15 Best Online Fashion Design Courses for Beginners

Online Fashion Design Courses: Fashion Design is growing to be one of the top choices in terms of career in

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Online Fashion Design Courses: Fashion Design is growing to be one of the top choices in terms of career in the coming days. It has become very imperative for those who are interested in this particular field to gain a certain amount of exposure in terms of education. The reason for this is that fashion has now developed into such an educative field that has complexities written all over it. Now, the experts in the field need the freshers to be well educated regarding the textiles, colour combinations, history of fashion, projects and experiments in the field of fashion, and much more.

In order to cater to these requirements, there are many fashion institutes in the world or departments at many world-leading universities.

Online Fashion Design Courses
Online Fashion Design Courses

While there are many options in order to pursue full-time offline courses in the field of fashion that serve the requirements of students to be educated and gain exposure pertaining to the nuances of fashion and relative technology, there are certain students who seek an online or a part-time training in order to get started. Many people are still hesitant and unable to take up fashion as a very mainstream career choice, while some are necessarily restricted to taking up courses in the field in the traditionally offline mode.

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Thus, there are many courses across the globe that provide online training. Check the ensuing article for all the details pertinent to the Best Online Fashion Design Courses that you can sign up for as a beginner so as to kickstart your career in fashion.

Best Online Fashion Design Courses for Beginners

Fashion has always been a very subjective field. There have been considerable differences and relative clashes of opinions that vary from person to person while we talk about the complexities of fashion. Thus, there was not a very traditional mainstream educational allusion a few decades back in India. With growing professions and an understanding of the little delicacies of fashion, it became crucial to understand the relative details in the domain and run a career on the basis of the little details.

So as to deliver an academic comprehension pertaining to this, India witnessed the establishment of fashion institutes of the National Institutes of Fashion Technology NIFTs, the National Institute of Design NID, and many others. It has to be noted that these institutions provide education in Fashion as a full-time fashion degree.

With the growth of online careers through social media platforms, enthusiasts in the field are always in search of such options for education that let them get exposed to academic technicalities without being engaged in the full curriculum. Moreover, many interested students are unable to join the offline certification courses and degrees due to distinctive reasons. Furthermore, certain students are unsure about being able to take up the courses in a full-time format as they are only beginners and testing their calibre in the field.

It is now that the online courses that not only offer extensive knowledge but also a very dependable certificate come into action. These courses are relevant enough to provide the right amount of exposure along with a very reliable certificate to kickstart their career.

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Factors for Choosing Online Fashion Design Courses

Before taking up the course or selecting one, there are certain factors that you need to take into consideration. While checking the course module and its details, you must analyse all the nuances of the course and tick mark the ensuing parameters. This shall reflect that your course will be beneficial and as a beginner, it matches your desired level of expertise. Thus, to make your job easier in the respective criterion, we have listed the factors. Carefully read the subsequent parameters and choose accordingly:

  • The Fashion Course must not require you to appear for a paper or a certain set of classes in offline mode. This shall not serve as the right purpose for you to take up the course in an online mode as your convenience shall get compromised.
  • The fee of the course matters incredibly. The Online Fashion Design Course that you are choosing must be worth its curriculum as you must note that it will not be on par with an offline course that provides a degree. Thus, the fee amount should be accordingly.
  • As an aspirant of Online Fashion Design Courses, you must note that the thing that matters the most is the certification that you will get after the completion of the course. Thus, it is imperative that your course offers you a certificate that is relevant and recognised by some of the best entities in the field.
  • The duration of the course must be fixed upon observing the modules of the course. There are many courses that are available at a self-paced duration. This implies that the course can be completed in a duration that is suitable to the Student. While there are courses that have to be completed in a time frame as specified by the provided and there are some that have to be attended in a given time duration. Thus, you need to select the course as per your own suitability.
  • The reputation of the course provider also heavily impacts the course’s value. Thus, you must choose a course that is provided by a website or an institution that is highly valued.
  • Last but not least factor in the list is that you need to observe is the course module. As a beginner, there can be certain aspects of Fashion design that you wish to focus on before choosing your course. Thus, you must make the final selection on the basis of the satisfaction that you can get with the course.
  • Other perks of Online Fashion Design Courses can include internship opportunities, mentorshi[ programs, seminars, projects, tests for extensive learning, and others. You must carefully check that the course you are choosing is fulfilling your desired requirements of the additional perks that you might get with the course.

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Top 15 Online Fashion Design Courses

While looking for a relevant online course in Fashion Design, the students need to be highly considerate along with analysing. the courses available on various internet websites are usually very economical but the perks are not enough for beginners to gain the right amount of knowledge to start with the technicalities of fashion design. Often, these courses do not train well and this is a huge drawback.

As you are thinking to spend money, your aim must not only be to gain knowledge but also to have valid proof of your knowledge that can benefit you in the long run when you choose to build up a fashion design career on the foundation stone of the same certification course. Your resume must reflect that you have taken the course from an institution that is extremely relevant and well-recognised in the domain of fashion.

Here are the top 15 Online Courses recommendations that you can take up for Fashion Designing as a beginner in order to simply start your career:

edX Professional Certificate in Fashion Design and Creation

If you are looking for a Professional Certificate in Fashion Design and Creation, the Hongkong Polytechnic University experts provide this course online on the official portal of www.edx.org. This course includes two courses that help the student develop their expert self in this field and they can pursue it at their own pace as the lessons are recorded and available very conveniently.

15 Best Online Fashion Design Courses for Beginners 10

The curriculum not only teaches you how to design the respective piece of clothing but also assemble it together practically. The pricing is also highly convenient given that the course trains in the domains where the student can start a career professionally. This course shall assuredly be a very valuable addition to the resume if you are a beginner and are only getting started in the field.

The course has modules that have been listed by University experts and the credits within which the teaching is applicable, are also backed by the respective universities. The certification is absolutely verified that ensures that the award that you shall get after pursuing this course is extremely rewarding.

Another good thing about this portal is that you can try a course before finally making the purchase. The amount that has to be paid in order to receive the benefits of the course is 14,627 Indian Rupees.

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Conde Nast College Fashion Styling

The Conde Nast College offers various courses that are extremely valuable across the world in terms of the certifications that the students can get after pursuing them. Based in Central London, this institution also provides online courses. The students who study the entire academic curriculum get a Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design Certificate of Achievement once they pass the respective assessments.

Further, the course starts at its own pace which ensures that the students are actually trained and get a full experience of a Fashion Design school but virtually. The portal dedicated to the institution provides an online session where potential students can attract all the necessary information. The students will have to enrol in order to get admitted.

Beginners can easily get started with this course and they can get all the respective details pertaining to the course modules at www.condenastcollege.ac.uk. The duration of the course is only 8 weeks and fashion enthusiasts need only an interest in the subject in order to start the course. The styling course available online only costs 795 Great Britain Pounds. The dates for the commencement of the course have been announced as 17 April 2023, 26 June 2023, and 02 October 2023 for the year 2023.

Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design MasterClass

Marc Jacobs is recognised worldwide for his fashion brand and he has developed an understanding of fashion design with an expertise that can be easily attracted through his incredible work. There are many fans and critics of his work that are completely in awe of the brain that he applies in order to execute flawless design. If you too want to do the same, only he can guide you through the process. He has provided a 4 hours 38 minutes masterclass on the www.masterclass.com portal.

15 Best Online Fashion Design Courses for Beginners 11

The class takes you through a very well-balanced and developed curriculum where you not only get to understand the theoretical parts but also take a deep look into a case study and observe the journey that Marc had in his pursuit of Fashion Design. The students can easily subscribe to the portal at a rate of 1,295 Indian Rupees per month billed annually. Thus, they can access any class or any course anytime. This is definitely a very good way to get started with a career in the line of Fashion Design as being a beginner you get such a profound education in this field.

Zoe Hong Fashion Design Process

Available easily on YouTube, Xoe Hong has turned into a very popular name online in the field of Fashion design. This YouTuber is much more than just a blogger. She is known for giving out free lessons to fashion enthusiasts and training them online in the field. As fashion enthusiasts, students who are genuinely seeking education in this sector can go through a very detailed process, where each video is connected to the other in a manner that education is delivered by her in a chronological manner.

This channel is available for free on YouTube and Zoe Hong not only has a channel where she provides lessons but also a website. You can check the respective portals and understand the curriculums accordingly. She also provides full career guidance in this range and this is something most apsirants of fashion design are unable to find in other portals.

zoehong fashion teacher

The subscribers of the Zoe Hong YouTube channel where she provides very constructed knowledge of the Fashion Design Process can also join her channel for exclusive insights. The range of the payment depends on the YouTube plan you pot for in the case of her channel. She also offers video chat sessions that students can book in order to take very structured guidance in the field from her. For further details, you can check her portal at zoehong.com or straight away attend her Fashion Design Process online classes on her YouTube channel at zoehongteaches.

Natalia Trevino Amaro Fashion Design 101

Natalia Trevino’s YouTube channel provides very insightful guidance on the subject of Fashion Design. She is a fashion designer who runs her own clothing line. While her fashion is appreciated by many fashion enthusiasts, her YouTube channel is widely followed as she teaches Fashion Design 101 where she explains from scratch how to design and make respective clothing on your own very conveniently. A beginner in the field of fashion who seeks to learn the basics must tune in to her channel to get a full understanding of tge little technicalities of fashion.

Being a YouTube Channel, this is absolutely free and the enthusiasts will have to go through a total of 15 videos which included a few short videos and a few long ones. The Fashion 101 lessons can be accessed at any time and anywhere with a stable internet connection. You can check her videos at Fashion Design 101 Natalia Trevino Amaro.

Fashion Design: Start to Finish by Jay Calderin

In order to get complete guidance on Fashion Design, Fashion aspirants can easily buy the Fashion Design: Start to Finish class by Jay Calderin. This is one of the best feasible classes of Fashion Design for Beginners. There are 47 lessons in this class and the entire duration of the classes is 10 hours and 52 minutes. The students can access the class anytime and anywhere and they can conveniently check all the details pertaining to the online class on the official Creative Live portal at www.creativelive.com.

The students will have to prepare themselves with all the class material before getting started. Further, they will have to understand that classes are very balanced as per the academic curriculum that a beginner needs and if the learning has to be very appropriate, they will have to follow all the necessary instructions. The pricing for the lessons has been declared as 24 United States Dollars.

Tan France Teaches Style for Everyone Masterclass

Known for his fluent style and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to dressing, Tan France is one of the best fashion designers in the world. He has made his appropriate reputation in the field fueled by proficiency in the field of fashion design. If you need a course that assists you to develop an extensive understanding of Colour Coordination, Wardrobe Building, and Personal Branding as a fashion designer, you must take up this one by Tan France.

Fashion Design Courses

The course is readily available at the Masterclass portal which can be accessed for 1,295 Indian Rupees per month billed at an annual rate. The class will be available ton your own pace and you will get expert insights along with relevant experience by attracting the short lessons.

The duration of the entire course is 2 hours and it is up to you in what duration you would like to wind up this course. You can easily watch these videos online or offline accordingly by downloading them. The masterclass portal is extremely beneficial as it has a lot of options other than this particular course and you can access all by subscribing once.

Furthermore, you have to note that this is one of the few portals where you can get such expert insight on the matter that can train you at any level, beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Check full details for the course at www.masterclass.com

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Shaw Academy Fashion Design Course Online

Shaw Academy has moved to the platform Upskillist in order to provide online courses. The students can easily check all the details relevant to the Fashion Design Course offered by the Shaw Academy on the official portal of education portal’s website at in.upskillist.com. Offering a free trial, the course is highly feasible even when it comes to payment. The process of a free trial ensures that the students get an idea of the curriculum and they only enrol when they are 100% satisfied with the teaching methods and other perks offered by the Upskillist website.

The duration of the course is only 4 weeks and there are 8 lessons that the students have to cover. Furthermore, the students need to also get a few toolkits that help them develop an extensive comprehension of the respective modules.

The entire course is online and the enthusiasts can easily avail of the necessary information pertaining to the beginner’s level in fashion design by only accessing this course. Students get a diploma when they finish the lessons. The course is divided into four modules, Diploma in Fashion Design, Intermediate in Fashion Design, Advanced in Fashion Design, and Proficient in Fashion Design. The price that has been listed in order to access any course on the Upskillist website has been announced as 7999 Indian Rupees which is only a one-time payment that lasts for a lifetime.

IAP Career College Fashion Designer Certificate Course

Offering more than 100 courses in various domains, the IAT Career College’s website is technically equipped to provide you with a highly valuable certificate for your completion of an online course. The course duration is only 6 weeks and it proceeds in a part-time mode which is surely one of the best parts about it.

Additionally, it also offers an option to take the course in a self-paced style where the users can complete the course in duration between 4 to 12 weeks. Apart from that, the Fashion Designer Certificate Course Online that the IAP Career College offers through its website is exclusive and it starts on a particular date. The window is available at distinctive periods during the year and it is for the student to choose when they must enrol.

The certificate course has a money-back guarantee. This implies that in order to make sure that the students are 100% satisfied, the providers will not only offer the best real-time academic and practical knowledge in this domain but also care a lot about the learning experience of the Users. The fee to Register for the Fashion Designer Certificate Course has been declared as 149 United States Dollars as of Spring 2023.

The students get a valuable certification that shall benefit them incredibly as they aim to establish themselves as Fashion Designers in their careers. You can check more details for the course on the official portal of the Career College at www.iapcollege.com.

University of Fashion’s Fashion Design Course

The University of Fashion, as the name suggests is extremely concentrated towards educating students in the field of education. The enthusiasts who are choosing to develop their career in fashion design and kickstart their education in this field by choosing to watch the previews of the course in an online mode.

It has to be well noted that the free subscription offered by the web portal only allows users to watch full-length previews. However, in order to watch full-length videos, get complete educational material, obtain help from educators, and much more, the students must subscribe.

This fashion site has not limited education in the parameters of courses. They have rather provided complete educative material on fashion and the enthusiasts can conveniently access it online. They can choose to move stepwise ad pursue them at a speed as per their own plans by simply buying a subscription to the site.

The yearly subscription is 189 United States Dollars and those who are willing to take up Online Fashion Design Courses through this site can check more details at www.universityoffashion.com.

SnapFashun Fashion Design Course

A dedicated site for Fashion Design education, SnapFashun offers courses in Fashion Design to students in a very organised manner. It has to be noted that they offer the certifications in three levels, beginners, intermediate, and advanced. The students can easily choose the level best suited to them. Beginners must of course choose the one that they think cannot stress them incredibly.

The pricing for the course is extremely inexpensive and it helps the ones who are only seeking to kickstart a career in Fashion design in a basic mode. The enrolment fee is only 97 United States Dollars. Check more details for this reputed course at www.snapfashunedu.com.

Academy of Art University Online Fashion Design Courses

Only available as an onsite course, the Academy of Art University offers the Online Fashion Design Course that can be pursued in exchange for a certificate. There are a total of 8 semesters that the students will have to attend and they will be trained in an extremely balanced as well as arranged manner. This is a degree course but unlike the other options, the coursework has been relatively reduced and maintained accordingly to develop it as one of the perfect options for Online Fashion Design Courses.

The students can choose this course and apply for it online mode through the official portal of the Academy of Art University. It has to be observed that the students will have to pay a certain fee for the course. You can check all the relevant details pertaining to this course at www.academyart.edu.

Udemy Sketching for Fashion Design

Available at a very inexpensive price of Rs. 449, the internet educative giant in India offers this basic beginner’s Fashion Design Course at a very minimal price as compared to the quality of knowledge it provides. Udemy is surely one of the best sites that offer e-courses to students who are dependent on online learning for their career development.

Fashion Design Courses

The platform has contacted one of the best entities in the field of fashion design to curate this course that introduces the domain of Sketching which is surely one of the basics for designing clothes and relevant textiles. It is important for beginners to develop a complete understanding of the nuances of sketching in the field of fashion design and act accordingly.

The course awards a certificate that can prove to be a good addition to the resume. The certificate does not implicate any degree or diploma and it is necessary for the students to understand that this is a beginner-level course. This is a self-paced course and there are other courses in the field of fashion design that you can pursue in order to build up a complete curriculum in the arena as per your own will. You can enrol and check all the necessary details pertaining to this certificate course at www.udemy.com.

International Career Institute Fashion Design Course

Offering a very dedicated course that awards a diploma certification, the Fashion Design Course by Internation Career Institute is definitely one of the best choices for beginners who seek to make their career in fashion and are extremely sure about it. This course is available in online mode as a distance learning course.

It has two levels that it provides to the students at a very reasonable rate. It is a full course that is listed with a module that happens to run for a duration of 41 weeks. There are two kinds of diplomas that the institution offers to the students. One is advanced while the other one is a little less intensified in the advanced detailing.

15 Best Online Fashion Design Courses for Beginners 12

The normal diploma that the institute offers costs 1088 United States Dollars as of 2023 while the Advanced one costs 1439 United States Dollars if the payment is made in a single time. However, if the students choose to pay weekly, they will have to pay 1599 United States Dollars. Check the full details of the diploma course for online fashion design offered by the International Career Institute at icieducation.com.

Istituto Modartech Fashion CAD Design Online Course

Available in the Italian Language, this course is definitely a very prime pick in the world of Fashion Design. The only drawback of this course is that there is a limitation of language. If you understand Italian, then you must take up this course as it is very well balanced in its aspects and provides you with 1 CFA level of certification.

It deals in an Intermediate to Advanced range of curricula making it an absolute pick for beginners. The duration of the course is only 20 hours and the students who are willing to take this course need to start it as per the declared date and the subsequent lessons will be in asynchronous mode.

It provides very detailed knowledge in terms of CAD Technology and its appliance in the domain. All the details of the course are available on the official portal of Istituto Modartech at www.modartech.com. The course costs 550 Euros and the candidates can easily purchase it very conveniently online and access it in a virtual mode too.

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