Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth, Age, Height, Family, Career, Hobbies

Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth: Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most prominent American Business Tycoons. He is credited with co-founding

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Mark Zuckerberg Net Worth: Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most prominent American Business Tycoons. He is credited with co-founding one of the most sought-after social media websites Facebook currently known as Meta Platforms. Furthermore, he is also the chairman and Chief Executive Officer(CEO). He also possesses a controlling share in the Meta Platforms. Born on the 14th of May in the year 1984, he is also a philanthropist and an internet entrepreneur. This article will cover all the essential details about this eminent American personality. This will include details about his Age, Height and not to forget Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth. Apart from this, this will also include the details about his magnificent career and Hobbies.

Mark Zuckerberg's Biography
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Mark Zuckerberg’s Net Worth

As mentioned Mark Zuckerberg is the name behind the world’s largest social networking website Facebook. He is the co-founder and also the chief executive of Meta Platforms. Moreover, in the year 2022, Forbes published the list of the wealthiest Americans by the name Forbes 400. In that list, Forbes ranked him with 11th rank. Forbes also mentioned that he possesses a wealth of 57.7 billion dollars overall. In addition to this, in the year 2021, he was the third wealthiest American with a net worth of 134.5 billion dollars. Talking about his current wealth, it is claimed that till December 2022 he possessed a net worth of around 42.4 billion dollars.

This claim has been done by the Forbes Real Time Billionaires. According to Forbes, he is now the ranked as 26th wealthiest person in the world. Furthermore, in the year 2008, Time Magazine adjudged him among the 100 most significant people in the world.

Mark Zuckerberg Net worth
Mark Zuckerberg's Net Worth, Age, Height, Family, Career, Hobbies 10

Mark Zuckerberg’s Age and Height

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This section will provide information about Zuckerberg’s age and height. Additionally, it will also provide an overview of him. All this information will be provided in the form of the table below:

NameMark Zuckerberg
Real NameMark Elliot Zuckerberg
Born on14th of May, 1984
Age as of now38 Years
Height5 Feet and 7 inches
OccupationCo-founder, Chairman and CEO of the Meta Platforms
Also the co-founder and Co-CEO of the initiative Chan Zuckerberg
Name of the SpousePriscilla Chan

Mark Zuckerberg’s Family

Mark was born on the 14th of May in the year 1984. He was born in New York, USA. Discussing his parents, his mother was a psychiatrist by profession and her name was Karen and his father was a dentist by profession named Edward Zuckerberg. His parents had 4 children including him. To be specific, he has three sisters named Arielle, Randi and Donna. His sister Randi is a businesswoman and another sister named Donna is a writer by profession. The siblings were raised in a household of Jewish Reform in Dobbs Ferry which is also situated in New York.

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It is claimed that his ancestors were Jewish emigrants from Europe. Zuckerberg’s initial education was at Ardsley High School and was later transferred to Philips Exeter Academy.

Mark zuckerberg Family
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Zuckerberg began dating Priscilla Chan in the year 2003. They married in the year 2012 on May 19. The couple welcomed their first daughter on December 1, 2015, and was named Maxima Chan Zuckerberg. Their second daughter was born in the year 2017.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Career

In the initial years, Mark was introduced to computers in middle school and also started writing software at that time only. According to the reports, he created a program which made a network between the computers at his home and the computers present at his father’s office. This program enabled communication between them. Afterwards, he also created a music player when he was in high school. The name of the music player was Synapse Media Player. Moving towards his college years, experts claim that before initiating his classes at Harvard in the year 2002, he was already considered a programming prodigy. At Harvard, he studied psychology as well as computer science and was part of Alpha Epsilon Pi and Kirkland House.

In January 2004, Zuckerberg started writing the code for a website and on the 4th of February in the same year he inaugurated “Thefacebook”.This was unveiled with the partnership with his college roommates named Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. After unveiling facebook, in its initial stage, he and his roommate Dustin Moskovitz planned to spread it in the local university named New York University, the University of Pennsylvania and many more. Moreover, the Facebook founder also dropped out of Harvard college in his sophomore year to complete his project. Afterwards, Zuckerberg and his team moved to California and they opened their first office in the year 2004 when he met one of his investors named Peter Thiel. Moreover in an interview in the year 2007, he revealed that they declined offers to buy the company.

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In the year 2010, Zuckerberg announced that his company has reached an astonishing mark of 500 million users. In the year 2014, Zuckerberg was selected as the keynote speaker for the Mobile World Congress meeting held in Barcelona, Spain. It was attended by more than 75,000 delegates. Moreover, in the year 2014, he hosted the Chinese politician Lu Wei majorly known for his influence in the implementation of China’s online policy. According to the reports, Mark receives only one dollar salary as Chief Executive Officer of Facebook. In the year 2016, Business Insider named him among the “Top 10 Business Visionaries who are Creating Value for the World”. This list also included Elon Musk and Sal Khan. Mark was featured in this list because his wife pledged to donate 99% of their wealth. And this was a whopping amount of 55 billion dollars.

Mark Zuckerberg Honorary degree

Later on in the year 2017, on the 25th of May Harvard University invited him for their 366th commencement day. He gave a commencement speech and later was awarded an honorary degree by the officials of Harvard. In January 2019, Mark unveiled his plans and proposed to combine end-to-end encryption on social media platforms which include Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. And on the 14th of August, 2020, Facebook completed this task according to their plan and consolidated the chat systems of Messenger and Instagram on IOS as well as for the android system. This step inspired the communication between users of Instagram and Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Hobbies

One of the things Zuckerberg has mentioned in his interviews is that the first thing he does after waking up in the morning and to go through the news and emails received. He further stated that this has become his morning hobby now. Moreover, Mark is also involved in hobbies which demand physical indulgence. His hobbies include foiling and surfing. He further states that it’s like doing meditation as it helps in taking his mind off the hectic work schedule. Furthermore, it states that when doing this water sport it is very much difficult to focus on something else.

Mark Zuckerberg Hobby
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Zuckerberg’s Controversies

Mark Zuckerberg has been involved in many controversies since his college days. In his college days, three Harvard students named Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra accused him that he made false promises to them for creating a social network which was called and later named connect. The three Harvard students filed a lawsuit against him in the year 2004. Again in the year 2005, one of the co-founders of Facebook named Eduardo Saverin filed a case against Mark and also on Facebook. He alleged that Zuckerberg had spent his money on some of these personal expenses. Afterwards, this case was settled by them out of court and Eduardo asserted the designation of Facebook co-founder and Saverin then also agreed to not communicate with the press on these issues.

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In the year 2010, the then Pakistani deputy attorney general named Muhammad Azhar Siddique initiated a criminal investigation against Zuckerberg and its co-founders. This was done because the social networking site hosted a competition named “Draw Muhammad”.Moreover, it was hosted on Facebook only. In this investigation, they named an anonymous German woman who designed and built this contest for Facebook. Siddique, later on, requested police to communicate with Interpol so that they can arrest Zuckerberg and three others in the case of blasphemy. In the year 2010, the social networking website was also blocked. Siddique also asked to raise this issue in the UN General Assembly through its UN representatives.

Mark Zuckerberg Controversy
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He was also involved in the Hawaiian land ownership controversy. In the year 2017, he filed a case against many native Hawaiians. In that case, he claims to have small lands. Later on, he dropped the lawsuit and stated an apology for the misunderstanding. One of the most notable controversies was the Facebook data breach. In this controversy, in the year 2018, Zuckerberg testified in front of the United states senate committee on commerce, science and transportation. The controversy was regarding the use of personal data by social networking sites regarding the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data breach. In August 2022, Facebook gave their consent to settle the dispute for an undisclosed amount and finally in December 2022, Meta paid 725 million dollars for the improper usage of data.

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