Career Mistakes that a Job Seeker Should Avoid

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After working a lot, one finally can decide what one actually wishes to do in opting or building up his future life. It is after this rigorous penance, that one, of course, does not want to get it in vain. But as a matter of working for the first time, mistakes do come in our pathway. It is not important to always get depressed after making mistakes, but it is always important to focus on it and to learn from it so that whenever a next chance is offered to us by lady luck, we should not let it go. Aspirants should avoid career mistakes in job hunting.

A career is one of the most important choices in our life and one should take care of Career mistakes that a job seeker should avoid. It is our priority for which we work throughout our lives. It is a one-mark question in one’s life.

All our etiquette, our soft skills, our qualifications, and our capability to manage situations get in vain if we are unable to remove errors from our work, and if we try to do it with perfect accuracy, we would unlock the gateway to success.

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One has to be more accurate and focused on the methods of applying, committing mistakes while filling any form, applying at a perfect and at genuine place and reviewing the rules very clearly. Being perfect would help you to earn a very decent amount of money and making a blunder would put your steps far away from success.

So always be careful of what you are doing and always take the initiative of reviewing and crosschecking every detail very minutely at each point whenever you apply somewhere to avoid job search mistakes.

This article is a roadmap for polishing up all your flaws, advising job seekers and helping you to put up a very good image and a positive impression in front of your organisation. Release all your stress and sit back take a chill pill and go through this article in order to refrain from committing any mistakes the next time you apply for.

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Career Mistakes that a Job Seeker Should Avoid

Career mistakes that a job seeker should avoid

 Cover up letterShould be brief, to the point
A perfect platformLinkedIn, Instagram, social media
ResumeWithout sentences, following up a template, to the point
Job and qualificationBoth should synchronise, you should apply for such a job which you are fit for
Dress codeShould be appropriate, decent
Speaking in the interviewShould be professional, focus on your services to the company, having a mutual talk
On the interview boardNever lie, never exaggerate, never try to be tricky
NetworkingIt should be strong enough so that you can have sources and be preferred as a first choice
The regular feedbackImprovise your flaws and try to update yourself with the company
Leaving a companyLeave in a mutual understanding manner, try to get symbiotic and explain your problems to the company in a very comfortable manner

Where to start with a job search?

The layered a cover letter

“Too many cooks spoil the broth”— A very common and apt saying in this context. It would be a complete zero output effort if you layer up your cover letter with unnecessary reasons and content. So while making a cover letter the following points should be kept in mind:

  1. It should be short, brief and concise. Locus your letter on a professional point and try to amplify your mettle in it.
  2. Do not stuff your personal causes into it. Do not even add on your requirements of getting the job or your token of thanks for getting you hired, but focus on what profit you are going to provide the company and how you are different from other candidates in benefiting the company. Show your potential and your capability instead of focusing on your reasons.
  3. Completely be professional and do not scribble irrelevant stuff. It would then, either not be sent to the higher officials or even get a chance to focus on its important points. Do not waste your time in writing an invalid cover letter that would directly be sent to the waste bin.
  4. Always try to climb for such a post that would synchronise with your qualifications and keep your impression reputed.

Misleading to the wrong platform

Sometimes we rely on freelancing jobs. These jobs at times are provided at fake sites which leads us to the wrong places or malicious networks.

  1. Some portals on the website take us to spam networks and let us log in to the wrong platform. It sometimes takes away all our details and credentials and misuses them.
  2. Sometimes, we get to see on searching that there are advertised jobs present on the scroll screen. But when you actually contact the employer, you get to know that only a limited vacancy is available there and the rest of it is completely advertised.
  3. In order to get barred from the wrong networks, one should directly have some sources or go through recognised sites like LinkedIn, Instagram or social media apps. Then they will surely be not directed to the wrong platform for the job.

Stuffed Resume

Nowadays time is the most special aspect of everyone’s life. So everyone has to be professional and work with minimum effort and maximum profit.

  1. A stuffed resume is completely a negative point to fetch you a job. The resume should be quite professional and to the point in chart form using a template.
  2. You should not add on your personal reasons, your story of previous works, your elaboration on your working experience and your details or hobbies.
  3. It should have the reason of why they are to choose you or in what methods you are extraordinary from others in providing them with a profit.
  4. A clear-cut resume adds to your sharpness and makes your impression an excellent one in front of the interviewer.

Synchronising with the perfect choice

Well, having a pot of sugar cannot add on into food that requires salt. The job and the qualification are in the same synchronisation:

  1. The job which you opt for should be directly proportional to the qualification you possess. If you possess a degree in engineering and want to work for history as your teaching subject then, of course, qualifications will not have synchronisation and you will automatically be invalid from the list.
  2. Be careful while applying for the job and take note of every file in a detailed manner they are providing. Surely go for a job which has your mettle and your capability along with your qualification.
  3. If you can’t match the job with your qualification then you would not be able to explain, your reason to earn profit in the company as an apt candidate.

The exaggerated dress code

The dress code is one of the most important visual aspects which catches the eye of the interviewer. If you are in a decent dress code with a smart appearance, then it adds to you as your plus point.

  1. The apt dressing is what the company needs. If you are a present table, smart and dashing, then, of course, most companies would like to hire you because your appearance has the personality in it.
  2. Bar yourself from putting on stuffed dressing, because it makes your appearance odd.
  3. Try to wear light dresses which add to your personality. Wearing a very soothing but mesmerising outfit would not only add to the eyes of the interviewer but would also sprinkle onto my personality.

Speaking out irrelevantly in the interview

  1. One should not stuff or speak out continuously in an interview. One should be of the intended listener.
  2. You should try to focus on your selection and your facility to the company.
  3. Do not try to talk personally. Whatever they have asked should be answered aptly and very briefly.
  4. Do not try to speak out about what you are going to receive from the company but try to focus on the part that how much you are going to give the company.
  5. Amplify your skills and your qualifications and let them in front of the interviewer on a very good platter.

Your flaws of the interview board

  1. Do not lie in an interview at any cost. Even if you lie, you should be manipulative and not let the interviewer know that you are stuffing up facts which are not true about you.
  2. Do not try to vent out your anger on the interview board. If you aren’t able to answer the questions asked by them or you feel that due for some reason there is a misunderstanding, then don’t just directly vent out. Try to be diplomatic and talk with a win-win attitude.
  3. Keep your face always happy and smiling so that the ambience is also made to be good and healthy.
  4. Try to be humorous but do not try to be tricky for any point.
  5. Do not exaggerate on some topics so that things get monotonous and you automatically get invalid.

Good networking which sources

  1. At times, we are very good candidates having very good skills.  But we have no references, therefore, our selection priority moves at a slow pace.
  2. Do not ever include the sources on your credentials.
  3. Try to meet people from various fields and keep a good network so that they can fetch you a very good job at a very good platform, in a very short span of time.
  4. Telling a source name on the interview list helps you to catalyse the process of your selection. They think that you have an overall idea and that makes you superior to others.

The regular feedback about yourself

After finding a job, do not forget to connect to the company regularly. Just as you try for once to go to a gym and then you don’t go for a month, the same shouldn’t apply to getting a job.

  1. Regularly call the company to get feedback about yourself.
  2. Just after connecting with them, know about your flaws and assure them that you would not commit it for the next time and to work in a betterment process.
  3. Giving a follow-up shows that you are interested to join the company and that it makes a very good impression about you to the employers.
  4. Always be in an appreciative attitude and try to thank people for whatever they do for you and be sorry if you are wrong.
  5. If you just like to add on, following up paves the path for that too.

Do not let your past judge your present:

  1. Do not get hyper in situations. If something said to you is not of your choice then the reaction is not only the ultimate way. Be cool and try to keep a win-win attitude and discuss the matter in a very assertive manner.
  2. Sometimes if you have left your previous job on a bad note, then that does not give you a good impression of where you are going to hire the next.
  3. If any flaw is conveyed to you, do not try to vent out with ego but try to improve on it and keep always motivated.
  4. Always try to maintain an attitude of mutual understanding.


Percentage analysis:

Career mistakes to avoid


According to the research, it is completely proven that your digital ability and your strategic algorithm, along with your management in all critical situations, help you get hired by a company.

Always gathering knowledge and keeping yourself updated is a means to better yourself, but the question of the hour is how are you going to better or facilitate your benefits to the company?

So from now onwards if any time you are thinking to go into a job just sit back and follow this roadmap and try to be mutually symbiotic and do not commit these mistakes and put on an exaggerated ambience.


Does writing a resume to the point help you fetch a job?

It is not always important that the company has to choose you as the selected candidate once you have all of these in a very appropriate manner. But all these provide you with a surety and some amount of boosting to catalyse your process of selection.

Is digital ability an important task in this era to do a job?

As the world is developing itself into a Smart global market, one needs to get updated with digital facilities. If you are requiring a job that to a decent one then you need to have some profundity in how to work digitally with some of the important apps like MS Word, MS Excel etc.

How should I dress for an interview?

One should be very professionally dressed up in an interview. One should be neat and clean and tidy, smart and dashing being the most important personality to present before the interview board. You can also dress according to your country’s code.

How do I plan with my team and try to have a strategic development?

Risk management is one of the most important factors in companies nowadays. At any crucial time, one should be cool and try to look for the shortest method that could earn a profit. It is only possible if strategic development is practised for a long. Strategic development helps you to create a backup with plans much before the implemented time.

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