonder, that technology today has made the life of people convenient. But a country like India could not have imagined a future like today a few years back. Six years back in time, the scenario was quite different as it is of today. The technology was there, but it was limited to only a small fraction of the country.

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Today, a major portion of the Indian population uses the Internet. The campaign of the Digital India program is a boon this country really needed. People belonging to even the remotest villages now possess facilities that connect them to the outer world. The movement of Digital India began on July 1st, 2015, led by the current prime minister of India, Honorable Shri Narendra Modi.

I dream of a Digital India, where Knowledge is strength and empowers the people.

Shri Narendra Modi

This was how the prime minister of India envisioned it, which led to the initiation of this movement and we can witness it becoming a reality today.

He launched Digital India with a vision to provide easy access to internet services for all the citizens of India. His main target was to include a vast majority of the remote population in this campaign. He wanted the people residing in the small villages, to be a major part of this campaign and the one to benefit the most out of it.

According to the prime minister of India, “technology first” is the focus of the government and it very well goes with the motto of “Power to empower”. The key vision of this government campaign is broadly divided into three heads:

  • E-Governance for all citizens of India
  • Digitally Empowering citizens
  • Providing a digital Infrastructure for all

The objective of the campaign was to create a digital infrastructure, form a large network and unite people around the whole country. With the launch of this campaign, high-speed internet was the core agenda at foremost. Bharat Broadband Network Limited (BBNL), a government body worked to boost internet connectivity and e-services.

The program of digital India incorporates different ministries under the government of India. The movement of Digital India largely aims at educating the Indian masses about digital facilities, their access, and their use it. With the help of the Digital India campaign, various digital services have been provided to people at their convenience.

Who made it possible?

The movement of Digital India was made possible with the help of top Industrialists and commerce companies in India like Wipro, Tata Industries, and Reliance Industries. The major concern was to make people use electronic services. Through the campaign of Digital India, the government targeted, e-services to cover more than 600 districts, with the help of major IT companies.

It is estimated that more than 1 lakh crore has been invested in the campaign and the amount will increase in the future as the campaign intensifies with time. Among the many schemes of Digital India, some of them are attaining great success are the Arogya Setu app, e-health, digital locker and, National Scholarship Portal. Also, programs like Startup India have been a huge success in boosting the ease of doing business across the country. E-Kranti use for Electronic Delivery of Services and Digital governance has also enhanced.

Digital infrastructure creation was one of the main targets under Digital India, to make people use these government services with the creation of unique identity for every citizen of India, which makes access to the online services easier. The program is based on various defined agendas. Below, we have depicted the nine pillars of digital India that gave this campaign a structure.

9 pillars of digital india

It was only because of the campaign of digital India, that E-governance was digitalized. Today, each one of us uses these digital platforms for basic government services like bill payment. Also, other services like digital attendance have made work simple for government administration and local companies. Chatbots like PAI, providing personal digital assistance are available on the online platforms to make digital working easy for all.

What are the programs included in Digital India?

Digital India campaign includes various programs under one umbrella campaign. It offers services like Andriod mobile application, UMANG for students, work as an education and recruitment portal and also offers different kinds of services like online ticket booking and tax payment. Digi lockers have been introduced, keeping the documents digital and secure, e-sign, for digitally signing the documents. Programs like Startup India, Make in India are among the campaigns that have attained huge success over the years.

digital india

With access to technology, the services of hospitality have been made convenient. e-hospitals provide medical services to people including the scheduling of appointments, payments, reports, etc. Now, the government is also helping the farmers and other people of the society to make their life easier with technology. Farmers can now get crop recommendations online. Also, the weather forecasting and the facility for calling assistance have been made available to the farmers.

Another sector very much benefitted from this movement is the Banking sector. With the launch of indigenous debit cards such as Rupay, the use of banking services has elevated. Managing a bank account is easy than ever before. The program of Jan-Dhan bank account was a huge success that led to the creation of bank accounts for more than a billion people, giving them a digital identity. Post Offices have also been linked together digitally through the DakPay to ease their dependency on paper.

Distance Learning has been eased, students today learn through digital platforms. In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, it was the internet that helped children not lose access to their studies and curriculum. In addition to this, online classes have intensified like never before.

Now, the Digital India campaign aims to increase digital literacy access further to about six crore households, under PMGDisha (Pradhan Mantri Gramin Digital Saksharta Abhiyan). Also, the government is giving a major push to increase the Optic fiber connectivity in the country under BharatNet program and more than 2 lakh gram panchayats have been connected until now.


The digital India program has impacted the development of our nation hugely. The impacts can be counted as Economic, Environmental or social. It is estimated that a campaign like digital India can uplift the economy of India by one trillion and now the government is working towards transforming it into a five trillion economy. The digital Literacy of India has increased too. It has made us all survive times like a pandemic.

According to a report by Nascom and Akamai, Indian internet users were likely to hit 730 million by 2020 which is more than double the users that were five years before. There were around 330 million users in 2015. The usage of the internet has increased up to 50%. Today, there are more than 100 crore mobile users in the country. With the usage of Digital platforms, corruption is highly reduced.

Each action of humans greatly impacts the environment we live in. The technology of Digital India reduces the footprints humans have on the environment. The reduction of paper consumption is among the many benefits that can be attributed to the use of digital platforms. In addition to this, these digital platforms reduce travel and pollution.

But like everything is not perfect, there are loopholes in the digital platforms as well. There are still some advancements that need to be done and some threats that need to be tackled with the foremost attention. Like, the threat of Cyberattacks. With all the digital platforms, the major concern, at stake, is the privacy of people and cybersecurity while using the internet.

Essay on Digital India (Short)

Digital India is a campaign launched by the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi on July 1st, 2015. The mission of Digital India basically aimed at increasing internet access for the people of India and making e-governance a reality.

The program at the basic is aimed at providing stable internet connectivity all around the world, especially to the core villages of India, where technology was inaccessible. The program was launched and enabled due to the efforts of various multinational companies and also a major role was played by the IT companies that actually drove the wheel.

The campaign was in all a major success, as today, a vast majority of the population belonging to rural India has the access to the internet. We do even the smallest of our payments through these digital platforms. e-governance has finally been established in the government authorities.

The life of Indians has become simpler than before. It was only due to the movement of Digital India that India very well survived a pandemic like COVID-19, which left the world devastated yet workable. But like everything comes at a cost, internet users are most likely to experience and get impacted by the cyber threats, that need to be addressed.

I hope this essay on Digital India, helps you in the best possible way. You can drop down your feedback in the comment box!


What is the Digital India Program?

Digital India is a program launched by the government of India to provide digital services to all the people of India and educate people about digital resources.

What is the use of a Digi locker?

With Digilocker, one can store important documents like certificates, Identity cards, Licences, etc.,

When was the Digital India program launched?

The Digital India Program was launched on 1st July, 2015.

What are the benefits of the Digital India program?

The program of Digital India aims at increasing Internet connectivity among the masses, making e-services easily accessible for all, and ensuring a stable digital infrastructure in the country.

What is the Key vision of the Digital India Campaign?

The digital India campaign goes with three key visions:
-E-Governance for all citizens of India
-Digitally Empowering citizens
-Providing a digital Infrastructure for all

Why is digital India important?

Digital India is important to enhance the social and economic status of the country by providing easy access to online resources for all citizens of India.

Who started the Digital India Program?

the Digital India program was started by Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi in 2015.

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