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5th September Teachers Day Essay In English For Class 10th शिक्षक दिवस: Teachers Day is celebrated in India on 5 September 2022. Many students write essays on Teachers’ day. Through our article, you will get short and long essays on Teacher’s day. The essays include teacher roles, why we celebrate teacher’s day, and lessons we should learn from the world’s greatest teacher. There will be two essays in this article. One will have less than 20 words and the second one will have more than 500 words. Scroll down to check the essays.

Teachers Day Essay
Happy Teachers Day Short Essay Writing

Teachers Day Essay (<250 | 150 words) Short

Teachers Day is a very special occasion for a teacher and students. It is celebrated every year on 5 September to give respect and love to the teachers. 5th September is the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radahkrishan who was a great teacher and second president of India. Teachers are the main reason for the growth of the nation. They make the world a better place. Teachers do not only teach us subjects but they also help us grow by teaching us the moral values which are more important than studies. A good teacher is a candle that burns itself to light the way for others.

During 1962-67 when Dr. Radhakrishan was the president of India, people requested him to celebrate his birthday. He replied that instead of celebrating his birthday, he would be privileged if that day is celebrated as Teachers Day. From that day, India celebrated Teachers day every year on 5th September. On this day, students organize dance and singing competitions, games, and mimicry of their teachers. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru once said that Dr. Radakrishan has served the country good but above all, he was a great teacher that everyone adored.

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A teacher is the second parent for children. We want to thank the teachers for always guiding us and showing us the right way. You are an inspiration for all the children. We are lucky to have you as a guide. We are giving you our gratitude for giving us the knowledge.

Thank you and once again Happy Teachers Day.

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Format of a good Teachers Day Essay

A good essay should be in the following format:

  1. Introduction: An essay should first have a proper introduction about the topic. The introduction should be eye-catching and interesting. If the introduction is not interesting, many people will not read the essay further.
  2. Body: After a proper introduction, the essay includes the body of the topic. It consists of detailed information about the topic, history and other things.
  3. Conclusion: At last, the essay includes the conclusion. At this point, sum up all the points and write your point of view. A new point should not be introduced at this point.

Teachers Day Essay (500+ words)- Long Class 10th

First of all, very Happy teachers day to every teacher. Teacher’s Day is celebrated in India on 5 September. It is celebrated on the auspicious occasion of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishan’s birth anniversary. He was a great leader, scholar, and teacher. We celebrate this day every to give tribute to Dr. Radhakrishan and show respect and love to our teachers. On this day, students organize many events for the teachers. The most common events are speech, dance, and singing competitions and mimicry of the respective teachers. Some students even dress like their teachers to entertain the teachers. The day is celebrated with love and laughter. It is a way for children to show their gratitude to teachers. Students also bring gifts for their favorite teacher. Teachers are treated very well on this day.

Teachers are the backbone of every person’s life. It is the teacher that teaches students the new meaning of life. They show us the right path and stop us from doing anything wrong. They may see from the outside but they care for each student and wish for their growth. Do not forget that student who does not respect their teachers, never grow in life. Teachers mould the student’s personalities. They are the only selfless person that happily gives children all their knowledge.

Dr. Radhakrishan was a great teacher that everyone loved. He was born in a middle-class family on 5 September 1888. He completed college and become a professor at Madras Christian College. He became principal at Harris Manchester College and the Vice-Chancellor at Andhra University. He was also the first philosopher and vice president of India. He became the president of India from 1962 to 1967. He taught Ethics at Oxford University for almost 16 years. He believed that education does not come from only books. Obtaining knowledge is far from what is professional and academic.

Other great teachers in the world taught us many things. Aristotle’s life teaches us to be good learners and never stop learning. Gautama Buddha was born a prince but he left all the luxuries for the life of knowledge. Emma Willard who was a women’s rights activist teaches us to raise our voice against injustice and never be afraid of it. Savitribai Phule was a poet and an Indian Social Reformer. She taught us to treat everyone equally and with respect.

We cannot imagine our future without the teacher’s guidance. They burn themselves to make our future bright. On this day, let us remember all the great teachers of the world and learn something from them. We thank the teachers for being patient with every student and working on each student’s weakness. Without your guidance we are incomplete. Thank you for your support and love.

Teachers Day Essay- Dos and Don’ts

  • Don’t write too much in the introduction section.
  • Make the essay readable for everyone.
  • Try to ignore the long stories.
  • Don’t ask question in the essay.
  • Try to give live examples.
  • Don’t write anything that is not related to topic.
  • Write an essay in the proper format explained above.
  • Try to use transition words like therefore, however, above all etc.,

We have tried to give you a good, easy, and readable essay. If you find our essays interesting or have any questions regarding Teachers Day Essay, comment us in the comment section.

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