Books for JEE Mains Preparation 2024: Are NCERT Books Enough or Not?

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Session 1 of JEE Mains 2024 will take place between 24 January 2024 and 1 February 2024. On the other hand, session 2 will be conducted from 1 to 15 April 2024. As the exam date approaches, the aspirants will want to leave no stone unturned in their preparation. While preparing for the exam, one question that must bother aspirants will be: what are the best Books for JEE Mains Preparation 2024?

Furthermore, the aspirants must also wonder if NCERT Books from the 11th and 12th standards are enough for their preparation. We present this article to provide the applicants with comprehensive and elaborate answers to these questions.

Throughout this article, we will share details of the books that will help you prepare for the JEE Mains Exam 2024. In addition, we will also provide worthy insights into preparing for the exam strategically with the guidance of the best books. So, all JEE aspirants, kindly check out this entire article from start to finish.

Books for JEE Mains Preparation

Books for JEE Mains Preparation 2024

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The Joint Entrance Examination 2024 syllabus covers a wide range of topics. These topics are from subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, etc. Essentially, all the topics in the exam syllabus are related to the syllabus of Class 11th and Class 12th.

However, to get to know about these topics in a more refined and detailed manner, several Books for JEE Mains Preparation 2024 are available. We will learn about these books subject-wise in the article below.

Mathematics Books for JEE Mains Preparation 2024

In JEE Mains, mathematics takes up a large chunk of the syllabus. It covers topics ranging from Algebra to Calculus. So, you can refer to the following Mathematics Books for JEE Mains Preparation 2024 for a better understanding of these topics.

Name of the BookTopics Covered in the Book
Objective Mathematics (Author- RD Sharma)All topics in the syllabus with basics
Algebra (Author- Dr. S K Goyal)Everything related to Algebra
Integral Calculus (Author- Amit M Agarwal)Everything related to Calculus
Differential CalculusEverything related to Calculus
Complete Mathematics for JEE Main (Author- TMH)Deep understanding of all topics in the syllabus
Play With Graphs (Author- Amit M Agarwal)Problem Solving for all topics in the Syllabus
Plan TrigonometryEverything related to Trigonometry

Physics Books for JEE Mains Preparation 2024

Physics is yet another subject that contains varied topics in different fields. The following books provide you with a deep understanding of these topics for preparation for the Joint Entrance Exam Mains.

Name of the BookAuthor
Concept of Physics Volume I and IIH.C. Verma
Understanding Physics D. C Pandey
Problems in PhysicsA. A Pinsky
Problems in General PhysicsI.E Irodov
Problems and Solutions of PhysicsShashi Bhushan Tiwari
Feynman Lectures of PhysicsR.P. Feynman
A collection of Questions and Problems in PhysicsL.A. Sena
Aptitude Test Problems in PhysicsKrotov
Fundamentals of PhysicsHalliday, Resnick and Walker

Chemistry Books for Joint Entrance Exam Preparation

While chemistry is not highly regarded as a subject when speaking of JEE Mains, the questions from it can prove to be tricky for aspirants. The following books will help you learn about all the topics from chemistry in the JEE Main 2024 syllabus.

Name of the BookField of ChemistryAuthor
Modern Approach to Chemical CalculationsPhysical ChemistryR.C. Mukherjee
Organic ChemistryOrganic ChemistryMorrison & Boyd
A Guidebook to Mechanism in Organic ChemistryOrganic ChemistryPeter Sykes
Wiley Physical Chemistry for JEEPhysical ChemistryVipul Mehta
Concise Inorganic ChemistryInorganic ChemistryJ D Lee
Problems in Inorganic ChemistryInorganic ChemistryV.K. Jaiswal
Physical ChemistryPhysical ChemistryO.P. Tandon

Best JEE Mains Preparation Books for B.Arch

The aspirants who apply for the JEE Main Exam for the B.Arch course can refer to the following books for preparation.

Name of the BookAuthor
A Complete Self-Guide for B.Arch Entrance ExaminationP.K. Mishra
Architecture Entrance BookP.K. Mishra
Arch/ B Planning Aptitude Test for JEE MainSC Gard
Complete Architecture Entrance GuideAshok Goel and Arjun Kama
Verbal and Non-Verbal ReasoningR.S. Aggarwal

Are NCERT Books Enough or Not For JEE Main 2024?

While preparing for JEE, the aspirants must contemplate if NCERT Books from 11th and 12th standards are sufficient to prepare for the entrance exam. Although the NCERT books cover all the topics in the JEE 2024 syllabus, you can refer to the books as mentioned earlier.

Therefore, it totally depends on how the aspirants approach the examination, considering their prior knowledge. If the aspirant is well-versed in all the topics, they can follow the NCERT syllabus to prepare for the exam. However, if the aspirants want detailed and refined information about a particular topic in the exam, they can consider referring to the books whose details we have provided here.

How to Prepare for JEE Mains 2024?

The following are some tips the aspirants can remember while preparing for the JEE Mains 2024.

  • The aspirants must review all the topics in the NCERT Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics book for Class 11th and 12th.
  • The aspirants can refer to the old question papers for the Joint Entrance Exam to get a rough idea of the pattern and type of questions.
  • The aspirants must list all important topics after referring to various Books for JEE Mains Preparation 2024.
  • The aspirants must pick a day in the week to study each subject for the exam so that they don’t get burdened by too many topics at once.

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Where can I buy books for JEE Mains preparation 2024?

You can buy books through a nearby bookstore or any e-commerce website.

Can I score good marks in the Join Entrance Examination by studying through NCERT books?

Yes, if your concepts regarding the topics in the syllabus are clear, you can score good marks by studying through NCERT books.

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