Eco Friendly Diwali Essay, Quotes, Lines

Eco Friendly Diwali essay, Quotes, Lines: The cardinal symbolism of Diwali is the idea of the ascension of light over

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Eco Friendly Diwali essay, Quotes, Lines: The cardinal symbolism of Diwali is the idea of the ascension of light over darkness. To express this ages-old spiritual & religious concept, the festival is celebrated by lighting up diyas, candles and decorative lamps. There is a tradition of celebrating the Festival of lights with family & friends by exchanging gifts, sweets and conversations. Along with all these, there is one major activity that both kids & adults love doing on Diwali, and that is burning crackers and lighting fireworks. While the bright colours of the firecrackers are amusing to the eyes for a while, they cause major environmental problems and health hazards in the long run.

This article is an initiative to promote the eco friendly diwali celebration. Become an Earth Hero today by sharing our Eco Friendly Diwali essay & quotes with your family & friends.

Eco Friendly Diwali Essay, Quotes, Lines

Are you an environment enthusiast concerned by the high levels of pollution made during Diwali every year? Have you been meaning to inspire your family & friends to take a safer approach to celebrate the festival? If yes, this post has all the weapons you will need in your pursuit. Check our essay on Eco-Friendly Diwali and our collection of quotes to send your family & friends.

Eco Friendly Diwali Essay
Eco Friendly Diwali Essay

Essay on Eco friendly Diwali

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Introduction: Diwali is undoubtedly India’s most significant festival of all time. People across the nation participate in the Festival of light and have a great time with their family & friends. One raging issue that comes up each year right after the Diwali celebration is the heightened pollution levels throughout the country. Air and noise pollution lead to various health hazards, especially for young children and elders. Every year rules are introduced by the government in an attempt to lower the emission levels, but they are not followed very rigorously. Rules don’t make the festival boring. We just need to be creative enough to come up with more ways to celebrate whilst preserving the integrity of our planet.

Eco friendly Diwali celebration: We can avoid buying chemical-based rangoli colours and stick to natural alternatives such as rice powder, flour, flowers, turmeric, colored sand, etc. Instead of excessive candle burning, we can emphasize earthen diyas more since they cause significantly less pollution. We can involve the kids of the house to make decorative items from normal household items such as old discs, hangers, cardboard and much more. LED lights should be preferred for decorations rather than the traditional power-consuming ones.

And the most important one is the lesser use of firecrackers. We should make our kids understand the implications of firecrackers on the environment and limit their usage to a minimum. We can simply start by following the government’s introduced guidelines for a safe Diwali. The waste generated after cracker bursting should also be disposed off carefully as the remnants also possess heavy amounts of toxins in them. We can plan fun group activities instead of lighting crackers, after all, spending time together is what makes the festival special. These activities will set a trademark for others and give birth to brand new Diwali traditions, more inclined towards making memories.

Conclusion: This Diwali, let’s take a creative approach to make the festival stand out and create beautiful decorations together with family & friends. By doing these activities together, the day will turn out to be much more memorable. Let’s take a leap forward to an eco-friendly Diwali and make earth happy.

Eco Friendly Diwali Quotes & Lines

We are sharing our collection of eco friendly diwali quotes with you. Text your loved ones these quotes and messages and show you care about them.

  1. This Diwali, burn away your stress, not crackers. Have a safe pollution free Diwali.
  2. Let’s join forces this Diwali and pledge to restore the paradise this earth once was, lets say no to crackers and save our planet.
  3. Festival of light approaches us once again, filling our hearts with vision of love over hate. Let us flood our mother earth with the same love and avoid using crackers this year.
  4. When we are kids even playing in the mud gives us the joy of the heavens, then why just stick to burning crackers? Let’s get creative and discover our own new way for an eco-friendly Diwali.
  5. The real beauty of Diwali is not just the bright light that meets our eyes, it’s the sense of peace & enlightenment we feel in our mind. I wish you a Diwali where your mind and soul shine brighter than ever.
  6. I kept on burning crackers each Diwali to feel the same joy that I felt as a kid but that never happened. Maybe it was not the burning of crackers but the company of my dear childhood friends I missed. Happy Diwali dear friend, have a good one.
  7. This Diwali, let’s meet again; let’s sit on the roof and watch the sky be lit again. Not by crackers but the memories of old times let’s ignite a special little fire.
  8. You don’t need crackers to burn this Diwali, burn away all the bad memories and welcome new ones, full of love, peace and prosperity. Happy Diwali.
  9. The crackers will only light up your space for an instant but your kindness and compassion will light up forever.
  10. Who needs to light a cracker when the light of your dreams are enough to make the world shine brighter than ever. Happy Diwali, to my dreamer friend.

We truly hope that these quotes will light up your Diwali even more. Make sure to share these with your loved ones and spread happiness and love. Happy Diwali!

How can I celebrate my Diwali eco friendly?

There are various ways in which you can make Eco Friendly Diwali. For starters, don’t burn crackers, use organic rangoli colours instead of chemical based ones, avoid burning candles and rather stick to earthern diyas, get creative and make best out of waste decorations for your use.

Why is Diwali called festival of light?

The use of the word light in Diwali is the symbolism of the ascension of light over darkness. The word Diwali gets its roots from the Sanskrit word Deepawali, which literally translates to a row of lights.

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